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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stack>
#include <tuple>
#include <unordered_map>
#include "SkSLCodeGenerator.h"
#include "SkSLMemoryLayout.h"
#include "SkSLStringStream.h"
#include "ir/SkSLBinaryExpression.h"
#include "ir/SkSLBoolLiteral.h"
#include "ir/SkSLConstructor.h"
#include "ir/SkSLDoStatement.h"
#include "ir/SkSLExtension.h"
#include "ir/SkSLFloatLiteral.h"
#include "ir/SkSLIfStatement.h"
#include "ir/SkSLIndexExpression.h"
#include "ir/SkSLInterfaceBlock.h"
#include "ir/SkSLIntLiteral.h"
#include "ir/SkSLFieldAccess.h"
#include "ir/SkSLForStatement.h"
#include "ir/SkSLFunctionCall.h"
#include "ir/SkSLFunctionDeclaration.h"
#include "ir/SkSLFunctionDefinition.h"
#include "ir/SkSLPrefixExpression.h"
#include "ir/SkSLPostfixExpression.h"
#include "ir/SkSLProgramElement.h"
#include "ir/SkSLReturnStatement.h"
#include "ir/SkSLSetting.h"
#include "ir/SkSLStatement.h"
#include "ir/SkSLSwitchStatement.h"
#include "ir/SkSLSwizzle.h"
#include "ir/SkSLTernaryExpression.h"
#include "ir/SkSLVarDeclarations.h"
#include "ir/SkSLVarDeclarationsStatement.h"
#include "ir/SkSLVariableReference.h"
#include "ir/SkSLWhileStatement.h"
namespace SkSL {
#define kLast_Capability SpvCapabilityMultiViewport
* Converts a Program into Metal code.
class MetalCodeGenerator : public CodeGenerator {
static constexpr const char* SAMPLER_SUFFIX = "Smplr";
static constexpr const char* PACKED_PREFIX = "packed_";
enum Precedence {
kParentheses_Precedence = 1,
kPostfix_Precedence = 2,
kPrefix_Precedence = 3,
kMultiplicative_Precedence = 4,
kAdditive_Precedence = 5,
kShift_Precedence = 6,
kRelational_Precedence = 7,
kEquality_Precedence = 8,
kBitwiseAnd_Precedence = 9,
kBitwiseXor_Precedence = 10,
kBitwiseOr_Precedence = 11,
kLogicalAnd_Precedence = 12,
kLogicalXor_Precedence = 13,
kLogicalOr_Precedence = 14,
kTernary_Precedence = 15,
kAssignment_Precedence = 16,
kSequence_Precedence = 17,
kTopLevel_Precedence = kSequence_Precedence
MetalCodeGenerator(const Context* context, const Program* program, ErrorReporter* errors,
OutputStream* out)
: INHERITED(program, errors, out)
, fReservedWords({"atan2", "rsqrt", "dfdx", "dfdy", "vertex", "fragment"})
, fLineEnding("\n")
, fContext(*context) {
bool generateCode(int shaderNum); // FIXME - remove when done inserting MSL
bool generateCode() override;
typedef int Requirements;
static constexpr Requirements kNo_Requirements = 0;
static constexpr Requirements kInputs_Requirement = 1 << 0;
static constexpr Requirements kOutputs_Requirement = 1 << 1;
static constexpr Requirements kUniforms_Requirement = 1 << 2;
static constexpr Requirements kGlobals_Requirement = 1 << 3;
enum IntrinsicKind {
enum SpecialIntrinsic {
enum MetalIntrinsic {
void setupIntrinsics();
void write(const char* s);
void writeLine();
void writeLine(const char* s);
void write(const String& s);
void writeLine(const String& s);
void writeHeader();
void writeUniformStruct();
void writeInputStruct();
void writeOutputStruct();
void writeInterfaceBlocks();
void writeFields(const std::vector<Type::Field>& fields, int parentOffset,
const InterfaceBlock* parentIntf = nullptr);
int size(const Type* type, bool isPacked) const;
int alignment(const Type* type, bool isPacked) const;
void writeGlobalStruct();
void writePrecisionModifier();
void writeType(const Type& type);
void writeExtension(const Extension& ext);
void writeInterfaceBlock(const InterfaceBlock& intf);
void writeFunctionStart(const FunctionDeclaration& f);
