1. 9da48c1 TabBar: Added extra mis-usage error recovery. Past the assert, common mis-usage don't lead to hard crashes any more, facilitating integration with scripting languages. (#1651) by omar · 18 hours ago master
  2. 0f83145 TabBar: Fixed a crash when using BeginTabBar() recursively (didn't affect docking). (#2371) by omar · 18 hours ago
  3. f988618 Internal: InputText: Tweaks (including a large indentation change, compare ignoring space) to make next commit more digestible. by omar · 31 hours ago
  4. be593f2 Internal: InputText: refactor the flow to easily decorrelate rendering of selection vs cursor, which would allow us to render selection on inactive items, and generally makes the code clearer. + Some renaming. by omar · 32 hours ago
  5. 332f8f2 Internal: InputText: Made clipboard copy/cut use its own temporary buffer (like paste) so we can guarantee that TempBuffer if not altered and can be preserved. Renamed TempBufferA to TextA to celebrate this. by omar · 35 hours ago
  6. 81a8730 Internal: InputText: Renamed is_editable to !is_readonly, Hopefully more explicit. Renamed internal member. Shuffled some code. Added comments, assert (_will_ trigger on !readonly > readonly edge, old bug). by omar · 35 hours ago
  7. cc3be5d InputText: Fixed an edge case crash that would happen if another widget sharing the same ID is being swapped with an InputText that has yet to be activated. by omar · 35 hours ago
  8. 2e9a175 Internal: InputText: Refactor to clarify access pattern to the InputTextState (we are now accessing via a pointer which can be NULL, shortened its name while we are at it) + added an assert to track an issue that existed already before. by omar · 35 hours ago
  9. 677e64e Internal: InputText: Comments. Renamed internal member. Renamed ImGuiStb->ImStb. by omar · 2 days ago
  10. 79f7778 Moved binaries to dearimgui.org/binaries by omar · 3 days ago
  11. 2068dd5 Examples: OpenGL: Fix for OSX not supporting OpenGL 4.5, we don't try to read GL_CLIP_ORIGIN even if the OpenGL headers/loader happens to define the value. (#2366, #2186) by omar · 3 days ago
  12. 782b747 InputText: Renamed some local variables to clarify code. Should be a no-op functionality wise. TODO items. by omar · 3 days ago
  13. 7c51cba InputInt, InputFloat, InputScalar: Fix to keep the label of the +/- buttons centered when style.FramePadding.x is abnormally larger than style.FramePadding.y. Since the buttons are meant to be square (to align with e.g. color button) we always use FramePadding.y. (#2367) by omar · 3 days ago
  14. 257f5d2 Version 1.69 WIP by omar · 3 days ago
  15. 93b06e6 Internal: Changed Scrollbar() signature. Using GetScrollbarID() in InputTextMultiline(). by omar · 3 days ago
  16. 91cc323 Updated binaries (now auto-generated by a script! next step would be to slowly transition all this stuff into a public repo) by omar · 3 days ago
  17. d0c98bf Examples: VS: Made project paths independant of SolutionDir so they can be built aside from the solution. by omar · 3 days ago
  18. 7783300 Fixed unused argument warning when compiling with IM_ASERT() evaluating to an empty macro. by omar · 4 days ago
  19. 3c15dff Version 1.68 by omar · 4 days ago v1.68
  20. f5bf6e3 Font: Fixed assert when specifying duplicate/overlapping ranges within a same font. (#2353, #2233) by omar · 5 days ago
  21. db40699 imgui_freeetype: Updated suggested test code. by omar · 5 days ago
  22. d972533 Examples: Vulkan: Rewrote scissor processing to match other examples more closely. Removed extraneous +1 of scissor extent height. by omar · 7 days ago
  23. dd14adc Examples: Vulkan: Support draw_data->FramebufferScale correctly matching a79785c for on Metal/GL2/GL3. (#2306, #1676) by omar · 7 days ago
  24. f977871 ImFont: Minor adjustment to the structure. Examples: Removed unused variable. by omar · 7 days ago
  25. 76dbff3 Selectable: Tweaks for #2347 (demo, changelog, member position) by omar · 8 days ago
  26. b277cff Selectable: add support for specifying text alignment on selectables (#2347) by haldean · 8 days ago
  27. 93d1179 Examples: Extracted gamepad code into ImGui_ImplGlfw_UpdateGamepads(). Renamed matching Win32 function for consistency. by omar · 8 days ago
  28. 3c07ec6 Made it illegal/assert when io.DisplayTime == 0.0f (with an exception for the first frame). by omar · 9 days ago
  29. 2206df9 Demo: Added Auto-Scroll option in Log/Console. Comments. Removed some ImColor() uses. by omar · 9 days ago
  30. 8522a4b Fixed Clang warning ("multi-line comment"). XCode also also "space between \ and carriage return". Perhaps it would work with 2 spaces? Adding a dot for now.. by omar · 9 days ago
  31. 0236bc2 Scrollbar: Fade out and disable interaction when too small, in order to facilitate using the resize grab on very small window, as well as reducing visual noise/overlap. (+1 squashed commits) by omar · 9 days ago
  32. 57a586b Font: Moved functions to internal block (not enforced). Made ConfigData pointer const. Added link to stb's notes. by omar · 10 days ago
  33. fcdf704 Changelog: Added changelog from 1.40 to 1.47 (pasted from the Releases section) + some wrapping. by omar · 10 days ago
  34. cbc8e57 Update README.md - change imgui-sfml link (#2345) by Elias Daler · 10 days ago
