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This directory contains tools for maintaining the tables in the localcharset.c
The main script is "all-charsets". Before using it, you must configure
this package. For all installed locales, it prints
- the result of the command "locale charmap",
- the result of "nl_langinfo (CODESET)",
- the result of "locale_charset ()".
It uses the following auxiliary scripts and programs:
- all-locales
Prints all usable locales in the system, one per line.
- locale_charmap
Executes "locale charmap".
- locale_codeset.c
Prints nl_langinfo (CODESET).
- locale_charset.c
Prints locale_charset().
A second main script is "all-charsets-X11". It also prints the X11
encoding name. Before using it, you must tweak the X11 paths needed
for compiling locale_x11encoding (a simple X11 program), and let your
DISPLAY environment variable point to a running X11 screen.
The other files are test results from various operating systems.