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* Copyright 2010 The Android Open Source Project
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkPDFCatalog_DEFINED
#define SkPDFCatalog_DEFINED
#include <sys/types.h>
#include "SkPDFDocument.h"
#include "SkPDFTypes.h"
#include "SkRefCnt.h"
#include "SkTDArray.h"
/** \class SkPDFCatalog
The PDF catalog manages object numbers and file offsets. It is used
to create the PDF cross reference table.
class SkPDFCatalog {
/** Create a PDF catalog.
explicit SkPDFCatalog(SkPDFDocument::Flags flags);
/** Add the passed object to the catalog. Refs obj.
* @param obj The object to add.
* @param onFirstPage Is the object on the first page.
* @return The obj argument is returned.
SkPDFObject* addObject(SkPDFObject* obj, bool onFirstPage);
/** Inform the catalog of the object's position in the final stream.
* The object should already have been added to the catalog. Returns
* the object's size.
* @param obj The object to add.
* @param offset The byte offset in the output stream of this object.
size_t setFileOffset(SkPDFObject* obj, off_t offset);
/** Output the object number for the passed object.
* @param obj The object of interest.
* @param stream The writable output stream to send the output to.
void emitObjectNumber(SkWStream* stream, SkPDFObject* obj);
/** Return the number of bytes that would be emitted for the passed
* object's object number.
* @param obj The object of interest
size_t getObjectNumberSize(SkPDFObject* obj);
/** Return the document flags in effect for this catalog/document.
SkPDFDocument::Flags getDocumentFlags() const { return fDocumentFlags; }
/** Output the cross reference table for objects in the catalog.
* Returns the total number of objects.
* @param stream The writable output stream to send the output to.
* @param firstPage If true, include first page objects only, otherwise
* include all objects not on the first page.
int32_t emitXrefTable(SkWStream* stream, bool firstPage);
/** Set substitute object for the passed object.
void setSubstitute(SkPDFObject* original, SkPDFObject* substitute);
/** Find and return any substitute object set for the passed object. If
* there is none, return the passed object.
SkPDFObject* getSubstituteObject(SkPDFObject* object);
/** Set file offsets for the resources of substitute objects.
* @param fileOffset Accumulated offset of current document.
* @param firstPage Indicate whether this is for the first page only.
* @return Total size of resources of substitute objects.
off_t setSubstituteResourcesOffsets(off_t fileOffset, bool firstPage);
/** Emit the resources of substitute objects.
void emitSubstituteResources(SkWStream* stream, bool firstPage);
struct Rec {
Rec(SkPDFObject* object, bool onFirstPage)
: fObject(object),
fOnFirstPage(onFirstPage) {
SkPDFObject* fObject;
off_t fFileOffset;
bool fObjNumAssigned;
bool fOnFirstPage;
struct SubstituteMapping {
SubstituteMapping(SkPDFObject* original, SkPDFObject* substitute)
: fOriginal(original), fSubstitute(substitute) {
SkPDFObject* fOriginal;
SkPDFObject* fSubstitute;
// TODO(vandebo): Make this a hash if it's a performance problem.
SkTDArray<struct Rec> fCatalog;
// TODO(arthurhsu): Make this a hash if it's a performance problem.
SkTDArray<SubstituteMapping> fSubstituteMap;
SkTSet<SkPDFObject*> fSubstituteResourcesFirstPage;
SkTSet<SkPDFObject*> fSubstituteResourcesRemaining;
// Number of objects on the first page.
uint32_t fFirstPageCount;
// Next object number to assign (on page > 1).
uint32_t fNextObjNum;
// Next object number to assign on the first page.
uint32_t fNextFirstPageObjNum;
SkPDFDocument::Flags fDocumentFlags;
int findObjectIndex(SkPDFObject* obj) const;
int assignObjNum(SkPDFObject* obj);
SkTSet<SkPDFObject*>* getSubstituteList(bool firstPage);