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2011-06-04 Bruno Haible <>
* iconv_string.c (iconv_string): Treat incomplete byte sequence like
invalid byte sequence.
Reported by shosas at <>.
2003-05-10 Bruno Haible <>
* iconv_string.c (iconv_string): Don't return -1 just because the
string is longer than 4 KB.
2002-02-13 Bruno Haible <>
* iconv.m4: Remove file. Obsoleted by m4/iconv.m4.
2000-06-16 Bruno Haible <>
* iconv.m4: Change prefix to AM.
2001-05-23 Bruno Haible <>
* iconv.m4 (jm_ICONV): Accept --with-libiconv-prefix option.
2001-03-23 Bruno Haible <>
* iconv.m4 (jm_ICONV): Tweak printing of prototype.
2001-03-20 Bruno Haible <>
* iconv.m4 (jm_ICONV): Recommend GNU libiconv.
2001-01-03 Bruno Haible <>
* iconv.m4 (jm_ICONV): Also check whether the iconv declaration
has const.
2000-02-02 Bruno Haible <>
* iconv.m4: New file.
2001-01-29 Bruno Haible <>
* locale_charset.c: Remove file. Obsoleted by libcharset.
2000-10-22 Bruno Haible <>
* locale_charset.c (get_locale_charset): Accept french and spanish
names in both ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8.
2000-08-24 Jim Blackson <>
* iconv_string.c (iconv_string): Fix return value for autodetect.
2000-01-24 Bruno Haible <>
* iconv_string.c (iconv_string): Stop recognizing JOHAB.
Fix typo for EUC-JP.
1999-12-18 Bruno Haible <>
* locale_charset.c (get_locale_charset): Recognize more language codes:
"af" (afrikaans), "ca" (catalan), "eu" (basque), "fo" (faeroese),
"ga" (irish), "gd" (scottish), "gl" (galician), "sq" (albanian),
"eo" (esperanto), "mt" (maltese), "be" (byelorussian),
"et" (estonian), "lt" (lithuanian), "lv" (latvian), "uk" (ukrainian).
Recognize more aliases: "english", "slovenian", "macedonian",
"serbian", "arabic".
Change default: KOI8-R for "ru" (russian) instead of ISO-8859-5,
ISO-8859-5 for "sr" instead of ISO-8859-2.