1. 1b263f6 Tabs: Fixed support for drag and drop ImGuiButtonFlags_PressedOnDragDropHold. (#261) incorrectly missing from the merge from Docking branch. by omar · 5 hours ago master
  2. febc3e6 Internals: Windows hidden with HiddenFramesRegular (but NOT HiddenFramesForResize) preserve their SizeContents, so restoring a auto-resize window after it's been hidden by tabs won't reset its size for a frame. Arguable. Let's see how it goes. (Followup to b48e295bddbf965d7382ec5578ed05d2fe601114) by omar · 5 hours ago
  3. d9a84de Contents size is preserved while a window collapsed. Fix auto-resizing window losing their size for one frame when uncollapsed. by omar · 6 hours ago
  4. ccce47c Demo: Using Tabs in Style Editor and Simple Layout example. + Adding missing early out in About and Documents examples. by omar · 7 hours ago
  5. 5a6b8e0 BeginTabBar: Fix to push the expected ID into the ID stack (instead of a hash's hash). (#261) by omar · 9 hours ago
  6. 95dcc53 Demo: Fix collateral damage of 54a60aa by omar · 11 hours ago
  7. 54a60aa Added BETA api for Tab Bar/Tabs widgets. (#261, #351) (merged this feature from the from Docking branch so it can be used earlier as as standalone feature) by omar · 12 hours ago
  8. cc1283f Added ImGuiWindowFlags_UnsavedDocument window flag to append '*' to title without altering the ID, as a convenience to avoid using the ### operator. (merged from Docking branch) by omar · 12 hours ago
  9. 15447f5 Using named flags instead of 0 + shallow formatting tweaks from other branches. by omar · 12 hours ago
  10. 9476e07 Added io.ConfigWindowsMoveFromTitleBarOnly option. Still is ignored by window with no title bars (often popups). This affects clamping window within the visible area: with this option enabled title bars need to be visible. (#899) by omar · 33 hours ago
  11. 59f3c4f Renamed io.ConfigResizeWindowsFromEdges to io.ConfigWindowsResizeFromEdges and removed its [Beta] mark. Resizing windows from edge is now enabled by default (io.ConfigWindowsResizeFromEdges=true). Note that it only works _if_ the back-end sets ImGuiBackendFlags_HasMouseCursors, which the standard back-end do. by omar · 33 hours ago
  12. d20e3ee Tests: Adding imgui-test engine hooks (experimental) to provide missing widget state to the testing system. by omar · 34 hours ago
  13. 125e624 Internals: Nav: Added ImGuiNavLayer_ to clarify semantic of previously integer NavLayer values, and not pretend that increment/decrement operators on them super flexible. + Storage tweaks. by omar · 7 days ago
  14. b58bd5b Version 1.67 WIP + todo notes by omar · 7 days ago
  15. fb6ef8b Comments, tweak by omar · 8 days ago
  16. eb311ab Fixed IMGUI_API tag on ImFontAtlas::IsBuilt() preventing to build as DLL on some setups. (#2226) by omar · 8 days ago
  17. 8d58055 Examples: DirectX10/11/12: Made imgui_impl_dx10/dx11/dx12.cpp link d3dcompiler.lib from the .cpp file to ease integration. by omar · 8 days ago
  18. 10e13dd Version 1.67 WIP (again, this time IMGUI_VERSION_NUM has leeway for another hot-fix). by omar · 9 days ago
  19. 801645d Version 1.66b (will revisit how to change IMGUI_VERSION_NUM across versions, this commit reduces the numerical IMGUI_VERSION_NUM compared to the commit on Nov 22). by omar · 9 days ago v1.66b
  20. 8423824 Fixed a text rendering/clipping bug introduced in 1.66 (on 2018-10-12, commit ede3a3b9) that affect single ImDrawList::AddText() calls with single strings larger than 10k. Text/TextUnformatted() calls were not affected, but e.g. InputText() was. by omar · 11 days ago
  21. 48f6fdb Fixed typo. by omar · 11 days ago
  22. 7658035 About, IO: Added io.BackendPlatformName, io.BackendRendererName for informational/QA purpose. by omar · 11 days ago
