Roll Dawn from 987fbed32c85 to a7173fcab4af (12 revisions)

2021-06-23 Metal: Pass fixed sample mask to MSL transform
2021-06-23 Vulkan: Ensure fences are properly tracked if vkQueueSubmit fails
2021-06-23 Disallow creating stencil textures with multiple mips on Metal
2021-06-23 Remove TODO for invalid bug
2021-06-23 Roll Tint from 35b514ff06d2 to ae0bf04ad224 (6 revisions)
2021-06-22 Revert "Revert "Vulkan: honor bufferImageGranularity the simplest way.""
2021-06-22 Revert "Vulkan: honor bufferImageGranularity the simplest way."
2021-06-22 Roll Tint from 3c9086d6a5e3 to 35b514ff06d2 (1 revision)
2021-06-22 Vulkan: Fix FindBestType logic for device-local preference.
2021-06-22 Roll third_party/vulkan-deps/ 6cbd7212a..85e758a22 (4 commits)
2021-06-22 Vulkan: honor bufferImageGranularity the simplest way.
2021-06-22 Roll Tint from b96ed7bda4ee to 3c9086d6a5e3 (17 revisions)

Also rolling transitive DEPS: from b96ed7bda4ee to ae0bf04ad224

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