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* Copyright 2018 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrCCConicShader_DEFINED
#define GrCCConicShader_DEFINED
#include "ccpr/GrCCCoverageProcessor.h"
* This class renders the coverage of closed conic curves using the techniques outlined in
* "Resolution Independent Curve Rendering using Programmable Graphics Hardware" by Charles Loop and
* Jim Blinn:
* The provided curves must be monotonic with respect to the vector of their closing edge [P2 - P0].
* (Use GrCCGeometry::conicTo().)
class GrCCConicShader : public GrCCCoverageProcessor::Shader {
void emitSetupCode(GrGLSLVertexGeoBuilder*, const char* pts, const char* wind,
const char** outHull4) const override;
void onEmitVaryings(GrGLSLVaryingHandler*, GrGLSLVarying::Scope, SkString* code,
const char* position, const char* coverage,
const char* cornerCoverage) override;
void onEmitFragmentCode(GrGLSLFPFragmentBuilder*, const char* outputCoverage) const override;
void calcHullCoverage(SkString* code, const char* klm, const char* grad,
const char* outputCoverage) const;
const GrShaderVar fKLMMatrix{"klm_matrix", kFloat3x3_GrSLType};
const GrShaderVar fControlPoint{"control_point", kFloat2_GrSLType};
GrGLSLVarying fKLM_fWind;
GrGLSLVarying fGrad_fCorner;