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  13. webtry.go


Allows trying out Skia code in the browser. Run a local webserver and from the pages it serves try out Skia code and see the results immediately. To make sandboxing easier this must be built w/GPU off.

Running Locally

$ GYP_GENERATORS=ninja  ./gyp_skia  gyp/webtry.gyp gyp/most.gyp -Dskia_gpu=0
$ ninja -C out/Debug webtry
$ cd experimental/webtry
$ go build webtry.go
$ ./webtry

Then visit http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

Only tested under linux, doubtful it will work on other platforms.

Full Server Setup

Create a GCE instance:

gcutil addinstance skia-webtry-b \
  --zone=us-central2-b --external_ip_address= \
  --service_account=default \
  --service_account_scopes="" \
  --network=default --machine_type=n1-standard-1 --image=backports-debian-7-wheezy-v20140331 \

Make sure port 80 is accessible externally for the above instance.

SSH into the instance:

gcutil ssh --ssh_user=default skia-webtry-b

Do once

The following things only need to be done once

  1. sudo apt-get install git schroot debootstrap

  2. git clone

  3. Add the following to /etc/fstab and reboot:

    none /dev/shm tmpfs rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec 0 0

The above will allow ninja to run. See

  1. Add the following to the /etc/schroot/minimal/fstab:

    /home/webtry/inout /inout none rw,bind 0 0

  2. Change /etc/monit/monitrc to:

    set daemon 2

then run the following so it applies:

sudo /etc/init.d/monit restart

This means that monit will poll every two seconds that our application is up and running.

  1. Set the TCP keepalive. For more info see:

    sudo bash -c ‘echo 60 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_time’

Do the first time

Do the following the first time you setup a machine, and each time you want to update the code running on the server

cd ~/skia/experimental/webtry/setup

Once, after setup

Do this step only once, but only after running the first time

sudo debootstrap --variant=minbase wheezy /srv/chroot/webtry

Third Party Code

  • res/js/polyfill.js - Various JS polyfill libraries. To rebuild or update see polyfill/