1. cdf1926 Fix a typo in the demo text (#3840) by chirsz · 19 hours ago master
  2. 5aaab74 Update FAQ.md by omar · 20 hours ago
  3. 760c394 Added links to Discussions. Closed Discord, yeah! (#2748) by ocornut · 32 hours ago
  4. 3776ba5 Internals: TabBar: minor tweaks and renaming. by ocornut · 2 days ago
  5. 6f4b9c6 Added commentary about DLL boundaries. Added GetAllocatorFunctions(). Tidying up. (#3836) by ocornut · 2 days ago
  6. 3f5bb59 Examples: Fix MinGW detection in makefiles. Fix example_null build due to missing IME input libs. (#2590) by Rokas Kupstys · 2 days ago
  7. 9b32f7b Fix example_null Makefile for Mingw (#2590) by ocornut · 4 days ago
  8. edf135c Win32+MinGW: Re-enabled IME functions by default even under MinGW. (#2590, #738) by ocornut · 4 days ago
  9. ece8545 Log/Capture: Added LogTextV, a va_list variant of LogText. (#3828) by David Maas · 4 days ago
  10. a8f76c2 Window: Shrink close button hit-testing region when it covers an abnormally high portion of the window visible area (e.g. when window is collapsed and moved in a corner)to facilitate moving the window away. (#3825) by ocornut · 8 days ago
  11. 0ecdf81 DragScalar: Fixed crash when using DragScalar() directly with ImGuiSliderFlags_AlwaysClamp + only one of either p_min or p_max set. (#3824) [@harry75369] by ocornut · 8 days ago
  12. c154629 Backends: Win32: Added ImGui_ImplWin32_EnableAlphaCompositing() helper. (#2766, #3447) by ocornut · 8 days ago
  13. 6a161b8 Examples: Reworked setup of clear color to be compatible with transparent values. (#2693, #2764, #2766, #2873, #3447, #3813, #3816) by ocornut · 8 days ago
  14. bda12e5 Backends: Rework blending equation to preserve alpha in output buffer accross all backends. (#2693, #2764, #2766, #2873, #3447, #3813, #3816) by ocornut · 8 days ago
  15. 27a5bdb Backends: Win32: Fixed ImGui_ImplWin32_EnableDpiAwareness() attempting to get SetProcessDpiAwareness from shcore.dll on Windows 8 whereas it is only supported on Windows 8.1. by ocornut · 9 days ago
  16. fb15d8c Improve on automatic circle segment count calculation. (#3808) Amends by ocornut · 9 days ago
  17. f107693 Improve on automatic circle segment count calculation. (#3808) by thedmd · 9 days ago
  18. b47aa46 Tables: TableSetupColumn() user id uses ImGuiID as intended (typedef ImU32). internals: added GetCurrentTable(), LeftMostEnabledColumn. Demo/docs tweaks. by ocornut · 9 days ago
  19. 9576dfd CI: Use workflow_run to trigger scheduled builds and static analysis. by Rokas Kupstys · 10 days ago
  20. 30b7545 Version 1.82 WIP by ocornut · 11 days ago
  21. 61b1948 Made a change to CalcWindowSizeAfterConstraint() which MSVC optimizer seems to trip on. (read on) by ocornut · 14 days ago
  22. 4df5713 Version 1.81 by ocornut · 2 weeks ago v1.81
  23. 647a308 Backends: GLFW: Add ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitForOther() instead of ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitForWebGPU() so it can be used for e.g. DX11. (#3632) by ocornut · 2 weeks ago
  24. f14042c Viewports Added ImGui::GetMainViewport() as a way to get the bounds and work area of the host display. (#3789, #1542) by ocornut · 2 weeks ago
  25. 3b4d3a9 Simplify CI scripts (#3764) by Oleh Prypin · 2 weeks ago
  26. 56f7bda ImDrawList: Clarified PathArcTo() need for a_min <= a_max with an assert. Fixed PathArcToFast() handling of a_min > a_max. by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  27. 03038df ImDrawList: fix divide by zero (for which result was unused but triggering on some archs/setup) added by f144c67676 (#3738) by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  28. b898281 Demo: Added 'Examples->Fullscreen Window' demo. (#3789) + repack and zero-clear ImDrawData. by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  29. 58a0a70 Backends: Using SetTexID() consistently instead of assigning to ->TexID. May make the later obsolete eventually. by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  30. 82a9b59 Backend: webgpu: Fixes blending issue on Chrome 90+ and makes backend forward compatible with Emscripten 2.0.14 (#3632, #3770) by Basil Fierz · 3 weeks ago
