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* Copyright 2021 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef skgpu_geom_Transform_DEFINED
#define skgpu_geom_Transform_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkM44.h"
namespace skgpu {
class Rect;
// Transform encapsulates an SkM44 matrix, its inverse, and other properties dependent on the
// original matrix value that are useful when rendering.
class Transform {
// Type classifies the transform into coarse categories so that certain optimizations or
// properties can be queried efficiently
enum class Type : unsigned {
// Applying the matrix to a vector or point is a no-op, so could be skipped entirely.
// The matrix transforms a rect to another rect, without mirrors or rotations, so both
// pre-and-post transform coordinates can be exactly represented as rects.
// The matrix transforms a rect to another rect, but may mirror or rotate the corners
// relative to each other. This means that the post-transformed rect completely fills
// that space.
// The matrix transform may have skew or rotation, so a mapped rect does not fill space,
// but there is no need to perform perspective division or w-plane clipping.
// The matrix includes perspective, so care must be taken when w is less than or near 0,
// and perspective division and interpolation are needed for correct rendering.
// The matrix is not invertible or not finite, so should not be used to draw.
explicit Transform(const SkM44& m);
Transform(const Transform& t) = default;
Transform& operator=(const Transform& t) = default;
operator const SkM44&() const { return fM; }
operator SkMatrix() const { return fM.asM33(); }
bool operator==(const Transform& t) const;
bool operator!=(const Transform& t) const { return !(*this == t); }
const SkM44& matrix() const { return fM; }
const SkM44& inverse() const { return fInvM; }
const SkV2& scaleFactors() const { return fScale; }
float maxScaleFactor() const { return std::max(fScale.x, fScale.y); }
Type type() const { return fType; }
bool valid() const { return fType != Type::kInvalid; }
Rect mapRect(const Rect& rect) const;
Rect inverseMapRect(const Rect& rect) const;
void mapPoints(const Rect& localRect, SkV4 deviceOut[4]) const;
void mapPoints(const SkV2* localIn, SkV4* deviceOut, int count) const;
SkM44 fM;
SkM44 fInvM; // M^-1
Type fType;
// TODO: It would be nice to have a scale factor for perspective too, and there is
// SkMatrixPriv::DifferentialAreaScale but that requires a specific location.
SkV2 fScale; // always > 0
} // namespace skgpu
#endif // skgpu_geom_Transform_DEFINED