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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrTextureAdjuster_DEFINED
#define GrTextureAdjuster_DEFINED
#include "GrTextureProducer.h"
#include "GrTextureProxy.h"
#include "SkTLazy.h"
* Base class for sources that start out as textures. Optionally allows for a content area subrect.
* The intent is not to use content area for subrect rendering. Rather, the pixels outside the
* content area have undefined values and shouldn't be read *regardless* of filtering mode or
* the SkCanvas::SrcRectConstraint used for subrect draws.
class GrTextureAdjuster : public GrTextureProducer {
std::unique_ptr<GrFragmentProcessor> createFragmentProcessor(
const SkMatrix& textureMatrix,
const SkRect& constraintRect,
bool coordsLimitedToConstraintRect,
const GrSamplerState::Filter* filterOrNullForBicubic,
SkColorSpace* dstColorSpace) override;
// We do not ref the texture nor the colorspace, so the caller must keep them in scope while
// this Adjuster is alive.
GrTextureAdjuster(GrContext*, sk_sp<GrTextureProxy>, SkAlphaType, uint32_t uniqueID,
SkAlphaType alphaType() const override { return fAlphaType; }
void makeCopyKey(const CopyParams& params, GrUniqueKey* copyKey,
SkColorSpace* dstColorSpace) override;
void didCacheCopy(const GrUniqueKey& copyKey) override;
GrTextureProxy* originalProxy() const { return fOriginal.get(); }
sk_sp<GrTextureProxy> originalProxyRef() const { return fOriginal; }
sk_sp<GrTextureProxy> onRefTextureProxyForParams(const GrSamplerState&,
SkColorSpace* dstColorSpace,
sk_sp<SkColorSpace>* proxyColorSpace,
SkScalar scaleAdjust[2]) override;
sk_sp<GrTextureProxy> refTextureProxyCopy(const CopyParams& copyParams, bool willBeMipped);
GrContext* fContext;
sk_sp<GrTextureProxy> fOriginal;
SkAlphaType fAlphaType;
SkColorSpace* fColorSpace;
uint32_t fUniqueID;
typedef GrTextureProducer INHERITED;