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Simple DirectMedia Layer
Copyright (C) 1997-2020 Sam Lantinga <>
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warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages
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#include "../SDL_internal.h"
/* RIFF WAVE files are little-endian */
/* Define values for Microsoft WAVE format */
/* FOURCC */
#define RIFF 0x46464952 /* "RIFF" */
#define WAVE 0x45564157 /* "WAVE" */
#define FACT 0x74636166 /* "fact" */
#define LIST 0x5453494c /* "LIST" */
#define BEXT 0x74786562 /* "bext" */
#define JUNK 0x4B4E554A /* "JUNK" */
#define FMT 0x20746D66 /* "fmt " */
#define DATA 0x61746164 /* "data" */
/* Format tags */
#define UNKNOWN_CODE 0x0000
#define PCM_CODE 0x0001
#define MS_ADPCM_CODE 0x0002
#define IEEE_FLOAT_CODE 0x0003
#define ALAW_CODE 0x0006
#define MULAW_CODE 0x0007
#define IMA_ADPCM_CODE 0x0011
#define MPEG_CODE 0x0050
#define MPEGLAYER3_CODE 0x0055
/* Stores the WAVE format information. */
typedef struct WaveFormat
Uint16 formattag; /* Raw value of the first field in the fmt chunk data. */
Uint16 encoding; /* Actual encoding, possibly from the extensible header. */
Uint16 channels; /* Number of channels. */
Uint32 frequency; /* Sampling rate in Hz. */
Uint32 byterate; /* Average bytes per second. */
Uint16 blockalign; /* Bytes per block. */
Uint16 bitspersample; /* Currently supported are 8, 16, 24, 32, and 4 for ADPCM. */
/* Extra information size. Number of extra bytes starting at byte 18 in the
* fmt chunk data. This is at least 22 for the extensible header.
Uint16 extsize;
/* Extensible WAVE header fields */
Uint16 validsamplebits;
Uint32 samplesperblock; /* For compressed formats. Can be zero. Actually 16 bits in the header. */
Uint32 channelmask;
Uint8 subformat[16]; /* A format GUID. */
} WaveFormat;
/* Stores information on the fact chunk. */
typedef struct WaveFact {
/* Represents the state of the fact chunk in the WAVE file.
* Set to -1 if the fact chunk is invalid.
* Set to 0 if the fact chunk is not present
* Set to 1 if the fact chunk is present and valid.
* Set to 2 if samplelength is going to be used as the number of sample frames.
Sint32 status;
/* Version 1 of the RIFF specification calls the field in the fact chunk
* dwFileSize. The Standards Update then calls it dwSampleLength and specifies
* that it is 'the length of the data in samples'. WAVE files from Windows
* with this chunk have it set to the samples per channel (sample frames).
* This is useful to truncate compressed audio to a specific sample count
* because a compressed block is usually decoded to a fixed number of
* sample frames.
Uint32 samplelength; /* Raw sample length value from the fact chunk. */
} WaveFact;
/* Generic struct for the chunks in the WAVE file. */
typedef struct WaveChunk
Uint32 fourcc; /* FOURCC of the chunk. */
Uint32 length; /* Size of the chunk data. */
Sint64 position; /* Position of the data in the stream. */
Uint8 *data; /* When allocated, this points to the chunk data. length is used for the malloc size. */
size_t size; /* Number of bytes in data that could be read from the stream. Can be smaller than length. */
} WaveChunk;
/* Controls how the size of the RIFF chunk affects the loading of a WAVE file. */
typedef enum WaveRiffSizeHint {
} WaveRiffSizeHint;
/* Controls how a truncated WAVE file is handled. */
typedef enum WaveTruncationHint {
} WaveTruncationHint;
/* Controls how the fact chunk affects the loading of a WAVE file. */
typedef enum WaveFactChunkHint {
} WaveFactChunkHint;
typedef struct WaveFile
WaveChunk chunk;
WaveFormat format;
WaveFact fact;
/* Number of sample frames that will be decoded. Calculated either with the
* size of the data chunk or, if the appropriate hint is enabled, with the
* sample length value from the fact chunk.
Sint64 sampleframes;
void *decoderdata; /* Some decoders require extra data for a state. */
WaveRiffSizeHint riffhint;
WaveTruncationHint trunchint;
WaveFactChunkHint facthint;
} WaveFile;
/* vi: set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab: */