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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrVkUniformBuffer_DEFINED
#define GrVkUniformBuffer_DEFINED
#include "GrVkBuffer.h"
class GrVkGpu;
class GrVkUniformBuffer : public GrVkBuffer {
static GrVkUniformBuffer* Create(GrVkGpu* gpu, size_t size);
static const GrVkResource* CreateResource(GrVkGpu* gpu, size_t size);
static const size_t kStandardSize = 256;
void* map(GrVkGpu* gpu) {
return this->vkMap(gpu);
void unmap(GrVkGpu* gpu) {
// The output variable createdNewBuffer must be set to true if a new VkBuffer is created in
// order to upload the data
bool updateData(GrVkGpu* gpu, const void* src, size_t srcSizeInBytes,
bool* createdNewBuffer) {
return this->vkUpdateData(gpu, src, srcSizeInBytes, createdNewBuffer);
void release(const GrVkGpu* gpu) { this->vkRelease(gpu); }
void abandon() { this->vkAbandon(); }
class Resource : public GrVkBuffer::Resource {
Resource(VkBuffer buf, const GrVkAlloc& alloc)
: INHERITED(buf, alloc, kUniform_Type) {}
void onRecycle(GrVkGpu* gpu) const override;
typedef GrVkBuffer::Resource INHERITED;
const GrVkBuffer::Resource* createResource(GrVkGpu* gpu,
const GrVkBuffer::Desc& descriptor) override;
GrVkUniformBuffer(GrVkGpu* gpu, const GrVkBuffer::Desc& desc,
const GrVkUniformBuffer::Resource* resource)
: INHERITED(desc, resource) {}
typedef GrVkBuffer INHERITED;