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Installation on OS/2:
- Port done by Akira Hatakeyama <>, see
- Requires emx+gcc, recommend emx-0.9d with fix03 or newer.
Also requires a few GNU utilities to be installed: GNU fileutils (cp, mv,
rm, ...), GNU textutils (cat, cmp, uniq, ...), GNU sed, GNU make.
- Cannot build in a separate directory.
- Build instructions:
No configure script needs to be run. Just
make -f Makefile.os2 all
Checking it:
make -f Makefile.os2 check
- Installation:
make -f Makefile.os2 install prefix="X:/emx"
The prefix option specifies where you have EMX installed and wish the
iconv library and headers to be installed.
This will install
* an include file $(prefix)/include/iconv.h
* a DLL $(prefix)/dll/iconv.dll
* an import library for .o (use without "-Zomf") $(prefix)/lib/iconv.a
* an import library for .obj (use with "-Zomf") $(prefix)/lib/iconv.lib
* a few manual pages $(prefix)/man/man3/iconv*.3
- Use:
Your main program should include <iconv.h> when using the iconv* functions.
If you compile as .o (no "-Zomf"), link with iconv.a.
If you compile as .obj (with "-Zomf"), link with iconv.lib.
The DLL was built with "-Zmt -Zcrtdll" options. So your main program must
be built with "-Zmt -Zcrtdll" as well (or the shorthand "-Zmtd").