1. 9d6b2b0 Ignore directories created by JetBrains IDEs. by Rokas Kupstys · 10 hours ago master
  2. 6892b81 Remove trailing spaces from bunch of files. by Rokas Kupstys · 11 hours ago
  3. c21fdab Doc: Readme: moving contents to FAQ. by omar · 13 hours ago
  4. a41f0b2 Inputs: Fixed a miscalculation in the keyboard/mouse "typematic" repeat delay/rate calculation, used by keys and e.g. repeating mouse buttons as well as the GetKeyPressedAmount() function. by omar · 28 hours ago
  5. c7bdec7 InputText, Nav: Fixed Left!Right keys broken when activating Keyboard Navigation. (#787) Amend 892dfb1 by omar · 28 hours ago
  6. 67e4cd5 Comments, some logging for NavInitRequest debugging Moved OpenPopupOnItemClick() next to BeginPopupContextItem() by omar · 35 hours ago
  7. 8c4dcbf Diligent Engine by omar · 3 days ago
  8. 23eabd5 Emscripten by omar · 3 days ago
  9. 5841103 Bindings by omar · 3 days ago
  10. 1c73a0c Bindings by omar · 3 days ago
  11. cba84df Update README.md by omar · 3 days ago
  12. aeb6481 InputText: Filter out Ascii 127 (DEL) emitted by low-level OSX layer, as we are using the Key value. (#2578) by omar · 4 days ago
  13. fc10ba8 Amend f0238ece9cba67ecabef438008fea53682bd6bc7 (#2817, #2818) by omar · 5 days ago
  14. 378035c Fixed backspace handling on MacOS (fixed https://github.com/ocornut/imgui/issues/2817). by Egor Yusov · 5 days ago
  15. bf746c4 DragScalar, SliderScalar, InputScalar: Added p_ prefix to parameter that are pointers to the datato clarify how they are used, and more comments redirecting to the demo code. (#2844) by omar · 5 days ago
  16. 927472f Combo: Added _NoMove flag to prevent window from docking, which has an effect in Docking branch (in Master was not noticeable as the Combo code kept repositioning the window). (#2835) by omar · 8 days ago
  17. 3b271b1 Demo: Added simple item reordering demo in Widgets -> Drag and Drop section. (#2823, #143) [@rokups] by omar · 8 days ago
  18. 8aad348 ImVector: Fixed index_from_ptr() not asserting when passed end() element. by omar · 8 days ago
  19. 323412d Examples: Allegro5: updated build instructions for macOS by Harris Brakmic · 8 days ago
  20. 73fa650 Internal: InputTextEx: tweaked a bit of code (should be a no-op) by omar · 10 days ago
  21. f1f321d Update README.md by omar · 10 days ago
  22. ee3373d TreeNode: Fixed combination of ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_SpanFullWidth and ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_OpenOnArrow incorrectly locating the arrow hit position to the left of the frame. (#2451, #2438, #1897) by omar · 11 days ago
  23. ccb2a94 Internal: SliderBehaviorT: Condition '!is_decimal' is always true (#2828) by domgho · 12 days ago
  24. 1425bec Demo: Text baseline demo tweaks. by omar · 12 days ago
  25. a6c3be4 Internals: Tweaks to ItemSize() should be harmless. Added DebugDrawItemRect() helper. by omar · 12 days ago
  26. 892dfb1 InputText, Nav: Fixed Home/End key broken when activating Keyboard Navigation. (#787) by omar · 13 days ago
  27. a2f3dcf Added comment about SDL and SDL_INIT_GAMECONTROLLER. (#2809) by omar · 14 days ago
  28. 893056a Fix syntax typos in README (#2819) by Denys Nahurnyi · 2 weeks ago
  29. eb52232 Update README.md by omar · 2 weeks ago
  30. 0dad3f4 Fix harmless float calculation overflow. (#2813) by omar · 2 weeks ago
  31. c262276 Version 1.74 WIP by omar · 2 weeks ago
  32. f0f5301 Backends: OpenGL3: Commented out extra tokens at end of #else directive (#2804) by Konstantin Podsvirov · 3 weeks ago
  33. 688cf86 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ocornut/imgui by omar · 3 weeks ago v1.73
  34. d5efe16 Version 1.73 by omar · 3 weeks ago
  35. 293f74e Update README.md by omar · 3 weeks ago
  36. 664f9e7 Documentation: Various tweaks and improvements to the README page. [@ker0chan] by omar · 3 weeks ago
  37. e100523 CollapsingHeader: Added support for ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_Bullet and ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_Leaf on framed nodes. (#2159, #2160) by goran-w · 3 weeks ago
  38. ca858c0 Demo tweaks. Comments. Compacting the rarely used AutoFitXXX fields in ImGuiWindowTempData. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  39. 52deb41 Internal: Refactored internal RenderMouseCursor so colors can be specified. (#2614) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  40. 2584923 Internal: Tree: tweaks (initially tried to implement auto-scrolling, stashed) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  41. 9769164 Backends: OpenGL3: Attempt to automatically detect default GL loader by using __has_include. Followup to 44cd8e3 (#2798) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  42. 44cd8e3 Automatically include the available gl loader header by osheriff · 3 weeks ago
