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* Copyright 2011 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "Benchmark.h"
#include "SkBlurMask.h"
#include "SkBlurMaskFilter.h"
#include "SkCanvas.h"
#include "SkPaint.h"
#include "SkRandom.h"
#include "SkShader.h"
#include "SkString.h"
#define MINI 0.01f
#define SMALL SkIntToScalar(2)
#define REAL 1.5f
#define BIG SkIntToScalar(10)
#define REALBIG 100.5f
static const char* gStyleName[] = {
class BlurBench : public Benchmark {
SkScalar fRadius;
SkBlurStyle fStyle;
uint32_t fFlags;
SkString fName;
BlurBench(SkScalar rad, SkBlurStyle bs, uint32_t flags = 0) {
fRadius = rad;
fStyle = bs;
fFlags = flags;
const char* name = rad > 0 ? gStyleName[bs] : "none";
const char* quality = flags & SkBlurMaskFilter::kHighQuality_BlurFlag ? "high_quality"
: "low_quality";
if (SkScalarFraction(rad) != 0) {
fName.printf("blur_%.2f_%s_%s", SkScalarToFloat(rad), name, quality);
} else {
fName.printf("blur_%d_%s_%s", SkScalarRoundToInt(rad), name, quality);
virtual const char* onGetName() {
return fName.c_str();
virtual void onDraw(const int loops, SkCanvas* canvas) {
SkPaint paint;
SkRandom rand;
for (int i = 0; i < loops; i++) {
SkRect r = SkRect::MakeWH(rand.nextUScalar1() * 400,
rand.nextUScalar1() * 400);
r.offset(fRadius, fRadius);
if (fRadius > 0) {
SkMaskFilter* mf = SkBlurMaskFilter::Create(fStyle,
canvas->drawOval(r, paint);
typedef Benchmark INHERITED;
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(MINI, kNormal_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(MINI, kSolid_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(MINI, kOuter_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(MINI, kInner_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(SMALL, kNormal_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(SMALL, kSolid_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(SMALL, kOuter_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(SMALL, kInner_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(BIG, kNormal_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(BIG, kSolid_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(BIG, kOuter_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(BIG, kInner_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(REALBIG, kNormal_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(REALBIG, kSolid_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(REALBIG, kOuter_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(REALBIG, kInner_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(REAL, kNormal_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(REAL, kSolid_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(REAL, kOuter_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(REAL, kInner_SkBlurStyle);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(MINI, kNormal_SkBlurStyle, SkBlurMaskFilter::kHighQuality_BlurFlag);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(SMALL, kNormal_SkBlurStyle, SkBlurMaskFilter::kHighQuality_BlurFlag);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(BIG, kNormal_SkBlurStyle, SkBlurMaskFilter::kHighQuality_BlurFlag);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(REALBIG, kNormal_SkBlurStyle, SkBlurMaskFilter::kHighQuality_BlurFlag);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(REAL, kNormal_SkBlurStyle, SkBlurMaskFilter::kHighQuality_BlurFlag);)
DEF_BENCH(return new BlurBench(0, kNormal_SkBlurStyle);)