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Integration of this library into your package:
The preferred way is to use the Gnulib module 'localcharset'.
Here are instructions if you don't want to use Gnulib. It's tedious,
many small changes to your package:
* Copy the lib/ source file (localcharset.c) and the include file
(include/localcharset.h) into your package.
* Add the m4/ files (codeset.m4, fcntl_h.m4) to your aclocal.m4 file
or, if you are using automake, to your m4/ directory.
* Add the following lines to your file:
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([stddef.h stdlib.h string.h])
and make sure that it sets and AC_SUBSTs the PACKAGE variable.
* If you are not using automake, add rules to your
- Augment target "all" by
* If you are using automake, add rules to your
- Augment the main *_SOURCES variable by
localcharset.h localcharset.c