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* Copyright 2014 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrSurfacePriv_DEFINED
#define GrSurfacePriv_DEFINED
#include "GrSurface.h"
/** Class that adds methods to GrSurface that are only intended for use internal to Skia.
This class is purely a privileged window into GrSurface. It should never have additional data
members or virtual methods.
Non-static methods that are not trivial inlines should be spring-boarded (e.g. declared and
implemented privately in GrSurface with a inline public method here). */
class GrSurfacePriv {
/** Helpers used in read/write pixels implementations. The parameters are adjusted so that the
read/write respects the bounds of a surface. If the input *rowBytes is 0 it will be
the tight row bytes (based on width and bpp) on output. */
static bool AdjustReadPixelParams(int surfaceWidth,
int surfaceHeight,
size_t bpp,
int* left, int* top, int* width, int* height,
void** data,
size_t* rowBytes);
static bool AdjustWritePixelParams(int surfaceWidth,
int surfaceHeight,
size_t bpp,
int* left, int* top, int* width, int* height,
const void** data,
size_t* rowBytes);
bool hasPendingRead() const { return fSurface->hasPendingRead(); }
bool hasPendingWrite() const { return fSurface->hasPendingWrite(); }
bool hasPendingIO() const { return fSurface->hasPendingIO(); }
bool hasUniqueRef() const { return fSurface->internalHasUniqueRef(); }
GrInternalSurfaceFlags flags() const { return fSurface->fSurfaceFlags; }
bool isGLTextureRectangleOrExternal() const {
return fSurface->isGLTextureRectangleOrExternal();
// We only support the clamp wrap mode with gl rectangle or external textures.
bool isClampOnly() const { return fSurface->isGLTextureRectangleOrExternal(); }
explicit GrSurfacePriv(GrSurface* surface) : fSurface(surface) {}
GrSurfacePriv(const GrSurfacePriv&); // unimpl
GrSurfacePriv& operator=(const GrSurfacePriv&); // unimpl
// No taking addresses of this type.
const GrSurfacePriv* operator&() const;
GrSurfacePriv* operator&();
GrSurface* fSurface;
friend class GrSurface; // to construct/copy this type.
inline GrSurfacePriv GrSurface::surfacePriv() { return GrSurfacePriv(this); }
inline const GrSurfacePriv GrSurface::surfacePriv() const {
return GrSurfacePriv(const_cast<GrSurface*>(this));