  23. 3849def Added ShowAboutWindow(), About Window now showing various config/build information. by omar · 11 days ago
  24. 3335e66 Include <alloca.h> also on macOS (and osxcross) (#2218) by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak · 11 days ago
  25. 1bfcf8f Separator: Fixed Separator() outputting an extraneous empty line when captured into clipboard/text/file. by omar · 11 days ago
  26. baf67d3 When the focused window become inactive don't restore focus to a window with the ImGuiWindowFlags_NoInputs flag. (#2213) by omar · 12 days ago
  27. 4a94b25 Comments by omar · 12 days ago
  28. 4105cc7 Added ImGuiConfigFlags_None, ImGuiBackendFlags_None for good measure. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  29. 1fa2cb8 imgui.h: Comments by omar · 2 weeks ago
  30. ce07d55 imgui.h: Moved ImGuiListClipper by omar · 2 weeks ago
  31. 8495c93 mgui.h: Moved ImGuiInputTextCallbackData,, ImGuiSizeCallbackData, ImGuiPayload structures so they are not in the "Helpers" section. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  32. 35d6483 Examples: SDL: changed the signature of ImGui_ImplSDL2_ProcessEvent() to use a const SDL_Event*. (#2187) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  33. 0c4dee0 Internals: Added ImPool helper data structure (used by testing system, and already in docking branch) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  34. d27ffef Version 1.67 WIP by omar · 3 weeks ago
  35. da3c433 Version 1.66 by omar · 3 weeks ago v1.66
  36. c00a3bd Examples: SDL2+Vulkan: Fixed application shutdown which could deadlock on Linux + Xorg. (#2181) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  37. a5cf227 Added link to experimental imgui_scoped.h PR/thread (#2197, #2096) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  38. be66f94 Examples: OpenGL3: More explicit testing for == GL_UPPER_LEFT in case glGetIntegerv(GL_CLIP_ORIGIN is not honored properly. (#2186, #2195) Fix f52f0a52771f9609267e9ad67d4f2835e0df0072 by omar · 3 weeks ago
  39. cc4b1f9 Nav: Fixed explicit directional input not re-highlighting current nav item if there is a single item in the window and highlight has been previously disabled by the mouse. (#787) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  40. b9ae9bb Internals: Using GetOverlayDrawList(ImGuiWindow*) to match syntax of viewport/master branches. Fixed compiling with IMGUI_DEBUG_NAV_RECTS by omar · 3 weeks ago
  41. 50c43d1 Removed unnecessary ImGui:: prefixes. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  42. 6b44437 Internals: Added FindWindowByID() helper. (#2190) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  43. aa668c4 Nav: Fixed an assert in certain circumstance (mostly when using popups) when mouse positions stop being valid. (#2168) + adding a else block to make NavCalcPreferredRefPos() more explicit. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  44. f52f0a5 Examples: OpenGL3: Added support for GL 4.5's glClipControl(GL_UPPER_LEFT). (#2186) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  45. 19b4fcd Made IsWindowFocused() work outside of NewFrame()-EndFrame() and added comments about how ImGuiFocusedFlags_AnyWindow should NOT be used in place of io.WantCaptureMouse. (#2185) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  46. 5b1394c Update README.md by omar · 5 weeks ago
  47. 6c1ae6c Internals: DragBehavior: Added support for ImGuiDragFlags_Vertical to implement a vertical drag widget (no frontend function provided). by omar · 5 weeks ago
