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# Additional editing of Makefiles
/(echo[ ]*':t/ a\
# DJGPP specific Makefile changes.\
/^aliaspath * *=/s,:,";",g;t t\
/TEXINPUTS=/s,:,";",g;t t\
/PATH=/s,:,";",g;t t\
s,\\.deps,_deps,g;t t\
s,\\.libs,_libs,g;t t\
s,\\.new\\.,_new.,g;t t\
s,\\.old\\.,_old.,g;t t\
s,\\.tab\\.,_tab.,g;t t\
/^docdir * *=/s,/doc/,/gnudocs/,;t t\
s,config\\.h\\.in,config.h-in,g;t t\
s,\\.\\([1-9]\\)\\.html,.\\1-html,g;t t\
s,\\.html,-html,g;t t\
s,/doc,/gnudocs,g;t t\
s,libcharset\\.h\\.in,libcharset.h-in,g;t t\
s,localcharset\\.h\\.in,localcharset.h-in,g;t t\
s,Makefile\\.in\\.in,,g;t t\
s,Makefile\\.am\\.in,,g;t t\
/^lispdir * *=/ c\\\
lispdir = \$(prefix)/gnu/emacs/site-lisp\
/^install-info-am:/,/^$/ s,file-\\[0-9\\]\\[0-9\\],& \\$\\$file[0-9] \\$\\$file[0-9][0-9],\
/^\\.y\\.c:/,/^$/ {\
/\\\$(YACC)/ {\
s,[ ]*&&.*$,,\
-mv -f y_tab.c \$*.c\\\
-@test -f && mv -f \$*.c\\\
-@test -f && mv -f y_tab.h\
# Rename into config.h-in
/^[ ]*ac_config_headers=/,/^_ACEOF/ {
/CONFIG_HEADERS=/ s|config\.h\.in|&:config.h-in|2
# We always use _deps and _libs instead of .deps and .libs, because
# the latter is an invalid name on 8+3 MS-DOS filesystem. This makes
# the generated Makefiles good for every DJGPP installation, not only
# the one where the package was configured (which could happen to be
# a Windows box, where leading dots in file names are allowed).
/^rmdir[ ]*\.tst/ i\
# Replace (command) > /dev/null with `command > /dev/null`, since
# parenthesized commands always return zero status in the ported Bash,
# even if the named command doesn't exist
/if ([^|;`]*null/{
/null[ ]*2>&1/ s,2>&1,&`,
/null.*null/ s,null.*null,&`,
/null.*null/ !{
/null[ ]*2>&1/ !s,null,&`,
# DOS-style absolute file names should be supported as well
/\*) srcdir=/s,/\*,[\\\\/]* | [A-z]:[\\\\/]*,
/\$]\*) INSTALL=/s,\[/\$\]\*,[\\\\/$]* | [A-z]:[\\\\/]*,
/\$]\*) ac_rel_source=/s,\[/\$\]\*,[\\\\/$]* | [A-z]:[\\\\/]*,
# Switch the order of the two Sed commands, since DOS path names
# could include a colon
/ac_file_inputs=/s,\( -e "s%\^%\$ac_given_srcdir/%"\)\( -e "s%:% $ac_given_srcdir/%g"\),\2\1,
# Prevent the spliting of conftest.subs.
# The sed script: conftest.subs is split into 48 or 90 lines long files.
# This will produce sed scripts called conftest.s1, conftest.s2, etc.
# that will not work if conftest.subs contains a multi line sed command
# at line #90. In this case the first part of the sed command will be the
# last line of conftest.s1 and the rest of the command will be the first lines
# of conftest.s2. So both script will not work properly.
# This matches the configure script produced by Autoconf 2.57
/ac_max_sed_lines=[0-9]/ s,=.*$,=`sed -n "$=" $tmp/subs.sed`,
# The following two items are changes needed for configuring
# and compiling across partitions.
# 1) The given srcdir value is always translated from the
# "x:" syntax into "/dev/x" syntax while we run configure.
/^[ ]*-srcdir=\*.*$/ a\
ac_optarg=`echo "$ac_optarg" | sed "s,^\\([A-Za-z]\\):,/dev/\\1,"`
/set X `ls -Lt \$srcdir/ i\
if `echo $srcdir | grep "^/dev/" - > /dev/null`; then\
srcdir=`echo "$srcdir" | sed -e "s%^/dev/%%" -e "s%/%:/%"`\
# 2) We need links across partitions,
# so we will use "cp -pf" instead of "ln".
/# Make a symlink if possible; otherwise try a hard link./,/EOF/ {
s,;.*then, 2>/dev/null || cp -pf \$srcdir/\$ac_source \$ac_dest&,
# Autoconf 2.52e generated configure scripts
# write absolute paths into Makefiles making
# them useless for DJGPP installations for which
# the package has not been configured for.
/MISSING=/,/^$/ {
/^fi$/ a\
am_missing_run=`echo "$am_missing_run" | sed 's%/dev.*/libicharset-[0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9]*%${top_srcdir}%'`
install_sh=`echo "$install_sh" | sed 's%/dev.*/libicharset-[0-9]\\{1,1\\}[-.0-9]*%${top_srcdir}%'`
# The following makes sure we are not going to remove a directory
# which is the cwd on its drive (DOS doesn't allow to remove such
# a directory). The trick is to chdir to the root directory on
# temp directory's drive before removing $tmp.
/^[ ]*trap[ ]*'exit_status=\$\?;[ ]*rm[ ]*-rf/ s%rm -rf%cd $tmp; cd /; &%
# AC_CONFIG_LINKS fails if the source and destination are on
# different file systems and symlinks don't work.
/^ ln \$srcdir/s%||%|| cp -pf $srcdir/$ac_source $ac_dest ||%
# Add DJGPP version information.
/^[ ]*VERSION=/ s/\([0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]\)/\1 (DJGPP port 2006-03-21 (r1))/
# We need makeinfo to make the html formated docs.
/\$am_missing_run[ ]*makeinfo/ s,\$am_missing_run,,
# The path to the FORTRAN compiler and libraries
# shall contain no absolute path reference so it
# will be good for all djgpp installations.
/^FLIBS="\$ac_cv_flibs"/ i\
ac_djgpp_path=`echo "$DJDIR" | sed 's%\\\\\\%/%g' | tr $as_cr_LETTERS $as_cr_letters`\
ac_cv_flibs=`echo "$ac_cv_flibs" | sed "s%-L$ac_djgpp_path%-L/dev/env/DJDIR%g"`
# Let libtool use _libs all the time.