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#include "DMSKPTask.h"
#include "DMUtil.h"
#include "DMWriteTask.h"
#include "SkCommandLineFlags.h"
#include "SkPictureRecorder.h"
DECLARE_bool(skr); // in DMReplayTask.cpp
namespace DM {
// Test that an SkPicture plays back the same when re-recorded into an
// SkPicture backed by SkRecord.
class SkrComparisonTask : public CpuTask {
SkrComparisonTask(const Task& parent, const SkPicture* picture, SkBitmap reference)
: CpuTask(parent)
, fPicture(picture)
, fReference(reference)
, fName(UnderJoin(, "skr")) {}
virtual bool shouldSkip() const SK_OVERRIDE { return !FLAGS_skr; }
virtual SkString name() const SK_OVERRIDE { return fName; }
virtual void draw() SK_OVERRIDE {
SkPictureRecorder recorder;
fPicture->draw(recorder.EXPERIMENTAL_beginRecording(fPicture->width(), fPicture->height()));
SkAutoTDelete<const SkPicture> skrPicture(recorder.endRecording());
SkBitmap bitmap;
AllocatePixels(kN32_SkColorType, fPicture->width(), fPicture->height(), &bitmap);
DrawPicture(*skrPicture, &bitmap);
if (!BitmapsEqual(fReference, bitmap)) {
this->spawnChild(SkNEW_ARGS(WriteTask, (*this, bitmap)));
SkAutoTUnref<const SkPicture> fPicture;
const SkBitmap fReference;
const SkString fName;
SKPTask::SKPTask(Reporter* r, TaskRunner* tr, const SkPicture* pic, SkString filename)
: CpuTask(r, tr), fPicture(SkRef(pic)), fName(FileToTaskName(filename)) {}
void SKPTask::draw() {
SkBitmap bitmap;
AllocatePixels(kN32_SkColorType, fPicture->width(), fPicture->height(), &bitmap);
DrawPicture(*fPicture, &bitmap);
this->spawnChild(SkNEW_ARGS(WriteTask, (*this, bitmap)));
this->spawnChild(SkNEW_ARGS(SkrComparisonTask, (*this, fPicture.get(), bitmap)));
} // namespace DM