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Simple DirectMedia Layer
Copyright (C) 1997-2020 Sam Lantinga <>
This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied
warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages
arising from the use of this software.
Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose,
including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it
freely, subject to the following restrictions:
1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not
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2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be
misrepresented as being the original software.
3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.
#ifndef SDL_joystick_c_h_
#define SDL_joystick_c_h_
#include "../SDL_internal.h"
/* Useful functions and variables from SDL_joystick.c */
#include "SDL_gamecontroller.h"
#include "SDL_joystick.h"
struct _SDL_JoystickDriver;
/* Initialization and shutdown functions */
extern int SDL_JoystickInit(void);
extern void SDL_JoystickQuit(void);
/* Function to get the next available joystick instance ID */
extern SDL_JoystickID SDL_GetNextJoystickInstanceID(void);
/* Initialization and shutdown functions */
extern int SDL_GameControllerInitMappings(void);
extern void SDL_GameControllerQuitMappings(void);
extern int SDL_GameControllerInit(void);
extern void SDL_GameControllerQuit(void);
/* Function to get the joystick driver and device index for an API device index */
extern SDL_bool SDL_GetDriverAndJoystickIndex(int device_index, struct _SDL_JoystickDriver **driver, int *driver_index);
/* Function to return the device index for a joystick ID, or -1 if not found */
extern int SDL_JoystickGetDeviceIndexFromInstanceID(SDL_JoystickID instance_id);
/* Function to extract information from an SDL joystick GUID */
extern void SDL_GetJoystickGUIDInfo(SDL_JoystickGUID guid, Uint16 *vendor, Uint16 *product, Uint16 *version);
/* Function to standardize the name for a controller
This should be freed with SDL_free() when no longer needed
extern char *SDL_CreateJoystickName(Uint16 vendor, Uint16 product, const char *vendor_name, const char *product_name);
/* Function to return the type of a controller */
extern SDL_GameControllerType SDL_GetJoystickGameControllerTypeFromGUID(SDL_JoystickGUID guid, const char *name);
extern SDL_GameControllerType SDL_GetJoystickGameControllerType(const char *name, Uint16 vendor, Uint16 product, int interface_number, int interface_class, int interface_subclass, int interface_protocol);
/* Function to return whether a joystick is a Nintendo Switch Pro controller */
extern SDL_bool SDL_IsJoystickNintendoSwitchProInputOnly(Uint16 vendor_id, Uint16 product_id);
/* Function to return whether a joystick is a Steam Controller */
extern SDL_bool SDL_IsJoystickSteamController(Uint16 vendor_id, Uint16 product_id);
/* Function to return whether a joystick guid comes from the XInput driver */
extern SDL_bool SDL_IsJoystickXInput(SDL_JoystickGUID guid);
/* Function to return whether a joystick guid comes from the WGI driver */
extern SDL_bool SDL_IsJoystickWGI(SDL_JoystickGUID guid);
/* Function to return whether a joystick guid comes from the HIDAPI driver */
extern SDL_bool SDL_IsJoystickHIDAPI(SDL_JoystickGUID guid);
/* Function to return whether a joystick guid comes from the RAWINPUT driver */
extern SDL_bool SDL_IsJoystickRAWINPUT(SDL_JoystickGUID guid);
/* Function to return whether a joystick guid comes from the Virtual driver */
extern SDL_bool SDL_IsJoystickVirtual(SDL_JoystickGUID guid);
/* Function to return whether a joystick should be ignored */
extern SDL_bool SDL_ShouldIgnoreJoystick(const char *name, SDL_JoystickGUID guid);
/* Function to return whether a joystick name and GUID is a game controller */
extern SDL_bool SDL_IsGameControllerNameAndGUID(const char *name, SDL_JoystickGUID guid);
/* Function to return whether a game controller should be ignored */
extern SDL_bool SDL_ShouldIgnoreGameController(const char *name, SDL_JoystickGUID guid);
/* Handle delayed guide button on a game controller */
extern void SDL_GameControllerHandleDelayedGuideButton(SDL_Joystick *joystick);
/* Internal event queueing functions */
extern void SDL_PrivateJoystickAdded(SDL_JoystickID device_instance);
extern void SDL_PrivateJoystickRemoved(SDL_JoystickID device_instance);
extern int SDL_PrivateJoystickAxis(SDL_Joystick * joystick,
Uint8 axis, Sint16 value);
extern int SDL_PrivateJoystickBall(SDL_Joystick * joystick,
Uint8 ball, Sint16 xrel, Sint16 yrel);
extern int SDL_PrivateJoystickHat(SDL_Joystick * joystick,
Uint8 hat, Uint8 value);
extern int SDL_PrivateJoystickButton(SDL_Joystick * joystick,
Uint8 button, Uint8 state);
extern void SDL_PrivateJoystickBatteryLevel(SDL_Joystick * joystick,
SDL_JoystickPowerLevel ePowerLevel);
/* Internal sanity checking functions */
extern SDL_bool SDL_PrivateJoystickValid(SDL_Joystick * joystick);
typedef enum
EMappingKind_None = 0,
EMappingKind_Button = 1,
EMappingKind_Axis = 2,
EMappingKind_Hat = 3
} EMappingKind;
typedef struct _SDL_InputMapping
EMappingKind kind;
Uint8 target;
} SDL_InputMapping;
typedef struct _SDL_GamepadMapping
SDL_InputMapping a;
SDL_InputMapping b;
SDL_InputMapping x;
SDL_InputMapping y;
SDL_InputMapping back;
SDL_InputMapping guide;
SDL_InputMapping start;
SDL_InputMapping leftstick;
SDL_InputMapping rightstick;
SDL_InputMapping leftshoulder;
SDL_InputMapping rightshoulder;
SDL_InputMapping dpup;
SDL_InputMapping dpdown;
SDL_InputMapping dpleft;
SDL_InputMapping dpright;
SDL_InputMapping leftx;
SDL_InputMapping lefty;
SDL_InputMapping rightx;
SDL_InputMapping righty;
SDL_InputMapping lefttrigger;
SDL_InputMapping righttrigger;
} SDL_GamepadMapping;
/* Function to get autodetected gamepad controller mapping from the driver */
extern SDL_bool SDL_PrivateJoystickGetAutoGamepadMapping(int device_index,
SDL_GamepadMapping *out);
#endif /* SDL_joystick_c_h_ */
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