1. 6fdde67 Documentation, FAQ, todo tweaks by omar · 15 hours ago master
  2. 0e74103 ImDrawList: Add AddNgon(), AddNgonFilled() API. by Ben Carter · 2 days ago
  3. f9c26d2 Removed redirecting functions/enums that were marked obsolete in 1.53 (December 2017). by omar · 3 days ago
  4. e42c1e1 Exposed IMGUI_DEBUG_PARANOID in imconfig.h + using a #define with no value to match other uses in imconfig.h by omar · 3 days ago
  5. 697f15e Added PrimUnreserve() API. Obsoleted calling ImDrawList::PrimReserve() with a negative count. by Ben Carter · 3 days ago
  6. e4a59d0 TabItem: honor ImGuiTabItemFlags_NoCloseButton passed as parameter (although undocumented and part of private api) (#2923) by omar · 4 days ago
  7. f656e77 Inputs: Added ImGuiMouseButton enum for convenience (e.g. ImGuiMouseButton_Right=1). by omar · 5 days ago
  8. 6cbed03 Comments, clarified mouse button ordering. by omar · 5 days ago
  9. 03b7170 Backends: GLFW: Added workaround for people who use development version of GLFW which is older than commit that added required cursor support. (#2922) by Rokas Kupstys · 5 days ago
  10. 7ff13f4 Examples: Explicitly adding -DIMGUI_IMPL_OPENGL_LOADER_GL3W to Makefile to match linking settings by omar · 5 days ago
  11. b521cd3 Removed implicit default parameter to IsMouseDragging(int button = 0) to be consistent with other mouse functions. by omar · 5 days ago
  12. 6d9a54a Examples: Metal: Wrap main event loop body in an @autoreleasepool block to ensure allocations get freed even if underlying system event loop gets paused due to app nap (#2910, #2917) by Max Thrun · 6 days ago
  13. 8342e5b Amend previous commits (added ImGuiMouseCursor_NotAllowed enum + new cursors in GLFW 3.4) by omar · 6 days ago
  14. 945a509 Implement ImGuiMouseCursor_NotAllowed mouse cursor. by Rokas Kupstys · 6 days ago
  15. b5cad20 Implement new GLFW 3.4 resizing cursors. by Rokas Kupstys · 6 days ago
  16. abaf025 Version 1.75 WIP by omar · 12 days ago
  17. bf6d1ba CI: Add 32/64 bit build variations to builds with extra warnings. by Rokas Kupstys · 14 days ago
  18. 1742ca4 CI: Add unity builds test. (#2893) by Rokas Kupstys · 14 days ago
  19. a809208 Internal: Added unused parameter named to facilitate cimgui parsing of imgui_internal.h by omar · 14 days ago
  20. f60518b Update FAQ.md by omar · 2 weeks ago
  21. bdce833 Version 1.74 by omar · 2 weeks ago v1.74
  22. 26d177b Docs: Moved misc/fonts/README.txt to docs/FONTS.txt. + tweaks by omar · 2 weeks ago
  23. 1615e9e CI: Enable extended warnings in example_null builds. by Rokas Kupstys · 2 weeks ago
  24. bbe0409 Metrics: Show wire-frame mesh and approximate surface area when hovering ImDrawCmd. Amend aeb5795. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  25. aeb5795 Added area calculation for draw lists in metrics by Ben Carter · 2 weeks ago
  26. 0cb1c63 Demo: tweaked demo help section, reference to "Examples" and "Tools". Reference to Keyboard navigation. Removed some of the more "obvious/standard" controls. by omar · 2 weeks ago
  27. b205ab0 Internals: Added IM_ASSERT_PARANOID, IMGUI_DEBUG_PARANOID define. Shuffled a bit of the macros section in imgui_internal.h by omar · 3 weeks ago
  28. 51e2e9b ImVector: Added shrink() helper. ImFont::RenderText minor optimisation for debug build. Misc: Metrics shows tab names because we now have them. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  29. 51a02b3 Added IM_UNICODE_CODEPOINT_MAX. Changed specs of ImFontAtlas::AddCustomRectRegular() (breaking change). by omar · 3 weeks ago
  30. ca63349 Renamed XX-bits -> XX-bit in comments to match what the world appears to be using. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  31. a899c1e Internals: Using ImU64 for internal ImFile api so we can later wrap them to fseeko/ftello//_fseeki64/_ftelli64 (#2734) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  32. ecbedc8 Tweaks, ammend 93efa54, rename to IMGUI_DISABLE_DEFAULT_FORMAT_FUNCTIONS (#1038) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  33. 4e90906 Added IMGUI_DISABLE_DEFAULT_FILE_FUNCTIONS / IMGUI_DISABLE_FILE_FUNCTIONS #2734) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  35. 9efaf28 Doc comments. Removed .ini parsing code from 1.53 that parsed entries without the [Window] tag (which enabled importing an old .ini file) by omar · 3 weeks ago
