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#include "DMTaskRunner.h"
#include "DMTask.h"
namespace DM {
TaskRunner::TaskRunner(int cpuThreads, int gpuThreads) : fCpu(cpuThreads), fGpu(gpuThreads) {}
void TaskRunner::add(CpuTask* task) { fCpu.add(task); }
void TaskRunner::addNext(CpuTask* task) { fCpu.addNext(task); }
void TaskRunner::add(GpuTask* task) { fGpu.add(task); }
void TaskRunner::wait() {
// These wait calls block until each threadpool is done. We don't allow
// spawning new child GPU tasks, so we can wait for that first knowing
// we'll never try to add to it later. Same can't be said of the CPU pool:
// both CPU and GPU tasks can spawn off new CPU work, so we wait for that last.
} // namespace DM