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* Copyright 2012 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkOpAngle_DEFINED
#define SkOpAngle_DEFINED
#include "SkChunkAlloc.h"
#include "SkLineParameters.h"
class SkOpSegment;
struct SkOpSpan;
// sorting angles
// given angles of {dx dy ddx ddy dddx dddy} sort them
class SkOpAngle {
enum { kStackBasedCount = 8 }; // FIXME: determine what this should be
enum IncludeType {
int end() const {
return fEnd;
const SkOpAngle* findFirst() const;
bool inLoop() const {
return !!fNext;
void insert(SkOpAngle* );
bool isHorizontal() const;
SkOpSpan* lastMarked() const;
bool loopContains(const SkOpAngle& ) const;
int loopCount() const;
void markStops();
bool merge(SkOpAngle* );
SkOpAngle* next() const {
return fNext;
SkOpAngle* previous() const;
void set(const SkOpSegment* segment, int start, int end);
void setLastMarked(SkOpSpan* marked) {
fLastMarked = marked;
SkOpSegment* segment() const {
return const_cast<SkOpSegment*>(fSegment);
int sign() const {
return SkSign32(fStart - fEnd);
bool small() const;
int start() const {
return fStart;
bool unorderable() const {
return fUnorderable;
// available to testing only
void debugLoop() const; // called by code during run
void debugSameAs(const SkOpAngle* compare) const;
void dump() const;
void dumpLoop() const;
void dumpTo(const SkOpSegment* fromSeg, const SkOpAngle* ) const;
int debugID() const { return fID; }
void setID(int id) {
fID = id;
int debugID() const { return 0; }
void debugValidateLoop() const;
bool after(const SkOpAngle* test) const;
int allOnOneSide(const SkOpAngle& test) const;
bool calcSlop(double x, double y, double rx, double ry, bool* result) const;
bool checkCrossesZero() const;
bool checkParallel(const SkOpAngle& ) const;
bool computeSector();
int convexHullOverlaps(const SkOpAngle& ) const;
double distEndRatio(double dist) const;
int findSector(SkPath::Verb verb, double x, double y) const;
bool endsIntersect(const SkOpAngle& ) const;
double midT() const;
bool oppositePlanes(const SkOpAngle& rh) const;
bool orderable(const SkOpAngle& rh) const; // false == this < rh ; true == this > rh
bool overlap(const SkOpAngle& test) const;
void setCurveHullSweep();
void setSector();
void setSpans();
bool tangentsDiverge(const SkOpAngle& rh, double s0xt0) const;
SkDCubic fCurvePart; // the curve from start to end
double fSide;
SkLineParameters fTangentHalf; // used only to sort a pair of lines or line-like sections
const SkOpSegment* fSegment;
SkOpAngle* fNext;
SkOpSpan* fLastMarked;
SkDVector fSweep[2];
int fStart;
int fEnd;
int fComputedEnd;
int fSectorMask;
int8_t fSectorStart; // in 32nds of a circle
int8_t fSectorEnd;
bool fIsCurve;
bool fStop; // set if ordered angle is greater than the previous
mutable bool fUnorderable; // this is editable by orderable()
bool fUnorderedSweep; // set when a cubic's first control point between the sweep vectors
bool fComputeSector;
bool fComputedSector;
int fID;
void debugValidateNext() const; // in debug builds, verify that angle loop is uncorrupted
void debugValidateNext() const {}
void dumpOne(bool showFunc) const; // available to testing only
void dumpPartials() const; // utility to be called by user from debugger
friend class PathOpsAngleTester;
class SkOpAngleSet {
SkOpAngle& push_back();
void reset();
void dump() const; // utility to be called by user from debugger
int fCount;
SkChunkAlloc* fAngles;