  36. ca30ef4 Drag and drop: Increase local payload buffer from 8 to 16 bytes. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  37. 7e23209 Internals: Added GetWindowResizeID(), renamed GetScrollbarID() to GetWindowScrollbarID(). Using integer for resize ID so they matches regardless of the pointer size. by omar · 4 weeks ago
  38. 8f40020 Disable Win32 clipboard and IME functions when build target UWP (#2892, #2895) by Tracy Ma · 4 weeks ago
  39. be05e12 Misc: Using static_assert() when using C++11, instead of our own construct (avoid zealous Clang warnings). by omar · 4 weeks ago
  40. b23dcab Fix 25eee91 incorrect assert when ending a child-popup (rarely used but used by sub-nenus) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  41. be436e2 Fix HelpMarker() symbol collision for unity builds (#2893) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  42. 0385247 Internals: Routing recoverable user errors via IMGUI_USER_ERROR() macro. (#1651) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  43. 25eee91 Error handling: Assert if user mistakenly calls End() instead of EndChild() on a child window. (#1651) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  44. b138f8c Internal: Nav rename preparing for nav inputs ownership changes. IsNavInputPressed() -> IsNavInputTest() by omar · 4 weeks ago
  45. 7c441e3 CI: Update jobs to MacOS latest (Catalina) by omar · 4 weeks ago
  46. 6e8e2c0 Scrollbar: Fixed an issue where scrollbars wouldn't display on the frame following a frame where all child window contents would be culled. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  47. 57dc34f TreeNode: Added IsItemToggledOpen() to explicitly query if item was just open/closed, facilitating interactions with custom multi-selections patterns. (#1896, #1861) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  48. 011d475 TreeNode: The collapsing arrow accepts click even if modifier keys are being held, facilitating interactions with multi-select patterns. (#2886, #1896, #1861) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  49. 037126e TreeNode: Reworded code for ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_OpenOnArrow (follow up to f79b2d6c) to make it lightweight. Should be a no-op from user's point of view. Will facilitate using the arrow hovering information in the hot path. (#2886) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  50. d003674 Internals: Added ImChunkStream, used by window settings. (more generic followup to 4c13807, the class will be used more extensively by Tables) by omar · 5 weeks ago
  51. a337e21 Internals: ImPool: Renaming. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  52. 28f1d60 Internals: Renaming + added ImStrSkipBlank() from docking branch. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  53. 09b2310 Internals: Added index of helpers and shuffled a few things. by omar · 5 weeks ago
  54. 4c13807 Misc: Optimized storage of window settings data (reducing allocation count). by omar · 5 weeks ago
  55. 3929255 Examples: Emscripten: Removed BINARYEN_TRAP_MODE=clamp from Makefile which was removed in Emscripten 1.39.0 but required prior to 1.39.0, making life easier for absolutely no-one. (#2877, #2878) [@podsvirov] by omar · 5 weeks ago
  56. 916487a example_emscripten: skip outdated compiler option by Konstantin Podsvirov · 5 weeks ago
  57. bff2d5d Update README.md by omar · 5 weeks ago
  58. c918242 Normalize all the line endings. by Rokas Kupstys · 5 weeks ago
  59. c9ffa62 Add .gitattributes with rules for line endings of files. by Rokas Kupstys · 5 weeks ago
  60. bcd752c CI: Fix emscripten builds after portable SDK archive became unavailable. by Rokas Kupstys · 5 weeks ago
  61. 792a863 Metrics: Expose basic details of each window key/value state storage. by omar · 6 weeks ago
  62. 8fee5a4 Internals: Renaming for consistency. by omar · 6 weeks ago
  63. 5006639 CI: Add scheduled builds and limit some examples to build only on schedule in order to decrease time of builds performed on each push. by Rokas Kupstys · 6 weeks ago
  64. 5ebd4e4 CI: Install SDL SDK in windows workers and add SDL examples to the build. by Rokas Kupstys · 6 weeks ago