  48. 6d76775 Internals: SliderBehavior: Using axis indexing. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  49. 7723543 Examples: GLFW: User previously installed GLFW callbacks are now saved and chain-called by the default callbacks. (#1759) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  50. 9d155c7 Examples: Misc comments mainly related to GLFW callbacks. (#1759) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  51. a419d46 Examples: OpenGL3+GLFW/SDL: Made main.cpp compile with IMGUI_IMPL_OPENGL_LOADER_CUSTOM (may be missing init). (#2178) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  52. 131bf5e Examples: SDL: Tweaked Windows instructions and batch files. (#2175) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  53. f388216 Examples: GLFW: VS2015 project link with legacy_stdio_definitions.lib in order to link with the precompiled VS2010 GLFW3.lib we provide. (#2010, #2043, #2091) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  54. c808eb9 Config: Added IMGUI_DISABLE_WIN32_FUNCTIONS to disable linking with _any_ Win32 function, as a general forward compatible measure. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  55. eb592bf ListBox(): Fixed frame sizing when items_count==1 unnecessarily showing a scrollbar. (#2173). Tweaked frame sizing so list boxes will look more consistent when FramePadding is far from ItemSpacing. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  56. 1441756 Doc: Fixed comments referring to LoadFromFileTTF() instead of AddFontFromFileTTF() (#2153) by Torkel Bjørnson-Langen · 5 weeks ago
  57. 2e6e1be Examples: Add missing include guards (#2166) by Michał Janiszewski · 6 weeks ago
  58. ed0f700 Examples: Vulkan: Avoid unreferenced parameter warning. (#2162) by Cort · 6 weeks ago
  59. 7fa3e71 Internals: Moved the FocusableItemUnregister() outside of InputScalarAsWidgetReplacement(), it should not be here and doesn't facilitate reusing InputScalarAsWidgetReplacement(). (cc #2155) by omar · 6 weeks ago
  60. e6db078 gladLoadGL() return 0 to indicate failure (#2157) by Hui · 6 weeks ago
  61. f3e6423 Demo: Removed one level of indentation in the ShowDemoWindowXXX functions (6 kb worth of spaces!). Will break some merge/PR. by omar · 7 weeks ago
  62. eed1fba Demo: Split the contents of ShowDemoWindow() into smaller functions as it appears to speed up link time with VS. (#2152) by omar · 7 weeks ago
  63. faecf90 SliderAngle: Added optional `format` argument to allow users customize precision and make localization. (#2150) by Konstantin Podsvirov · 7 weeks ago
  64. 12c72d2 Fixed OpenGL texture loading example in comment + Discourse link to root of discourse by omar · 7 weeks ago
  65. a72d5ad Misc comments improvements by omar · 7 weeks ago
  66. ac9aaf4 Comments in demo and opengl code + Internals: Added HoveredIdNotActiveTimer tracking hovering time unless the item is active, which is a commonly useful pattern. by omar · 7 weeks ago
  67. e610afe Font readme: Added OpenFontIcons, tweaks, links, removed spaces (#2141) by omar · 7 weeks ago
  68. 82873c7 Update README.md by omar · 8 weeks ago
  69. 745f010 Examples: Downgraded Xcode project object version (50->48) to support Xcode 9.2 (last version supported on macOS 10.12) (#2133, #1929) by omar · 8 weeks ago
  70. 31fd6c5 Removed unnecessary ImGui:: qualifiers in internal code. by omar · 8 weeks ago
  71. b4488d4 Examples: Downgraded Xcode project object version (50->48) to support Xcode 9.2 (last version supported on macOS 10.12) (#2133) by Warren Moore · 8 weeks ago
  72. 000c1fc Demo: Added comments / tweaks related to the popups. by omar · 8 weeks ago
  73. 5be915d Added ImGuiWindowFlags_NoMouseInputs which is basically the old ImGuiWindowFlags_NoInputs (essentially we have renamed ImGuiWindowFlags_NoInputs to ImGuiWindowFlags_NoMouseInputs). Made the new ImGuiWindowFlags_NoInputs encompass both NoMouseInputs+NoNav, which is consistent with its description. (#1660, #787) by omar · 8 weeks ago
