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// Main binary for DM.
// For a high-level overview, please see dm/README.
#include "Benchmark.h"
#include "CrashHandler.h"
#include "SkCommandLineFlags.h"
#include "SkForceLinking.h"
#include "SkGraphics.h"
#include "SkPicture.h"
#include "SkString.h"
#include "Test.h"
#include "gm.h"
#include "DMBenchTask.h"
#include "DMCpuGMTask.h"
#include "DMGpuGMTask.h"
#include "DMGpuSupport.h"
#include "DMPDFTask.h"
#include "DMReporter.h"
#include "DMSKPTask.h"
#include "DMTask.h"
#include "DMTaskRunner.h"
#include "DMTestTask.h"
#include "DMWriteTask.h"
# include "SkPDFRasterizer.h"
# define RASTERIZE_PDF_PROC SkPopplerRasterizePDF
#include <ctype.h>
using skiagm::GM;
using skiagm::GMRegistry;
using skiatest::Test;
using skiatest::TestRegistry;
static const char kGpuAPINameGL[] = "gl";
static const char kGpuAPINameGLES[] = "gles";
DEFINE_int32(threads, -1, "Threads for CPU work. Default NUM_CPUS.");
DEFINE_int32(gpuThreads, 1, "Threads for GPU work.");
DEFINE_string(gpuAPI, "", "Force use of specific gpu API. Using \"gl\" "
"forces OpenGL API. Using \"gles\" forces OpenGL ES API. "
"Defaults to empty string, which selects the API native to the "
DEFINE_string2(expectations, r, "",
"If a directory, compare generated images against images under this path. "
"If a file, compare generated images against JSON expectations at this path."
DEFINE_string2(resources, i, "resources", "Path to resources directory.");
DEFINE_string(match, "", "[~][^]substring[$] [...] of GM name to run.\n"
"Multiple matches may be separated by spaces.\n"
"~ causes a matching GM to always be skipped\n"
"^ requires the start of the GM to match\n"
"$ requires the end of the GM to match\n"
"^ and $ requires an exact match\n"
"If a GM does not match any list entry,\n"
"it is skipped unless some list entry starts with ~");
DEFINE_string(config, "565 8888 pdf gpu nonrendering",
"Options: 565 8888 pdf gpu nonrendering msaa4 msaa16 nvprmsaa4 nvprmsaa16 "
"gpunull gpudebug angle mesa");
DEFINE_bool(dryRun, false,
"Just print the tests that would be run, without actually running them.");
DEFINE_bool(leaks, false, "Print leaked instance-counted objects at exit?");
DEFINE_string(skps, "", "Directory to read skps from.");
DEFINE_bool(gms, true, "Run GMs?");
DEFINE_bool(benches, true, "Run benches? Does not run GMs-as-benches.");
DEFINE_bool(tests, true, "Run tests?");
// "FooBar" -> "foobar". Obviously, ASCII only.
static SkString lowercase(SkString s) {
for (size_t i = 0; i < s.size(); i++) {
s[i] = tolower(s[i]);
return s;
static const GrContextFactory::GLContextType native = GrContextFactory::kNative_GLContextType;
static const GrContextFactory::GLContextType nvpr = GrContextFactory::kNVPR_GLContextType;
static const GrContextFactory::GLContextType null = GrContextFactory::kNull_GLContextType;
static const GrContextFactory::GLContextType debug = GrContextFactory::kDebug_GLContextType;
static const GrContextFactory::GLContextType angle =
static const GrContextFactory::GLContextType mesa =
static void kick_off_gms(const SkTDArray<GMRegistry::Factory>& gms,
const SkTArray<SkString>& configs,
GrGLStandard gpuAPI,
const DM::Expectations& expectations,
DM::Reporter* reporter,
DM::TaskRunner* tasks) {
#define START(name, type, ...) \
if (lowercase(configs[j]).equals(name)) { \
tasks->add(SkNEW_ARGS(DM::type, (name, reporter, tasks, gms[i], ## __VA_ARGS__))); \
for (int i = 0; i < gms.count(); i++) {
for (int j = 0; j < configs.count(); j++) {
START("565", CpuGMTask, expectations, kRGB_565_SkColorType);
START("8888", CpuGMTask, expectations, kN32_SkColorType);
START("gpu", GpuGMTask, expectations, native, gpuAPI, 0);
START("msaa4", GpuGMTask, expectations, native, gpuAPI, 4);
START("msaa16", GpuGMTask, expectations, native, gpuAPI, 16);
START("nvprmsaa4", GpuGMTask, expectations, nvpr, gpuAPI, 4);
START("nvprmsaa16", GpuGMTask, expectations, nvpr, gpuAPI, 16);
START("gpunull", GpuGMTask, expectations, null, gpuAPI, 0);
START("gpudebug", GpuGMTask, expectations, debug, gpuAPI, 0);
START("angle", GpuGMTask, expectations, angle, gpuAPI, 0);
START("mesa", GpuGMTask, expectations, mesa, gpuAPI, 0);
#undef START
static void kick_off_benches(const SkTDArray<BenchRegistry::Factory>& benches,
const SkTArray<SkString>& configs,
GrGLStandard gpuAPI,
DM::Reporter* reporter,
DM::TaskRunner* tasks) {
#define START(name, type, ...) \
