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* Copyright 2021 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkSLProgramVisitor_DEFINED
#define SkSLProgramVisitor_DEFINED
#include <memory>
namespace SkSL {
struct Program;
class Expression;
class Statement;
class ProgramElement;
* Utility class to visit every element, statement, and expression in an SkSL program IR.
* This is intended for simple analysis and accumulation, where custom visitation behavior is only
* needed for a limited set of expression kinds.
* Subclasses should override visitExpression/visitStatement/visitProgramElement as needed and
* intercept elements of interest. They can then invoke the base class's function to visit all
* sub expressions. They can also choose not to call the base function to arrest recursion, or
* implement custom recursion.
* The visit functions return a bool that determines how the default implementation recurses. Once
* any visit call returns true, the default behavior stops recursing and propagates true up the
* stack.
template <typename T>
class TProgramVisitor {
virtual ~TProgramVisitor() = default;
virtual bool visitExpression(typename T::Expression& expression);
virtual bool visitStatement(typename T::Statement& statement);
virtual bool visitProgramElement(typename T::ProgramElement& programElement);
virtual bool visitExpressionPtr(typename T::UniquePtrExpression& expr) = 0;
virtual bool visitStatementPtr(typename T::UniquePtrStatement& stmt) = 0;
// ProgramVisitors take const types; ProgramWriters do not.
struct ProgramVisitorTypes {
using Program = const SkSL::Program;
using Expression = const SkSL::Expression;
using Statement = const SkSL::Statement;
using ProgramElement = const SkSL::ProgramElement;
using UniquePtrExpression = const std::unique_ptr<SkSL::Expression>;
using UniquePtrStatement = const std::unique_ptr<SkSL::Statement>;
extern template class TProgramVisitor<ProgramVisitorTypes>;
class ProgramVisitor : public TProgramVisitor<ProgramVisitorTypes> {
bool visit(const Program& program);
// ProgramVisitors shouldn't need access to unique_ptrs, and marking these as final should help
// these accessors inline away. Use ProgramWriter if you need the unique_ptrs.
bool visitExpressionPtr(const std::unique_ptr<Expression>& e) final {
return this->visitExpression(*e);
bool visitStatementPtr(const std::unique_ptr<Statement>& s) final {
return this->visitStatement(*s);
} // namespace SkSL