  35. 417cf22 Font: Fixed high-level ImGui::CalcTextSize() used by most widgets from erroneously subtracting 1.0f*scale to calculated text width. Among noticeable side-effects, it would make sequences of repeated Text/SameLine calls not align the same as a single call, and create mismatch between high-level size calculation and those performed with the lower-level ImDrawList api. (#792) by omar · 10 days ago
  36. 0640b6e Shallow tweaks by omar · 10 days ago
  37. cc80d8e Examples: Metal: Compilation fix. by omar · 11 days ago
  38. 169e398 Examples: OpenGL2: Added #define GL_SILENCE_DEPRECATION to cope with newer XCode warnings. by omar · 11 days ago
  39. d16dbc5 Examples: SDL: Using the SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGHDPI flag. (#2306, #1676) [@rasky] by omar · 11 days ago
  40. a79785c ImDrawData: Added FramebufferScale field (currently a copy of the value from io.DisplayFramebufferScale). by omar · 11 days ago
  41. ef79406 Examples: Metal: Removed unnecessary loop. Fixed OSX Clang warning in imstb_truetype. (#1929, #1873) by Omar Cornut · 12 days ago
  42. 4b41d3b ImFont: Rearranged members toward an optimal CalcTextSize() loop. Removed comments from destructor. Made constructor more explicit. by omar · 14 days ago
  43. 539f69b Updated STB libraries to latest (drift has been reduced with nothings/stb as most of our changes were merged). Using [DEAR IMGUI] markers when changed. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  44. 00c6379 Demo: Font selector allow selecting fonts with same debug name. (#2332) by omar · 2 weeks ago
  45. afc36cf Window: Fixed initial width of collapsed windows not taking account of contents width (broken in 1.67). (#2336, #176) by omar · 2 weeks ago
  46. 1b63ded Tabs: Fixed border (when enabled) so it is aligned correctly mid-pixel and appears as bright as other borders. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  47. 29d38b5 ListBox/InputTextMultiline: Better optimized when clipped / non-visible. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  48. 62084aa DragScalarN, SliderScalarN, InputScalarN: Removed unnecessary string id after the integer PushID() calls. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  49. f366828 Minor tweaks to reduce false positive of PVS Studio static analyzer. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  50. 5bdc7d7 Menus: Tweaked horizontal overlap between parent and child menu (to help convey relative depth) from using style.ItemSpacing.x to style.ItemInnerSpacing.x, the later being expected to be smaller. (#1086) by omar · 2 weeks ago
  51. e3dd95d Added IsItemActivated() as an extension to the IsItemDeactivated/IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit functions which are useful to implement variety of undo patterns. (#820, #956, #1875) by omar · 2 weeks ago
  52. c59611a InputText: Fixed redo buffer exhaustion handling (rare) which could corrupt the undo character buffer. (#2333) by omar · 2 weeks ago
  53. 97ed97b Plot: Register an ID to take the click the same way as other framed widgets. Set HoveredId in the FramePadding zone (between inner_bb and frame_bb). by omar · 2 weeks ago
  54. cef4e08 Internals: Selectable: Fixed rendering width miscalculation when starting pos is not line start pos, which would generally be unnoticeable. Could affect group lock X with a smaller SetCursorPos value but that's unlikely to be used. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  55. b8c24af Internals: EndGroup: Removed unnecesary parameter to ItemSize() by omar · 2 weeks ago
  56. 521470b Internals: Removed unnecessary code. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  57. 5a95c77 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ocornut/imgui by omar · 3 weeks ago
  58. b980e00 Tabs: Moved Tab List Popup to left-side to match docking button. Highlight selected tab. (#261, #351) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  59. d38f4dc Tabs: Non-docking tab bars are storing names to allow tab list button + whole style scaling. Added ImGuiTabBarFlags_TabListPopupButton flag to show a popup button on manual tab bars. Locking FramePadding for the scope of a tab-bar to avoid sheering/clipping of tab item. Made scaling of tab ellipsis less awkward. (#261, #351) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  60. d93e3c1 ImGuiTextBuffer: Fix size() to allow using ImGuiTextBuffer with resize(0) patterns. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  61. 65c972e Update README.md by omar · 3 weeks ago
  62. f7c879e RadioButton: Fixed label horizontal alignment to precisely match Checkbox(). + Internals: Checkbox, RadioButton: Single call to ItemSize() for flow layout purpose. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  63. 0b05ba1 Internals: DragScalar, SliderScalar: Calling ItemSize before ItemAdd as with every other widgets so we can more easily rearrange the signature of ItemXXX functions (toward allowing non-rounded sizes for scaling and flow layout). by omar · 3 weeks ago
