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Release process
1. Check CI
* Travis:
* AppVeyor:
2. Bump ABI version as appropriate (see the docs on versioning). This happens
in src/nn.h, check links there on which numbers to update.
3. Bump the version in the .version file, such as 0.10-beta or 1.0 or
whatever. This should match the tag you are going to use.
4. Commit and push both of the above changes back to the public repo.
5. Tag the new version, e.g. git tag -a 0.3-beta. (Make sure to use -a
to create an annotated tag.)
6. Push the tag to the repo, e.g. git push origin 0.3-beta.
7. Wait a little bit for Travis CI to build, and create artifacts.
(Travis does this automatically for tagged releases.)
8. Also check the AppVeyor CI again just to be sure.
9. Check the github releases page - a release for the tag should have
already been created with artifacts ready to download.
10. Upload the "download" page on the website (see gh-pages branch of the
repo). The only thing that needs to be updated is the LATEST RELEASE
number and date.
11. In online docs (gh-pages) make a new folder (e.g. v0.3) and copy the HTML
docs (*.html from build directory) there.
12. Link the docs from "documentation.html" page.
13. Send the announcement about the release. These commands might be useful:
git log --oneline 0.2-alpha..0.3-beta | wc -l
git diff -U0 0.2-alpha..0.3-beta AUTHORS
14. Update the topic in the chatroom accordingly.