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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrVkImage_DEFINED
#define GrVkImage_DEFINED
#include "GrVkResource.h"
#include "GrTypesPriv.h"
#include "GrVkImageLayout.h"
#include "SkTypes.h"
#include "vk/GrVkDefines.h"
#include "vk/GrVkTypes.h"
class GrVkGpu;
class GrVkImage : SkNoncopyable {
class Resource;
GrVkImage(const GrVkImageInfo& info, sk_sp<GrVkImageLayout> layout,
GrBackendObjectOwnership ownership)
: fInfo(info)
, fLayout(std::move(layout))
, fIsBorrowed(GrBackendObjectOwnership::kBorrowed == ownership) {
SkASSERT(fLayout->getImageLayout() == fInfo.fImageLayout);
if (fIsBorrowed) {
fResource = new BorrowedResource(info.fImage, info.fAlloc, info.fImageTiling);
} else {
fResource = new Resource(info.fImage, info.fAlloc, info.fImageTiling);
virtual ~GrVkImage();
VkImage image() const { return fInfo.fImage; }
const GrVkAlloc& alloc() const { return fInfo.fAlloc; }
VkFormat imageFormat() const { return fInfo.fFormat; }
uint32_t mipLevels() const { return fInfo.fLevelCount; }
const Resource* resource() const { return fResource; }
bool isLinearTiled() const {
return SkToBool(VK_IMAGE_TILING_LINEAR == fInfo.fImageTiling);
bool isBorrowed() const { return fIsBorrowed; }
sk_sp<GrVkImageLayout> grVkImageLayout() const { return fLayout; }
VkImageLayout currentLayout() const {
return fLayout->getImageLayout();
void setImageLayout(const GrVkGpu* gpu,
VkImageLayout newLayout,
VkAccessFlags dstAccessMask,
VkPipelineStageFlags dstStageMask,
bool byRegion);
// This simply updates our tracking of the image layout and does not actually do any gpu work.
// This is only used for mip map generation where we are manually changing the layouts as we
// blit each layer, and then at the end need to update our tracking.
void updateImageLayout(VkImageLayout newLayout) {
struct ImageDesc {
VkImageType fImageType;
VkFormat fFormat;
uint32_t fWidth;
uint32_t fHeight;
uint32_t fLevels;
uint32_t fSamples;
VkImageTiling fImageTiling;
VkImageUsageFlags fUsageFlags;
VkFlags fMemProps;
: fImageType(VK_IMAGE_TYPE_2D)
, fWidth(0)
, fHeight(0)
, fLevels(1)
, fSamples(1)
, fUsageFlags(0)
static bool InitImageInfo(const GrVkGpu* gpu, const ImageDesc& imageDesc, GrVkImageInfo*);
// Destroys the internal VkImage and VkDeviceMemory in the GrVkImageInfo
static void DestroyImageInfo(const GrVkGpu* gpu, GrVkImageInfo*);
// These match the definitions in SkImage, for whence they came
typedef void* ReleaseCtx;
typedef void (*ReleaseProc)(ReleaseCtx);
void setResourceRelease(sk_sp<GrReleaseProcHelper> releaseHelper);
// Helpers to use for setting the layout of the VkImage
static VkPipelineStageFlags LayoutToPipelineStageFlags(const VkImageLayout layout);
static VkAccessFlags LayoutToSrcAccessMask(const VkImageLayout layout);
void releaseImage(const GrVkGpu* gpu);
void abandonImage();
void setNewResource(VkImage image, const GrVkAlloc& alloc, VkImageTiling tiling);
GrVkImageInfo fInfo;
sk_sp<GrVkImageLayout> fLayout;
bool fIsBorrowed;
class Resource : public GrVkResource {
: fImage(VK_NULL_HANDLE) {
fAlloc.fMemory = VK_NULL_HANDLE;
fAlloc.fOffset = 0;
Resource(VkImage image, const GrVkAlloc& alloc, VkImageTiling tiling)
: fImage(image)
, fAlloc(alloc)
, fImageTiling(tiling) {}
~Resource() override {
void dumpInfo() const override {
SkDebugf("GrVkImage: %d (%d refs)\n", fImage, this->getRefCnt());
void setRelease(sk_sp<GrReleaseProcHelper> releaseHelper) {
fReleaseHelper = std::move(releaseHelper);
mutable sk_sp<GrReleaseProcHelper> fReleaseHelper;
void freeGPUData(const GrVkGpu* gpu) const override;
void abandonGPUData() const override {
VkImage fImage;
GrVkAlloc fAlloc;
VkImageTiling fImageTiling;
typedef GrVkResource INHERITED;
// for wrapped textures
class BorrowedResource : public Resource {
BorrowedResource(VkImage image, const GrVkAlloc& alloc, VkImageTiling tiling)
: Resource(image, alloc, tiling) {
void invokeReleaseProc() const {
if (fReleaseHelper) {
// Depending on the ref count of fReleaseHelper this may or may not actually trigger
// the ReleaseProc to be called.
void freeGPUData(const GrVkGpu* gpu) const override;
void abandonGPUData() const override;
Resource* fResource;
friend class GrVkRenderTarget;