void writeFunctionDeclaration(const FunctionDeclaration& f);
void writeFunction(const FunctionDefinition& f);
void writeLayout(const Layout& layout);
void writeModifiers(const Modifiers& modifiers, bool globalContext);
void writeGlobalVars(const VarDeclaration& vs);
void writeVarInitializer(const Variable& var, const Expression& value);
void writeName(const String& name);
void writeVarDeclarations(const VarDeclarations& decl, bool global);
void writeFragCoord();
void writeVariableReference(const VariableReference& ref);
void writeExpression(const Expression& expr, Precedence parentPrecedence);
void writeIntrinsicCall(const FunctionCall& c);
void writeMinAbsHack(Expression& absExpr, Expression& otherExpr);
void writeFunctionCall(const FunctionCall& c);
void writeSpecialIntrinsic(const FunctionCall& c, SpecialIntrinsic kind);
void writeConstructor(const Constructor& c);
void writeFieldAccess(const FieldAccess& f);
void writeSwizzle(const Swizzle& swizzle);
static Precedence GetBinaryPrecedence(Token::Kind op);
void writeBinaryExpression(const BinaryExpression& b, Precedence parentPrecedence);
void writeTernaryExpression(const TernaryExpression& t, Precedence parentPrecedence);
void writeIndexExpression(const IndexExpression& expr);
void writePrefixExpression(const PrefixExpression& p, Precedence parentPrecedence);
void writePostfixExpression(const PostfixExpression& p, Precedence parentPrecedence);
void writeBoolLiteral(const BoolLiteral& b);
void writeIntLiteral(const IntLiteral& i);
void writeFloatLiteral(const FloatLiteral& f);
void writeSetting(const Setting& s);
void writeStatement(const Statement& s);
void writeStatements(const std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Statement>>& statements);
void writeBlock(const Block& b);
void writeIfStatement(const IfStatement& stmt);
void writeForStatement(const ForStatement& f);
void writeWhileStatement(const WhileStatement& w);
void writeDoStatement(const DoStatement& d);
void writeSwitchStatement(const SwitchStatement& s);
void writeReturnStatement(const ReturnStatement& r);
void writeProgramElement(const ProgramElement& e);
Requirements requirements(const FunctionDeclaration& f);
Requirements requirements(const Expression& e);
Requirements requirements(const Statement& e);
typedef std::pair<IntrinsicKind, int32_t> Intrinsic;
std::unordered_map<String, Intrinsic> fIntrinsicMap;
std::unordered_set<String> fReservedWords;
std::vector<const VarDeclaration*> fInitNonConstGlobalVars;
std::vector<const Variable*> fTextures;
std::unordered_map<const Type::Field*, const InterfaceBlock*> fInterfaceBlockMap;
std::unordered_map<const InterfaceBlock*, String> fInterfaceBlockNameMap;
int fAnonInterfaceCount = 0;
int fPaddingCount = 0;
bool fNeedsGlobalStructInit = false;
const char* fLineEnding;
const Context& fContext;
StringStream fHeader;
String fFunctionHeader;
Program::Kind fProgramKind;
int fVarCount = 0;
int fIndentation = 0;
bool fAtLineStart = false;
// Keeps track of which struct types we have written. Given that we are unlikely to ever write
// more than one or two structs per shader, a simple linear search will be faster than anything
// fancier.
std::vector<const Type*> fWrittenStructs;
// true if we have run into usages of dFdx / dFdy
bool fFoundDerivatives = false;
bool fFoundImageDecl = false;
std::unordered_map<const FunctionDeclaration*, Requirements> fRequirements;
bool fSetupFragPositionGlobal = false;
bool fSetupFragPositionLocal = false;
int fUniformBuffer = -1;
typedef CodeGenerator INHERITED;