  65. a4420be CI: Split builds of examples into separate jobs. by Rokas Kupstys · 6 weeks ago
  66. 9f979c3 CI: Fix builds failing because of missing v140 toolset and SDK on dx12 sample. by Rokas Kupstys · 6 weeks ago
  67. d62a413 Misc: Windows: Do not use _wfopen() if IMGUI_DISABLE_WIN32_FUNCTIONS is defined. (#2815) by omar · 6 weeks ago
  68. 6bf5aed Declaration and assignment can be joined, Member function may be 'const'. (#2875) by stfx · 6 weeks ago
  69. c863c1f Clean up number rounding. Now it is more obvious what code is doing. (#2862) by Rokas Kupstys · 6 weeks ago
  70. 0b2d35f Fix snprintf and vsnprintf definition inconsistencies. by Sam Hocevar · 6 weeks ago
  71. 4e56de7 Doc: Promote Discord over Discourse. Obsoleting Discourse server. by omar · 7 weeks ago
  72. f002a11 Backends: OpenGL3: Fix building with pre-3.2 GL bindings which do not expose glDrawElementsBaseVertex(), using runtime GL version to decide if we set ImGuiBackendFlags_RendererHasVtxOffset. (#2866, #2852) [@dpilawa] by omar · 7 weeks ago
  73. 4d0c88e Backends: GL3: Fix compile for < 3.2 bindings where glDrawElementsBaseVertex is not available. (#2866, #2852) by dawid · 7 weeks ago
  74. 9b323a7 SplitterBehavior: not using FrameRounding in render (was in first commit of the function, not sure why). (#319) by omar · 7 weeks ago
  75. 3c238ec Move issue_template and pull_request_template to .github folder. by omar · 7 weeks ago
  76. d5b5a81 GitHub Actions CI script for Windows/Linux/MacOS/iOS/Emscripten builds. by Rokas Kupstys · 7 weeks ago
  77. 24e9a6e Remove .travis.yml due to switching to github actions. by Rokas Kupstys · 7 weeks ago
  78. ec0e953 Fixed a couple of subtle bounding box vertical positioning issues relating to text baseline alignment. by omar · 7 weeks ago
  79. 75d540d Example: Emscripten: Fix for compilation (filesystem module is required) (#2734) by Funto · 7 weeks ago
  80. be9f1e8 ColorPicker: Fixed SV triangle gradient to block (broken in 1.73). (#2864, #2711). [@lewa-j] by Alexey · 7 weeks ago
  81. 23c1ff4 Removed redirecting functions/enums names that were marked obsolete in 1.52 (October 2017). by omar · 7 weeks ago
  82. 048b73d Various comments + Doc: Examples readme. Moved main menu bar code below menu bar code. by omar · 7 weeks ago
  83. 7dbae8a Doc: Simplified Readme, removed FAQ index by omar · 7 weeks ago
  84. 6ffee0e Backends: DX12: Added extra ID3D12DescriptorHeap parameter to ImGui_ImplDX12_Init() function. The value is unused in master branch but will be used by the multi-viewport features (docking branch). (#2851) by omar · 8 weeks ago
  85. eedc8f9 Examples: DX12: Using IDXGIDebug1::ReportLiveObjects() when DX12_ENABLE_DEBUG_LAYER is enabled. by omar · 8 weeks ago
  86. 4de32cc Backends: GLFW: Restore previously installed user callbacks in ImplGlfw when ImGui shuts down (#2836) by malte-v · 8 weeks ago
  87. 714fe29 Replace manual flooring with IM_FLOOR() macro. (#2850) by Rokas Kupstys · 8 weeks ago
  88. 53278be FAQ, Readme. Use = {} instead of = { 0 }, wasn't problematic because they were all static variables or one stack array not read. But hey. by omar · 8 weeks ago
  89. 9994f5b Fixed more FAQ links, oops.. (#2848) by omar · 8 weeks ago
  90. 3bbc27e Fixed more FAQ links. (#2848) by omar · 8 weeks ago
  91. 5fc427a Improved and moved FAQ to docs/FAQ.md so it can be readable on the web. (#2848) by omar · 8 weeks ago
  92. 9d6b2b0 Ignore directories created by JetBrains IDEs. by Rokas Kupstys · 8 weeks ago
  93. 6892b81 Remove trailing spaces from bunch of files. by Rokas Kupstys · 8 weeks ago
  94. c21fdab Doc: Readme: moving contents to FAQ. by omar · 8 weeks ago
  95. a41f0b2 Inputs: Fixed a miscalculation in the keyboard/mouse "typematic" repeat delay/rate calculation, used by keys and e.g. repeating mouse buttons as well as the GetKeyPressedAmount() function. by omar · 8 weeks ago
  96. c7bdec7 InputText, Nav: Fixed Left!Right keys broken when activating Keyboard Navigation. (#787) Amend 892dfb1 by omar · 8 weeks ago
  97. 67e4cd5 Comments, some logging for NavInitRequest debugging Moved OpenPopupOnItemClick() next to BeginPopupContextItem() by omar · 8 weeks ago
  98. 8c4dcbf Diligent Engine by omar · 9 weeks ago
  99. 23eabd5 Emscripten by omar · 9 weeks ago
  100. 5841103 Bindings by omar · 9 weeks ago