New EBCDIC encodings.

Reported by Ulrich Schwab and Calvin Buckley via Jack Woehr.

* NOTES: Mention how to enable EBCDIC encodings.
* tests/IBM-*.TXT: New files.
* tools/8bit_tab_to_h.c (main): Emit copyright header with year 2022.
* tools/Makefile: Add rules for generating ebcdic*.h.
* lib/ebcdic*.h: New files, automatically generated by tools/Makefile.
* lib/ebcdic838.h: Tweak reverse mapping manually.
* lib/ebcdic1160.h: Likewise.
* lib/converters.h: Include all ebcdic*.h.
* lib/encodings_zos.def: New file.
* lib/genaliases2.c: Include encodings_zos.def.
* lib/genflags.c: Likewise.
* Makefile.devel (lib/aliases_zos.h lib/canonical_zos.h): New rule.
(lib/flags.h, totally-clean): Update.
* lib/aliases2.h: Include aliases_zos.h.
* lib/iconv.c (USE_ZOS): New macro.
Include encodings_zos.def, canonical_zos.h.
* README, man/iconv_open.3: Document the IBM-* encodings.
* tests/ (check-extra-yes): Also test the EBCDIC encodings.
123 files changed