  43. 80b3ab7 TabBar: Fixed single tab shrinking reducing the tab to 0.0f size. Broken by a856c670c17fe70d61e519bf74ccb2559915a2ff. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  44. f47a0a8 ImVector: added find, find_erase, find_erase_unsorted helpers. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  45. eab03f4 Selectable: Added ImGuiSelectableFlags_AllowItemOverlap flag in public api (was previously internal only). by omar · 3 weeks ago
  46. a45e3b5 Readme, Wiki: Image loading examples. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  47. f7468d0 Fixed mouse event forwarding in macos example (#2710, #1961) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  48. 38d22bc ColorPicker / ColorEdit: restore Hue when zeroing Saturation. (#2722, #2770) - changelog, fixed uninitialized variables, tweaks, renaming. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  49. accb026 ColorPicker / ColorEdit: restore Hue when zeroing Saturation. (#2722, #2770) by Rokas Kupstys · 4 weeks ago
  50. 656c515 Warning fix. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  51. 9d02ed5 TreeNode: Added ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_SpanAvailWidth and ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_SpanFullWidth flags (#2451, #2438, #1897) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  52. 74e01e6 Fixed unused static function warning for some compilers. (#2793) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  53. 098591f ImDrawListSplitter: fixed an issue merging channels if the last submitted draw command used a different texture. (#2506) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  54. b48dc06 Style: Allow style.WindowMenuButtonPosition to be set to ImGuiDir_None to hide the collapse button. (#2634, #2639) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  55. 3b014d0 Merge branch 'features/ellipsis_rendering' by omar · 4 weeks ago
  56. 3f986e7 Internal: Offset STB_TEXTURE_K_ defines to remove that change from #2541 + sponsors update. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  57. 7d5a17e Remove trailing spaces (grep for ' \r?$' in visual studio) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  58. 1c951dc Font: Narrow ellipsis: once we know an ellipsis is going to be drawn, we can claim the space between pos_max.x and ellipsis_max.x which gives us enough extra space to not requires the further (and otherwise valid) optimizations. Gets us vastly simplified code, yay. (#2775) by omar · 4 weeks ago features/ellipsis_rendering
  59. 57623c1 Font: Narrow ellipsis: various minor stylistic tweaks (#2775) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  60. 45405f0 Font: implement a way to draw narrow ellipsis without relying on hardcoded 1 pixel dots. (#2775) by Rokas Kupstys · 4 weeks ago
  61. 404dc03 BeginTabItem: Fixed case where right-most tab would create an extraneous draw calls (probably related to other tab fitting code in 1.73 wip) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  62. e7e88ed Examples: SDL/GLFW + OpenGL3: Fixes for Makefile (#2774) by NeroBurner · 4 weeks ago
  63. 561e7dd Fix signed types warning in pasteboard handler (#2786) by Qix · 4 weeks ago
  64. 3dcf323 Columns: Separator: Fixed a bug where non-visible separators within columns would alter the next row position differently than visible ones. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  65. b05f6f6 Nav, Scrolling: Added support for Home/End key. (#787) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  66. 3cf519c Fix DragScalar for unsigned types (#2780) by Bagrat Dabaghyan · 4 weeks ago
  67. cc288e0 Backends: OpenGL3: Tweaked initialization code allow application calling ImGui_ImplOpenGL3_CreateFontsTexture() before ImGui_ImplOpenGL3_NewFrame() if for some reason they wanted. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  68. c077dd4 Fixed missing IMGUI_API for IsMouseDragPastThreshold(). by omar · 6 weeks ago
  69. 0537ac0 ColorEdit: Disable Hue edit when Saturation==0 instead of letting Hue values jump around. by omar · 7 weeks ago
