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Simple DirectMedia Layer
Copyright (C) 1997-2020 Sam Lantinga <>
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warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages
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#ifndef SDL_syssensor_c_h_
#define SDL_syssensor_c_h_
#include "SDL_config.h"
/* This is the system specific header for the SDL sensor API */
#include "SDL_sensor.h"
#include "SDL_sensor_c.h"
/* The SDL sensor structure */
struct _SDL_Sensor
SDL_SensorID instance_id; /* Device instance, monotonically increasing from 0 */
char *name; /* Sensor name - system dependent */
SDL_SensorType type; /* Type of the sensor */
int non_portable_type; /* Platform dependent type of the sensor */
float data[16]; /* The current state of the sensor */
struct _SDL_SensorDriver *driver;
struct sensor_hwdata *hwdata; /* Driver dependent information */
int ref_count; /* Reference count for multiple opens */
struct _SDL_Sensor *next; /* pointer to next sensor we have allocated */
typedef struct _SDL_SensorDriver
/* Function to scan the system for sensors.
* sensor 0 should be the system default sensor.
* This function should return 0, or -1 on an unrecoverable fatal error.
int (*Init)(void);
/* Function to return the number of sensors available right now */
int (*GetCount)(void);
/* Function to check to see if the available sensors have changed */
void (*Detect)(void);
/* Function to get the device-dependent name of a sensor */
const char *(*GetDeviceName)(int device_index);
/* Function to get the type of a sensor */
SDL_SensorType (*GetDeviceType)(int device_index);
/* Function to get the platform dependent type of a sensor */
int (*GetDeviceNonPortableType)(int device_index);
/* Function to get the current instance id of the sensor located at device_index */
SDL_SensorID (*GetDeviceInstanceID)(int device_index);
/* Function to open a sensor for use.
The sensor to open is specified by the device index.
It returns 0, or -1 if there is an error.
int (*Open)(SDL_Sensor * sensor, int device_index);
/* Function to update the state of a sensor - called as a device poll.
* This function shouldn't update the sensor structure directly,
* but instead should call SDL_PrivateSensorUpdate() to deliver events
* and update sensor device state.
void (*Update)(SDL_Sensor * sensor);
/* Function to close a sensor after use */
void (*Close)(SDL_Sensor * sensor);
/* Function to perform any system-specific sensor related cleanup */
void (*Quit)(void);
} SDL_SensorDriver;
/* The available sensor drivers */
extern SDL_SensorDriver SDL_ANDROID_SensorDriver;
extern SDL_SensorDriver SDL_COREMOTION_SensorDriver;
extern SDL_SensorDriver SDL_WINDOWS_SensorDriver;
extern SDL_SensorDriver SDL_DUMMY_SensorDriver;
#endif /* SDL_syssensor_h_ */
/* vi: set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab: */