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* Copyright 2010 The Android Open Source Project
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkPDFFormXObject_DEFINED
#define SkPDFFormXObject_DEFINED
#include "SkPDFStream.h"
#include "SkPDFTypes.h"
#include "SkRect.h"
#include "SkRefCnt.h"
#include "SkPDFResourceDict.h"
#include "SkString.h"
class SkMatrix;
class SkPDFDevice;
class SkPDFCatalog;
/** \class SkPDFFormXObject
A form XObject; a self contained description of graphics objects. A form
XObject is basically a page object with slightly different syntax, that
can be drawn onto a page.
// The caller could keep track of the form XObjects it creates and
// canonicalize them, but the Skia API doesn't provide enough context to
// automatically do it (trivially).
class SkPDFFormXObject : public SkPDFStream {
/** Create a PDF form XObject. Entries for the dictionary entries are
* automatically added.
* @param device The set of graphical elements on this form.
explicit SkPDFFormXObject(SkPDFDevice* device);
* Create a PDF form XObject from a raw content stream and associated
* resources.
explicit SkPDFFormXObject(SkStream* content,
SkRect bbox,
SkPDFResourceDict* resourceDict);
virtual ~SkPDFFormXObject();
// The SkPDFObject interface.
virtual void getResources(const SkTSet<SkPDFObject*>& knownResourceObjects,
SkTSet<SkPDFObject*>* newResourceObjects);
void init(const char* colorSpace,
SkPDFDict* resourceDict, SkPDFArray* bbox);
SkTSet<SkPDFObject*> fResources;