  31. 03d74a2 ListBox: renamed ListBoxHeader>BeginListBox, ListBoxFooter>EndListBox. Added demo bits. by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  32. 6f6d4e0 ListBoxHeader: In version taking height in number of items, made vertical padding consistent regardless of if (items_count <= height_in_items) or not. by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  33. e5cbf60 ListBox: tweaked default height calculation. simplifying code internally (rework passing of full rect). Should have no visible side-effects + misc comments. by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  34. 90a518c Fixed typos (#3782) by freddii · 3 weeks ago
  35. d1a9efd InputText: Fixed slightly off ScrollX tracking, noticeable with large values of FramePadding.x. Multiline: Fixed padding/cliprect not matching single-line version. (#3781) by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  36. a3f0393 Menus: Fixed an issue with child-menu auto-sizing (issue introduced by 6af92b0) (#3779) by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  37. 929563c Log/Capture: Fixes for handling \n in strings. Improve the look of various widgets. Added LogSetNextTextDecoration helper. Fixup/amend dbaf74d75. by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  38. dbaf74d Log/Capture: Fix various new line/spacing issue by using same render text position when there are both RenderText and LogRenderedText call in widget code. by Louis Schnellbach · 3 weeks ago
  39. 9d576a9 Tables: added internal TableSetColumnEnabled() helper. Comments. by ocornut · 3 weeks ago
  40. 4dec436 SliderInt: Fixed click/drag when v_min==v_max from setting the value to zero. (#3774) by Erwin Coumans · 4 weeks ago
  41. 24be26e imgui_freetype: Add support for colored glyphs. Font: add support for untinted glyphs (#3369) by ocornut · 4 weeks ago
  42. 24aa665 imgui_freetype: add support for colored glyphs with ImGuiFreeTypeBuilderFlags_LoadColor (#3369) by Petr Shurgalin · 4 weeks ago
  43. 4622fa4 Fonts: Fixed CalcTextSize() width rounding so it behaves more like a ceil. (#3776) by ocornut · 4 weeks ago
  44. 9499afd imgui_freetype: clarify breaking changes, and add BuildFontAtlas() to be consistent with planned obsolescence. Rename mislabelled internal helper. Demo: clarify labels in nested table demo. (#3765) by ocornut · 4 weeks ago
  45. dff0044 Backends, Examples: Added support for WebGPU and corresponding example. Amend 5853fbd (#3632) by ocornut · 4 weeks ago
  46. 5853fbd Backends, Examples: Added support for WebGPU and corresponding example (#3632) by Basil Fierz · 4 weeks ago
  47. 6487860 Backends: Vulkan: Rework support for custom function/symbol loader (#3759, #3227), add ImGui_ImplVulkan_LoadFunctions (amend 6001c54) by ocornut · 4 weeks ago
  48. 6001c54 Backends: Vulkan: Support for custom function/symbol loader (#3759, #3227) by Hossein Noroozpour · 4 weeks ago
  49. 066406b Backends: OSX: Fix mouse position not being reported when mouse buttons other than left one are down. (#3762) by Rokas Kupstys · 4 weeks ago
  50. e28b517 Tables: Fixed PopItemWidth() or multi-components items not restoring per-colum ItemWidth correctly. (#3760) rework local stacks to facilitate modifying current value without altering the stack. by ocornut · 4 weeks ago
  51. 3867c6c Fonts: (Breaking) Rename ImGuiFreeType:: flags to ImGuiFreeTypeBuilderFlags_XXX. Remove ImGuiFreeType::BuildFontAtlas() flags. Rename ImFontConfig::RasterizerFlags to FontBuilderFlags. Add ImFontBuilderIO (opaque). Amend 53d59f3 with a dozen of small fixes. by ocornut · 4 weeks ago
