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  1. a4bfa8d Test SkCQ by Ravi Mistry · 2 hours ago main
  2. c9f4757 Document SkMatrix default constructs to identity by Ben Wagner · 7 hours ago
  3. 9304aa5 Revert "add op array32 for indirect uniform access" by Brian Osman · 8 hours ago
  4. feb459a Roll recipe dependencies (trivial). by recipe-roller · 23 hours ago
  5. c06c7f9 Roll SK Tool from dd15582d666b to aa67e619f153 by skia-autoroll · 23 hours ago
  6. c53a73a Add SkCQ config for main branch by Ravi Mistry · 23 hours ago
  7. 7da0657 Explicitly detect static recursion in SkSL by Brian Osman · 23 hours ago
  8. d32ff90 Fix bug with order-of-matrices in updatable drawVertices path by Brian Osman · 23 hours ago
  9. 40bc657 If we have no textures, suppress the shader by Mike Reed · 23 hours ago
  10. c317600 Lift the tessellation atlas into its own path renderer by Chris Dalton · 24 hours ago
  11. 2955c26 Add new SampleBlender callback to SkVMCodeGenerator. by John Stiles · 26 hours ago
  12. d9a56b9 Remove color argument from sampleShader. by John Stiles · 26 hours ago
  13. 8050a4b Separate PipelineStage's sampleChild into two callbacks. by John Stiles · 26 hours ago
  14. bef411b Metal: track GrSurfaces on command buffer. by Jim Van Verth · 27 hours ago
  15. 137482f Separate SkVM's SampleChild into two callbacks. by John Stiles · 28 hours ago
  16. cfd204a Rename/simplify SkCanvas::resetClip() and make recordable by Michael Ludwig · 28 hours ago
  17. cc6e50f Prevent CircleOp from being tested with MSAA by Robert Phillips · 28 hours ago
  18. ac2d053 add op array32 for indirect uniform access by Herb Derby · 28 hours ago
  19. 4345e1e Roll ANGLE from 0e1c90cf4f17 to 9f7a86a80874 (14 revisions) by skia-autoroll · 28 hours ago
  20. 6417cfc Add _bilerp variant to vertices bench by Mike Reed · 28 hours ago