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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrVkDescriptorSetManager_DEFINED
#define GrVkDescriptorSetManager_DEFINED
#include "GrResourceHandle.h"
#include "GrVkDescriptorPool.h"
#include "SkRefCnt.h"
#include "SkTArray.h"
#include "vk/GrVkDefines.h"
class GrVkDescriptorSet;
class GrVkGpu;
class GrVkUniformHandler;
* This class handles the allocation of descriptor sets for a given VkDescriptorSetLayout. It will
* try to reuse previously allocated descriptor sets if they are no longer in use by other objects.
class GrVkDescriptorSetManager {
static GrVkDescriptorSetManager* CreateUniformManager(GrVkGpu* gpu);
static GrVkDescriptorSetManager* CreateSamplerManager(GrVkGpu* gpu, VkDescriptorType type,
const GrVkUniformHandler&);
static GrVkDescriptorSetManager* CreateSamplerManager(GrVkGpu* gpu, VkDescriptorType type,
const SkTArray<uint32_t>& visibilities);
~GrVkDescriptorSetManager() {}
void abandon();
void release(const GrVkGpu* gpu);
VkDescriptorSetLayout layout() const { return fPoolManager.fDescLayout; }
const GrVkDescriptorSet* getDescriptorSet(GrVkGpu* gpu, const Handle& handle);
void recycleDescriptorSet(const GrVkDescriptorSet*);
bool isCompatible(VkDescriptorType type, const GrVkUniformHandler*) const;
bool isCompatible(VkDescriptorType type,
const SkTArray<uint32_t>& visibilities) const;
struct DescriptorPoolManager {
DescriptorPoolManager(VkDescriptorType type, GrVkGpu* gpu,
const SkTArray<uint32_t>& visibilities);
~DescriptorPoolManager() {
void getNewDescriptorSet(GrVkGpu* gpu, VkDescriptorSet* ds);
void freeGPUResources(const GrVkGpu* gpu);
void abandonGPUResources();
VkDescriptorSetLayout fDescLayout;
VkDescriptorType fDescType;
uint32_t fDescCountPerSet;
uint32_t fMaxDescriptors;
uint32_t fCurrentDescriptorCount;
GrVkDescriptorPool* fPool;
enum {
kUniformDescPerSet = 2,
kMaxDescriptors = 1024,
kStartNumDescriptors = 16, // must be less than kMaxUniformDescriptors
void getNewPool(GrVkGpu* gpu);
GrVkDescriptorSetManager(GrVkGpu* gpu,
const SkTArray<uint32_t>& visibilities);
DescriptorPoolManager fPoolManager;
SkTArray<const GrVkDescriptorSet*, true> fFreeSets;
SkSTArray<4, uint32_t> fBindingVisibilities;