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  1. cb538fa Internals: Storing settings using ImVec2ih to match what we are doing with dock node. + removed ImMax from reading Size value (done in Begin) + removed seemingly unnecessary FLT_MAX compare in SettingsHandlerWindow_WriteAll. by omar · 7 hours ago master
  2. c4ff1b3 ImDrawList: clarified the name of many parameters so reading the code is a little easier. (#2740) by omar · 26 hours ago
  3. 3fb5cf3 Using offsetof() when available in C++11. Avoids Clang sanitizer complaining about old-style macros. (#94) by omar · 27 hours ago
  4. c4b0bf7 More typos in comments (#2738) by omar · 32 hours ago
  5. a856c67 TabBar: fixed single-tab not shrinking their width down. by omar · 32 hours ago
  6. a33cedd Internals: Renaming window size calc functions. by omar · 4 days ago
  7. 7abd41b TabBar: fixed ScrollToBar request creating bouncing loop when tab is larger than available space. by omar · 4 days ago
  8. 9fce278 ColorPicker: Made rendering aware of global style alpha of the picker can be faded out. (#2711) by omar · 7 days ago
  9. 88bf056 Removing Funding file (unnecessary as we'll switch services) by omar · 8 days ago
  10. 7d2cfa6 Create FUNDING.yml by omar · 8 days ago
  11. 2e756d5 Explicit narrowing cast from size_t to UINT (#2726) by Matthias Moulin · 11 days ago
  12. 62143df Backends: Vulkan: Added support for specifying multisample count. (#2705, #2706) by Vilya Harvey · 3 weeks ago
  13. 6cf4743 Backends: DX11: Fixed GSGetShader() call not passing an initialized instance count, would generally make the debug layer complain (Added in 1.72). by omar · 3 weeks ago
  14. f624455 Version 1.73 WIP by omar · 3 weeks ago
  15. 9bd7846 Internal: Made ScrollToBringRectIntoView() handle recursing back to scroll parent window, so the function can be called elsewhere (instead of 1 deep recursion done in NavUpdateMoveResult(). by omar · 3 weeks ago
  16. 6a0d0da Version 1.72b (patch for nav) by omar · 3 weeks ago v1.72b
  17. 27079e6 Nav: Made hovering non-MenuItem Selectable not re-assign the source item for keyboard navigation. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  18. 4cfaf7d Scrolling, Nav: Fixed programmatic scroll leading to a slightly incorrect scroll offset when the window has decorations or a menu-bar (broken in 1.71). This was mostly noticeable when a keyboard/gamepad movement led to scrolling the view, or using e.g. SetScrollHereY() function. Fix/amend a0994d74. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  19. 3548fb8 Internal refactor: moved all Scroll related functions in a same spot. by omar · 3 weeks ago
  20. 1b1e539 Internal: Moved NavScrollToBringItemIntoView() declaration to imgui_internal.h. Fixed spacing missing in 494d804. Fixed changelog wreck from 1.72. by omar · 3 weeks ago