  52. 9417acc Fonts: if IMGUI_ENABLE_FREETYPE, use library by default for font rasterization by Louis Schnellbach · 4 weeks ago
  53. 6b32d0e Fixed minor title bar text clipping issue when FramePadding is small/zero and there are no close button in the window. (#3731) by ocornut · 4 weeks ago
  54. a8d2d8e Fixed uninitialized variable, amend f3f2578. (#3753) by ocornut · 4 weeks ago
  55. f3f2578 Internals: Added context hook removal support (#3580, #3626, #3753) by Sammy Fatnassi · 4 weeks ago
  56. f139846 Backends: Win32: dynamically load XInput library (amends) (#3646, #3645, #3248, #2716) by ocornut · 5 weeks ago
  57. 633d103 Backends: Win32: dynamically load XInput library (#3646, #3645, #3248, #2716) by Kuanlan · 5 weeks ago
  58. 2ed47e5 Version 1.81 WIP by ocornut · 5 weeks ago
  59. 695a4bd Backends: Metal: Fixed texture storage mode when building on Mac Catalyst. (#3748) by Belinsky-L-V · 5 weeks ago
  60. f144c67 ImDrawList: fixed AddCircle, AddCircleFilled buffer read overflow with (rad > 0.0f && rad < 1.0f && num_segments == 0). (#3738) by ocornut · 5 weeks ago
  61. 58075c4 Version 1.80 by ocornut · 5 weeks ago v1.80
  62. 5178c3c Tables: added ImGuiTableFlags_NoHostExtendX instead of using outer_size.x == 0.0f. Changed default outer_size to (0.0f, 0.0f). (#3605) by ocornut · 5 weeks ago
  63. 3b409d2 BeginChild: half-fixed child window name longer than 255 conflicting, merely raised the limit by using our shared large buffer. Comments. by ocornut · 5 weeks ago
  64. 6737037 Tab Bar: fix 0ea4408 (#3414) by ocornut · 5 weeks ago
  65. 74b3b7c Added experimental io.ConfigDragClickToInputText feature to enable turning DragXXX widgets into text input with a simple mouse click-release (without moving). (#3737) by ocornut · 5 weeks ago
  66. dc0f3d9 DragFloat, DragInt: very slightly increased mouse drag threshold + expressing it as a factor of default value + disabled experimental click-to-input on DragXXX functions. (#3737) by ocornut · 5 weeks ago
  67. ae0d2dd Tables: rework submission of content size and ideal content size to outer window (now using IdealMaxPos introduced in 6af92b0). by ocornut · 5 weeks ago
  68. f379dc2 ImBitArray: Rename ClearBits() to ClearAllBits() and add SetAllBits(). ImBitArraySetBitRange work on range [n..n2) instead of [n..n2] by thedmd · 5 weeks ago
  69. 3fef132 Tables: Clear scroll value when reactivating scroll. Assert when passing width/weight to TableSetupColumn() without an explicit sizing policy at either table or column label. by ocornut · 5 weeks ago
  70. 0ea4408 Tab Bar: Requested ideal content size (for auto-fit) doesn't affect horizontal scrolling. Followup to afa01d8. (#3414) by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  71. 6af92b0 Internals: Layout: maintain two content sizes, optionally writing to IdealMaxPos to distinguish used from ideal size, later is used for auto-fit. Unused in this commit, should be no-op. (#3414) by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  72. 6470681 Use GitHub URL for Tracy Profiler. (#3721) by Bartosz Taudul · 6 weeks ago
  73. 4d419d1 Tables: fixed ColumnsAutoFitWidth for resizable fixed columns reporting ideal width. by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  74. 3e71263 Tables: more moving of code in EndTable(), should have no side-effect. by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  75. 626e3e2 Tables: fix reported inner-width for scrolling tables off by a small padding amount + moved code. by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  76. 3edfc04 Tables: Internals: Renaming, tweaks preparing ahead for trickier changes (should be all no-op). by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  77. 9e281c1 Tables: Fixed very small tables edge cases: inverted clip rect with freezing + scroll, missing borders. by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  78. b0db741 Demo tweaks. Moved Tabs to Widgets section. Added to Tables demo. Increased version following 00b35c08. by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  79. 