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# Copyright 2014 Google Inc.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
Test OrderedSet.
import sys
import test_variables
import unittest
from vars_dict_lib import OrderedSet
def create_dummy_var(i):
return 'dummy_var' + str(i)
class OrderedSetTest(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self):
self.__set = OrderedSet()
def test_methods(self):
"""Test methods on OrderedSet.
RANGE = 10
for i in range(RANGE):
dummy_var = create_dummy_var(i)
# Add to the list. This should succeed.
self.assertEqual(len(self.__set), i+1)
self.assertTrue(dummy_var in self.__set)
self.assertEqual(self.__set[i], dummy_var)
# Now attempt to add it again. This should fail.
self.assertEqual(len(self.__set), i+1)
self.assertEqual(self.__set[i], dummy_var)
# Test iterator.
counter = 0
for set_member in self.__set:
self.assertEqual(create_dummy_var(counter), set_member)
counter += 1
self.assertEqual(counter, len(self.__set))
# Now test removal.
for i in range(RANGE):
dummy_var = create_dummy_var(i)
self.assertEqual(len(self.__set), RANGE-i-1)
self.assertFalse(dummy_var in self.__set)
# Test reset(), for a range of ranges.
for subrange in range(RANGE):
for i in range(subrange):
self.assertEqual(len(self.__set), subrange)
self.assertEqual(len(self.__set), 0)
def test_set(self):
"""Test OrderedSet.set().
# Create a set with dummy values.
my_set = OrderedSet()
RANGE = 10
for i in range(RANGE):
my_len = len(my_set)
self.assertEqual(my_len, RANGE)
# Copy it to another set.
other_set = OrderedSet()
self.assertEqual(len(other_set), 0)
# Both sets should contain the same values, in the same order.
iterator = iter(my_set)
for item in other_set:
self.assertTrue(item ==
with self.assertRaises(StopIteration):
self.assertEqual(my_len, len(other_set))
# But the sets are different. Changing one will not affect the other.
self.assertFalse(other_set is my_set)
other_var = 'something_else'
self.assertEqual(my_len + 1, len(other_set))
self.assertEqual(my_len, len(my_set))
self.assertNotIn(other_var, my_set)
def main():
loader = unittest.TestLoader()
suite = loader.loadTestsFromTestCase(OrderedSetTest)
if __name__ == "__main__":