  64. 8e44aac Fonts: Fixed crash if FontGlobalScale is zero. Correctly debug naming default font if not 13 px. Demo: Moved PopupRounding along with other rounding values. Metrics: Displaying indexes with idx to be correct / less misleading. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  65. c23a19c Internals: Exposed internal SetWindowPos to imgui_internal.h (for imgui-test) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  66. ac6d474 Removed io.DisplayVisibleMin/DisplayVisibleMax (which were marked obsolete and removed from viewport/docking branch already). by omar · 3 weeks ago
  67. 5fc6899 Examples: OpenGL3: Using GLSL 4.10 shaders for any GLSL version over 410 (e.g. 430, 450). (#2329) [@BrutPitt] by omar · 3 weeks ago
  68. 5cb7040 Internals: Tracking dummy select scope id (currently always zero) to facilitate merging of the range_select branch. (#1861) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  69. d5945aa Internals: Minor changes to TreeNodeBehavior() and Selectable() for the benefit of fhe range_select branch. (#1861) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  70. 0d4a2a2 Internals: Track ActiveIdHasBeenPressed (similar to ActiveIdHasBeenEdited). This is currently mostly for the benefit of the range_select branch. (#1861) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  71. 52a9f8b Merged from Docking branch: Various small changes, comments, typos fixes, moved blocks. To reduce overall drift. Should be no-op. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  72. 699e945 Merged from Docking branch: non-const ImVec2[] operator. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  73. 2d363fa Fixed doc typo (#2326) by Michael Savage · 3 weeks ago
  74. 16c0a02 Updating supporter list. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  75. 1fb57c9 Internals: InputScalarAsWidgetReplacement: Fixed seemingly unnecessary calling of SetActiveID/SetHoveredID every frame, which in turns allow us to remove the g.ActiveIdAllow/Block settings duplicated. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  76. fb4f1ff InputText: Fixed a bug where ESCAPE would be first captured by the Keyboard Navigation code. (#2321, #787) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  77. 158995f InputText: Fixed a bug where ESCAPE would not restore the initial value in all situations. (#2321) [@relick] by omar · 3 weeks ago
  78. 0a233a5 imgui-test: Added extra item info callbacks. Using nav_bb for interactions when possible. Comments, Demo tweaks. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  79. aacf993 ImStrncpy: Fixed -Wstringop-truncation warning on GCC8 (#2323) by Francisco Gallego · 3 weeks ago
  80. ed240c9 Demo: Fixed "Log" demo not initializing properly, leading to the first line not showing before a Clear. (#2318) [@bluescan] by omar · 4 weeks ago
  81. 8a4422b Fixed CloseCurrentPopup() on a child-menu of a modal incorrectly closing the modal. (#2308) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  82. 13ca2fe Silence XCode static analysis false positive (#2309) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  83. 8a60535 Replacing one of the third-party Python bindings. (#2312) by Marc-Alexandre Espiaut · 4 weeks ago
  84. b26ac92 Revert "Added PushID(size_t sz) helper (may not be useful/meaningful for non C/C++ languages)." by omar · 4 weeks ago
  85. f56d9b7 Nav: Removed unnecessary test (always failing). by omar · 4 weeks ago
  86. 4e8e177 Persistently fixing some PVS-Studio static analyzer false positive warnings. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  87. ee3b4f2 Using IM_UNUSED() macro. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  88. c3c2cd1 Fix various XCode and PVS-Studio static analyzer warnings (#2309) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  89. 20bc06a Added PushID(size_t sz) helper (may not be useful/meaningful for non C/C++ languages). by omar · 4 weeks ago
  90. e55678a Update README.md (changed e-mail address) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  91. a8277ca Reoder Python bindings by omar · 4 weeks ago
  92. c362a96 When resizing from an edge, the border is more visible and better follow the rounded corners. Border rendering moved to RenderOuterBorders so it can be called in a different order for docking. (#1495, #822) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  93. ab9cd44 Examples: DirectX9: Fix Clang warning. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  94. f14f93e Fixed range-version of PushID() and GetID() not honoring the ### operator to restart from the seed value. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  95. 28901dd Internals: Tweaks. Comments about PushID/GetID public function. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  96. f994b8a ImHash: Moved crc32 table out of the function so it can be shared, also avoid cases were compiler tries to makes its initialization thread-safe. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  97. 1e4cf67 avoid floating point exception when _EM_OVERFLOW is enabled (#2303) by Thomas Ruf · 5 weeks ago
  98. ea7206f Fixed using imgui_freetype.cpp in unity builds. (#2302) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  99. 54ba8a6 Removed trailing spaces from text files. (#2038, #2299) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  100. 00ffdb9 ImGuiTextBuffer: Added append() function (unformatted). by omar · 5 weeks ago