00b35c0 Tables: (breaking) removed ImGuiTableColumnFlags_WidthAuto which now can be expressed as _Fixed + _NoResize. WidthRequest gets updated when RequestOutputMaskByIndex is set rather than Visible. by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  80. 8cea3e3 Tables: fixed border straying out of rect when using ImGuiTableFlags_NoBordersInBody with small height. by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  81. 002ba1a Tables: comments, tweak. CollapsingHeader: comments. (#3715) by ocornut · 6 weeks ago
  82. feaa7ea Examples: Emscripten: Amend ba636c5. (#3705) by ocornut · 7 weeks ago
  83. 0f14dd9 Examples: Emscripten: Add 'make serve' helper, move output to web/ folder. (#3705) by Horki · 7 weeks ago
  84. 31a2f0c Tables: fixed outer_width misreported to layout for use with SameLine when ScrollY is set but not ScrollX (#3704, #3414) by ocornut · 7 weeks ago
  85. e485d45 Backends: DX12: improve Windows 7 compatibility (#3696) by Matthijs Lavrijsen · 7 weeks ago
  86. 3653551 Backends: DX12: Fix warning (#3706). Disable obsolete Tables enums, leave them commented out. Using _MSVC_LANG to enable offsetof() and static_assert() on VS2015.3+ by ocornut · 7 weeks ago
  87. e18abe3 Tables: (Breaking) Added ImGuiTableFlags_SizingFixedSame, ImGuiTableFlags_SizingStretchProp. Removed ImGuiTableFlags_SameWidths. by ocornut · 7 weeks ago
  88. 0e3ba37 Tables: Tidying up. Shuffle some columns fields to facilitate debugging + comments + demo tweaks + metrics highlight. by ocornut · 7 weeks ago
  89. 414f822 Tables: (Breaking) rename ImGuiTableFlags_SizingPolicyFixed > ImGuiTableFlags_SizingFixedFit, ImGuiTableFlags_SizingPolicyStretch > ImGuiTableFlags_SizingStretchSame in prevision for new policies. by ocornut · 7 weeks ago
  90. 8b5f379 Tables: Moved demo chunks. Made right-most non-resizable same-width column hidden to alleviate the issue where they are off by 1 pixel. by ocornut · 7 weeks ago
  91. 94a4322 ImDrawList: Internals: Add ability to scale anti-alias fringe. This enable users to keep geometry sharp while scaling vertex buffer content. by thedmd · 7 weeks ago
  92. 9bcf77e Fixed using IsItemEdited() after Combo() not matching the return value from Combo(). (#2034) + fix some PVS warnings, fix typo, blanks. by ocornut · 8 weeks ago
  93. 7d5d571 Backends: OpenGL2, OpenGL3: Backup and restore GL_SHADE_MODAL, GL_STENCIL_TEST, clear GL_NORMAL_ARRAY. Comments., (#3671, #3668) by ocornut · 8 weeks ago
  94. 0a5f399 Tables: Fix hiding column right after the frozen line. Fix hovering/resising column delimiter scrolled under frozen columns. (#3678) by ocornut · 8 weeks ago
  95. 1c1d3b7 Added 64-bit variants of CheckboxFlags() in imgui_internal.h. Improve assert on mismatched ListBoxFooter() call. Fix FAQ index. (#3687) by ocornut · 8 weeks ago
  96. 8ec5daf Happy new year! by ocornut · 8 weeks ago
  97. fa963b9 Inputs: Internal: added SetItemUsingMouseWheel() and mechanism to request mouse wheel for both HoveredId and ActiveId. (#2891) by ocornut · 9 weeks ago
  98. eb88fee Tables: internal tidying up, calculate WidthAuto in first loop of layout + TableSetupColumn() with unspecified stretch weight leaves it at -1.0f (unset) rather than overrding default. Amend 3b3503e. by ocornut · 9 weeks ago
  99. 68faa16 Tables: report auto-fit width in EndTable(), extracted TableGetColumnWidthAuto(). fix minor flickering with IsPreserveWidthAuto (which is a debug feature still), moved some code. by ocornut · 9 weeks ago
  100. 3573195 Tables: (breaking) rename ImGuiTableFlags_ColumnsWidthStretch > ImGuiTableFlags_SizingPolicyStretch, ImGuiTableFlags_ColumnsWidthFixed > ImGuiTableFlags_SizingPolicyFixed in prevision for other policies. by ocornut · 9 weeks ago