  70. b59ec7b DragInt, DragFloat, DragScalar: Using (v_min > v_max) allows locking any edit to the value. by omar · 7 weeks ago
  71. 3f99890 TabBar: feed desired width (sum of unclipped tabs width) into layout system to allow for auto-resize. (#2768) by omar · 7 weeks ago
  72. f8d3d8d TabBar: improved shrinking for large number of tabs to avoid leaving extraneous space on the right side. Individuals tabs are given integer-rounded width and remainder is spread between tabs left-to-right. by omar · 7 weeks ago
  73. bfcdaeb Disable with ConfigWindowsMemoryCompactTimer < 0.0f (#2636) by omar · 7 weeks ago
  74. 62f75c7 Added a mechanism to compact/free the larger allocations of unused windows (buffers are compacted when a window is unused for 60 seconds, as per io.ConfigWindowsMemoryCompactTimer = 60.0f). Note that memory usage has never been reported as a problem, so this is merely a touch of overzealous luxury. (#2636) by omar · 7 weeks ago
  75. 45a0db5 Demo: PlotLine example displays the average value. (#2759) + extra comments by Hanif Bin Ariffin · 7 weeks ago
  76. c841801 SliderScalar: Improved assert when using U32 or U64 types with a large v_max value. (#2765) by omar · 7 weeks ago
  77. bcdb89a Rebased imstb_rectpack on stb_rect_pack v1.00. by Tommy Nguyen · 7 weeks ago
  78. cb538fa Internals: Storing settings using ImVec2ih to match what we are doing with dock node. + removed ImMax from reading Size value (done in Begin) + removed seemingly unnecessary FLT_MAX compare in SettingsHandlerWindow_WriteAll. by omar · 8 weeks ago
  79. c4ff1b3 ImDrawList: clarified the name of many parameters so reading the code is a little easier. (#2740) by omar · 8 weeks ago
  80. 3fb5cf3 Using offsetof() when available in C++11. Avoids Clang sanitizer complaining about old-style macros. (#94) by omar · 8 weeks ago
  81. c4b0bf7 More typos in comments (#2738) by omar · 8 weeks ago
  82. a856c67 TabBar: fixed single-tab not shrinking their width down. by omar · 8 weeks ago
  83. a33cedd Internals: Renaming window size calc functions. by omar · 8 weeks ago
  84. 7abd41b TabBar: fixed ScrollToBar request creating bouncing loop when tab is larger than available space. by omar · 8 weeks ago
  85. 9fce278 ColorPicker: Made rendering aware of global style alpha of the picker can be faded out. (#2711) by omar · 9 weeks ago
  86. 88bf056 Removing Funding file (unnecessary as we'll switch services) by omar · 9 weeks ago
  87. 7d2cfa6 Create FUNDING.yml by omar · 9 weeks ago
  88. 2e756d5 Explicit narrowing cast from size_t to UINT (#2726) by Matthias Moulin · 9 weeks ago
  89. 62143df Backends: Vulkan: Added support for specifying multisample count. (#2705, #2706) by Vilya Harvey · 3 months ago
  90. 6cf4743 Backends: DX11: Fixed GSGetShader() call not passing an initialized instance count, would generally make the debug layer complain (Added in 1.72). by omar · 3 months ago
  91. f624455 Version 1.73 WIP by omar · 3 months ago
  92. 9bd7846 Internal: Made ScrollToBringRectIntoView() handle recursing back to scroll parent window, so the function can be called elsewhere (instead of 1 deep recursion done in NavUpdateMoveResult(). by omar · 3 months ago
  93. 6a0d0da Version 1.72b (patch for nav) by omar · 3 months ago v1.72b
  94. 27079e6 Nav: Made hovering non-MenuItem Selectable not re-assign the source item for keyboard navigation. by omar · 3 months ago
  95. 4cfaf7d Scrolling, Nav: Fixed programmatic scroll leading to a slightly incorrect scroll offset when the window has decorations or a menu-bar (broken in 1.71). This was mostly noticeable when a keyboard/gamepad movement led to scrolling the view, or using e.g. SetScrollHereY() function. Fix/amend a0994d74. by omar · 3 months ago
  96. 3548fb8 Internal refactor: moved all Scroll related functions in a same spot. by omar · 3 months ago
  97. 1b1e539 Internal: Moved NavScrollToBringItemIntoView() declaration to imgui_internal.h. Fixed spacing missing in 494d804. Fixed changelog wreck from 1.72. by omar · 3 months ago
  98. 5ef7445 Internal: Avoid using GImGui multiple times in same function. by omar · 3 months ago
  99. 494d804 Internal: Added ImGuiInputTextState::ClearText() helper. by omar · 3 months ago
  100. 85ad8e0 Nav: Fixed an issue with NavFlattened window flag where widgets not entirely fitting in child window (often selectable because of their extruded bits) would be not considered to navigate toward the child window. (#787) by omar · 3 months ago