Revert "Reland: [skslc] Generate .hlsl test output files"

This reverts commit 3744490336cf54f6a167643a8e40298cd6ce2756.

Reason for revert: Issue with generated bazel files. Fix is actually here but I'll revert and reland with the fix.

Original change's description:
> Reland: [skslc] Generate .hlsl test output files
> This is a reland of a change originally reviewed on
> - The build now generates HLSL output when `skia_compile_sksl_tests` is
> enabled.
> - The "blend" and "shared" tests have been enabled for HLSL with the
> exception of 6 tests that exercise intrinsic inverse hyperbolic
> functions, which don't have HLSL equivalents.
> Bug: skia:12691, skia:12352
> Change-Id: I7188b75dcdec5edffe60004b283ba84e3ac16fc1
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: Brian Osman <>
> Commit-Queue: Arman Uguray <>

Bug: skia:12691, skia:12352
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