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* Copyright 2017 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrTextureProxyPriv_DEFINED
#define GrTextureProxyPriv_DEFINED
#include "GrTextureProxy.h"
class GrDeferredProxyUploader;
class GrOpFlushState;
* This class hides the more specialized capabilities of GrTextureProxy.
class GrTextureProxyPriv {
// Attach a deferred uploader to the proxy. Holds data being prepared by a worker thread.
void setDeferredUploader(std::unique_ptr<GrDeferredProxyUploader>);
bool isDeferred() const { return SkToBool(fTextureProxy->fDeferredUploader.get()); }
// For a deferred proxy (one that has a deferred uploader attached), this schedules an ASAP
// upload of that data to the instantiated texture.
void scheduleUpload(GrOpFlushState*);
// Clears any deferred uploader object on the proxy. Used to free the CPU data after the
// contents have been uploaded.
void resetDeferredUploader();
// Returns the GrMipMapped value of the proxy from creation time regardless of whether it has
// been instantiated or not.
GrMipMapped proxyMipMapped() const { return fTextureProxy->fMipMapped; }
bool isGLTextureRectangleOrExternal() const {
return fTextureProxy->isGLTextureRectangleOrExternal();
// We assume that if a texture is not a GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE or GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL then it is a
bool isGLTexture2D() const { return !fTextureProxy->isGLTextureRectangleOrExternal(); }
// We only support the clamp wrap mode with gl rectangle or external textures.
bool isClampOnly() const { return fTextureProxy->isGLTextureRectangleOrExternal(); }
explicit GrTextureProxyPriv(GrTextureProxy* textureProxy) : fTextureProxy(textureProxy) {}
GrTextureProxyPriv(const GrTextureProxyPriv&) {} // unimpl
GrTextureProxyPriv& operator=(const GrTextureProxyPriv&); // unimpl
// No taking addresses of this type.
const GrTextureProxyPriv* operator&() const;
GrTextureProxyPriv* operator&();
GrTextureProxy* fTextureProxy;
friend class GrTextureProxy; // to construct/copy this type.
inline GrTextureProxyPriv GrTextureProxy::texPriv() { return GrTextureProxyPriv(this); }
inline const GrTextureProxyPriv GrTextureProxy::texPriv() const {
return GrTextureProxyPriv(const_cast<GrTextureProxy*>(this));