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#ifndef DMTaskRunner_DEFINED
#define DMTaskRunner_DEFINED
#include "DMGpuSupport.h"
#include "SkThreadPool.h"
#include "SkTypes.h"
// TaskRunner runs Tasks on one of two threadpools depending on the need for a GrContextFactory.
// It's typically a good idea to run fewer GPU threads than CPU threads (go nuts with those).
namespace DM {
class CpuTask;
class GpuTask;
class TaskRunner : SkNoncopyable {
explicit TaskRunner(int cpuThreads, int gpuThreads);
void add(CpuTask* task);
void addNext(CpuTask* task);
void add(GpuTask* task);
void wait();
SkTThreadPool<void> fCpu;
SkTThreadPool<GrContextFactory> fGpu;
} // namespace DM
#endif // DMTaskRunner_DEFINED