if (lowercase(configs[j]).equals(name)) { \
tasks->add(SkNEW_ARGS(DM::type, (name, reporter, tasks, benches[i], ## __VA_ARGS__))); \
for (int i = 0; i < benches.count(); i++) {
for (int j = 0; j < configs.count(); j++) {
START("nonrendering", NonRenderingBenchTask);
START("565", CpuBenchTask, kRGB_565_SkColorType);
START("8888", CpuBenchTask, kN32_SkColorType);
START("gpu", GpuBenchTask, native, gpuAPI, 0);
START("msaa4", GpuBenchTask, native, gpuAPI, 4);
START("msaa16", GpuBenchTask, native, gpuAPI, 16);
START("nvprmsaa4", GpuBenchTask, nvpr, gpuAPI, 4);
START("nvprmsaa16", GpuBenchTask, nvpr, gpuAPI, 16);
START("gpunull", GpuBenchTask, null, gpuAPI, 0);
START("gpudebug", GpuBenchTask, debug, gpuAPI, 0);
START("angle", GpuBenchTask, angle, gpuAPI, 0);
START("mesa", GpuBenchTask, mesa, gpuAPI, 0);
#undef START
static void kick_off_tests(const SkTDArray<TestRegistry::Factory>& tests,
DM::Reporter* reporter,
DM::TaskRunner* tasks) {
for (int i = 0; i < tests.count(); i++) {
SkAutoTDelete<Test> test(tests[i](NULL));
if (test->isGPUTest()) {
tasks->add(SkNEW_ARGS(DM::GpuTestTask, (reporter, tasks, tests[i])));
} else {
tasks->add(SkNEW_ARGS(DM::CpuTestTask, (reporter, tasks, tests[i])));
static void kick_off_skps(DM::Reporter* reporter, DM::TaskRunner* tasks) {
if (FLAGS_skps.isEmpty()) {
SkOSFile::Iter it(FLAGS_skps[0], ".skp");
SkString filename;
while ( {
if (SkCommandLineFlags::ShouldSkip(FLAGS_match, filename.c_str())) {
const SkString path = SkOSPath::SkPathJoin(FLAGS_skps[0], filename.c_str());
SkAutoTDelete<SkStream> stream(SkStream::NewFromFile(path.c_str()));
if (stream.get() == NULL) {
SkDebugf("Could not read %s.\n", path.c_str());
SkAutoTUnref<SkPicture> pic(SkPicture::CreateFromStream(stream.get()));
if (pic.get() == NULL) {
SkDebugf("Could not read %s as an SkPicture.\n", path.c_str());
tasks->add(SkNEW_ARGS(DM::SKPTask, (reporter, tasks, pic, filename)));
tasks->add(SkNEW_ARGS(DM::PDFTask, (reporter, tasks, pic, filename,
static void report_failures(const SkTArray<SkString>& failures) {
if (failures.count() == 0) {
for (int i = 0; i < failures.count(); i++) {
SkDebugf(" %s\n", failures[i].c_str());
SkDebugf("%d failures.\n", failures.count());
static GrGLStandard get_gl_standard() {
if (FLAGS_gpuAPI.contains(kGpuAPINameGL)) {
return kGL_GrGLStandard;
if (FLAGS_gpuAPI.contains(kGpuAPINameGLES)) {
return kGLES_GrGLStandard;
return kNone_GrGLStandard;
template <typename T, typename Registry>
static void append_matching_factories(Registry* head, SkTDArray<typename Registry::Factory>* out) {
for (const Registry* reg = head; reg != NULL; reg = reg->next()) {
SkAutoTDelete<T> forName(reg->factory()(NULL));
if (!SkCommandLineFlags::ShouldSkip(FLAGS_match, forName->getName())) {
*out->append() = reg->factory();
int tool_main(int argc, char** argv);
int tool_main(int argc, char** argv) {
SkAutoGraphics ag;
SkCommandLineFlags::Parse(argc, argv);
if (FLAGS_dryRun) {
FLAGS_verbose = true;
gPrintInstCount = FLAGS_leaks;
SkTArray<SkString> configs;
for (int i = 0; i < FLAGS_config.count(); i++) {
SkStrSplit(FLAGS_config[i], ", ", &configs);
GrGLStandard gpuAPI = get_gl_standard();
SkTDArray<GMRegistry::Factory> gms;
SkAutoTDelete<DM::Expectations> expectations(SkNEW(DM::NoExpectations));
if (FLAGS_gms) {
append_matching_factories<GM>(GMRegistry::Head(), &gms);
if (FLAGS_expectations.count() > 0) {
const char* path = FLAGS_expectations[0];
if (sk_isdir(path)) {
expectations.reset(SkNEW_ARGS(DM::WriteTask::Expectations, (path)));
} else {
expectations.reset(SkNEW_ARGS(DM::JsonExpectations, (path)));
SkTDArray<BenchRegistry::Factory> benches;
if (FLAGS_benches) {
append_matching_factories<Benchmark>(BenchRegistry::Head(), &benches);
SkTDArray<TestRegistry::Factory> tests;
if (FLAGS_tests) {
append_matching_factories<Test>(TestRegistry::Head(), &tests);
SkDebugf("(%d GMs, %d benches) x %d configs, %d tests\n",
gms.count(), benches.count(), configs.count(), tests.count());
DM::Reporter reporter;
DM::TaskRunner tasks(FLAGS_threads, FLAGS_gpuThreads);
kick_off_gms(gms, configs, gpuAPI, *expectations, &reporter, &tasks);
kick_off_benches(benches, configs, gpuAPI, &reporter, &tasks);
kick_off_tests(tests, &reporter, &tasks);
kick_off_skps(&reporter, &tasks);
SkTArray<SkString> failures;
return failures.count() > 0;
#if !defined(SK_BUILD_FOR_IOS) && !defined(SK_BUILD_FOR_NACL)
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
return tool_main(argc, argv);