  74. 90b50bd Window: Added ImGuiWindowFlags_NoBackground flag for consistency and to ease creating new flag combinations. Added ImGuiWindowFlags_NoDecoration helper flag which is essentially NoTitleBar+NoResize+NoScrollbar+NoCollapse. (#1660) by omar · 8 weeks ago
  75. 8606d9f Fix Clang/GCC's null-conversion warning: (#2081) by Elias Daler · 8 weeks ago
  76. b039dbc Update README.md by omar · 8 weeks ago
  77. edb06a6 Fixed typo in misc/README.txt (#2131) by Konstantin Podsvirov · 8 weeks ago
  78. ca75382 Revert using wchar_t functions (9cf94d5 + 2eaf5b0). Big mistake, wchar_t is not guaranteed to be 16-bits. by omar · 9 weeks ago
  79. 2895320 Tests: Added imgui-test engine hooks (experimental). by omar · 9 weeks ago
  80. ede3a3b Fixes crash introduced in previous commit 9cf94d5. by omar · 9 weeks ago
  81. 9cf94d5 RenderText(), InputTextMultiline(): Optimization for large text by using memchr, wmemchr, wcschr when appropriate. by omar · 9 weeks ago
  82. 0fe48cb Renamed misc/stl/imgui_stl.h,.cpp to misc/cpp/imgui_stdlib.h in prevision for other files.(#2035, #2096) by omar · 9 weeks ago
  83. 74c0309 InputText: Clarified comments around ImGuiInputTextFlags_CallbackResize and other callbacks. (#2006, #1443, #1008) by omar · 9 weeks ago
  84. ed4dcd9 Shutdown: Unlock font atlas before destroying context, so we can destroy a context between NewFrame and EndFrame if we wait (facilitate main loop structures). Internals: GetWindowScrollMaxX(), GetWindowScrollMaxY() by omar · 9 weeks ago
  85. cf0afb4 TextUnformatted: Using memchr(), fixed not properly testing for text_end bound + comments. by omar · 9 weeks ago
  86. d02b11d ImGuiTextBuffer: Avoid heap allocation when empty. by omar · 9 weeks ago
  87. 1efafa1 Comments + internal using Tab Stop terminology (ImGuiItemFlags_NoTabStop instead of !ImGuiItemFlags_AllowKeyboardFocus) by omar · 9 weeks ago
  88. 3fcc178 Update README.md by omar · 9 weeks ago
  89. dd748f0 Update README.md by omar · 9 weeks ago
  90. 500a60d Examples: OpenGL3: Cast compile/link status to GLboolean (#2112, #2125) by hesiod · 9 weeks ago
  91. 02afbae Examples: imgui_imp_opengl3.cpp explicit casting for overly aggressive glbinding compatibility. (#2112) [@hesiod] by omar · 10 weeks ago
  92. a3b0e0a Examples: DirectX10, DirectX11: Removed seemingly unnecessary calls to invalidate and recreate device objects in the WM_SIZE handler. (#2088) by omar · 10 weeks ago
  93. 084c26a Fix spacing in imgui_imp_sdl example (#2111) by Michael Vetter · 10 weeks ago
  94. 3c427e2 Update pull_request_template.md by omar · 10 weeks ago
  95. fbfe193 Window, Inputs: Fixed resizing from edges when io.MousePos is not pixel-rounded by rounding mouse position input. (#2110) by omar · 2 months ago
  96. ae7f833 Window: Resizing from edges (with io.ConfigResizeWindowsFromEdges Beta flag) extends the hit region of root floating windows outside the window, making it easier to resize windows. Resize grips are also extended accordingly so there are no discontinuity when hovering between borders and corners. (#1495, #822, #2110) by omar · 2 months ago
  97. 76e31bd Fixed typo. (#2108, #2083) by omar · 2 months ago
  98. e623be9 Drag and Drop: Added GetDragDropPayload() to peek directly into the payload (if any) from anywhere. (#143) by omar · 2 months ago
  99. 3dcd552 Fixed extraneous static attribute. (#2105) by omar · 3 months ago
  100. 9aae214 Fix missing IMGUI_API and mismatching namespace internal's CreateNewWindowSettings (#2105) by Loïc HAMOT · 3 months ago