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  2. Dockerfile

This has the clang compiler and other tools (e.g. clang-tidy and IWYU) built from source for Linux hosts.

This is used both by our GN build and Bazel builds. The GN build will be updated automatically after updating this asset with the sk tool.

To manually update the Bazel build:

  1. Download the latest version from CIPD as a .zip file.
  2. Change the file name to be where NN is the new version in the VERSION file.
  3. Upload it to the GCS mirror bucket go run ./bazel/gcs_mirror/gcs_mirror.go --sha256 <hash> --file /path/to/
  4. Update the sha256 in //toolchain/download_linux_amd64_toolchain.bzl.
  5. Test it locally with make -C bazel known_good_builds. You may need to update the generated BUILD.bazel file to accommodate relocated/new files as well as //toolchain/linux_amd64_toolchain_config.bzl to use them correctly.