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New in 1.2:
* Added UTF-16BE and UTF16-LE converters.
* Changed the UTF-16 encoder.
* Fixed the treatment of tab characters in the UTF-7 converter.
* Fixed an internal error when output buffer was not large enough.
New in 1.1:
* Added ISO-8859-16 converter.
* Added CP932 converter, a variant of SHIFT-JIS.
* Added CP949 converter, a variant of EUC-KR.
* Improved the ISO-2022-CN-EXT converter: It now covers the ISO-IR-165 range.
* Updated the ISO-8859-8 conversion table.
* The JOHAB encoding is deprecated and not documented any more.
* Fixed two build problems: 1. "make -n check" failed. 2. When libiconv was
already installed, "make" failed.
New in 1.0:
* Added transliteration facilities.
* Added a test suite.
* Fixed the iconv(3) manual page and function: the return value was not
described correctly.
* Fixed a bug in the CP1258 decoder: invalid bytes now yield EILSEQ instead of
* Fixed a bug in the Georgian-PS encoder: accept U+00E6.
* Fixed a bug in the EUC-JP encoder: reject 0x8E5C and 0x8E7E.
* Fixed a bug in the KSC5601 and JOHAB converters: they recognized some Hangul
characters at some invalid code positions.
* Fixed a bug in the EUC-TW decoder; it was severely broken.
* Fixed a bug in the CP950 converter: it recognized a dubious BIG5 range.
New in 0.3:
* Reduced the size of the tables needed for the JOHAB converter.
* Portability to Win32.
New in 0.2:
* Added KOI8-RU, CP850, CP866, CP874, CP950, ISO-2022-CN-EXT, GBK and
ISO-2022-JP-1 converters.
* Added MACINTOSH as an alias for MAC-ROMAN.
* Added ASMO-708 as an alias for ISO-8859-6.
* Added ELOT_928 as an alias for ISO-8859-7.
* Improved the EUC-TW converter: Treat CNS 11643 plane 3.
* Improved the ISO-2022-KR and EUC-KR converters: Hangul characters are
decomposed into Jamo when needed.
* Improved the CP932 converter.
* Updated the CP1133, MULELAO-1 and ARMSCII-8 mappings.
* The EUC-JP and SJIS converters now cover the user-defined range.
* Fixed a possible buffer overrun in the JOHAB converter.
* Fixed a bug in the UTF-7, ISO-2022-*, HZ decoders: a shift sequence a the
end of the input no longer gives an error.
* The HZ encoder now always terminates its output in the ASCII state.
* Use a perfect hash table for looking up the aliases.
New in 0.1:
* Portability to Linux/glibc-2.0.x, Linux/libc5, OSF/1, FreeBSD.
* Fixed a bug in the EUC-JP decoder. Extended the ISO-2022-JP-2 converter.
* Made TIS-620 mapping consistent with glibc-2.1.