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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrStencilSettings_DEFINED
#define GrStencilSettings_DEFINED
#include "GrUserStencilSettings.h"
#include "SkRegion.h"
class GrProcessorKeyBuilder;
enum class GrStencilTest : uint16_t {
static constexpr int kGrStencilTestCount = 1 + (int)GrStencilTest::kNotEqual;
enum class GrStencilOp : uint8_t {
kReplace, // Replace stencil value with fRef (only the bits enabled in fWriteMask).
// NOTE: clamping occurs before the write mask. So if the MSB is zero and masked out, stencil
// values will still wrap when using clamping ops.
static constexpr int kGrStencilOpCount = 1 + (int)GrStencilOp::kDecClamp;
* This class defines concrete stencil settings that map directly to the underlying hardware. It
* is deduced from user stencil settings, stencil clip status, and the number of bits in the
* target stencil buffer.
class GrStencilSettings {
GrStencilSettings() { this->setDisabled(); }
GrStencilSettings(const GrUserStencilSettings& user, bool hasStencilClip, int numStencilBits) {
this->reset(user, hasStencilClip, numStencilBits);
GrStencilSettings(const GrStencilSettings& that) { this->reset(that); }
GrStencilSettings& operator=(const GrStencilSettings& that) { this->reset(that); return *this; }
void invalidate() { fFlags |= kInvalid_PrivateFlag; }
void setDisabled() { fFlags = kAll_StencilFlags; }
void reset(const GrUserStencilSettings&, bool hasStencilClip, int numStencilBits);
void reset(const GrStencilSettings&);
bool isValid() const { return !(fFlags & kInvalid_PrivateFlag); }
bool isDisabled() const { SkASSERT(this->isValid()); return fFlags & kDisabled_StencilFlag; }
bool doesWrite() const { SkASSERT(this->isValid());
return !(fFlags & kNoModifyStencil_StencilFlag); }
bool isTwoSided() const { SkASSERT(this->isValid());
return !(fFlags & kSingleSided_StencilFlag); }
bool usesWrapOp() const { SkASSERT(this->isValid());
return !(fFlags & kNoWrapOps_StencilFlag); }
void genKey(GrProcessorKeyBuilder* b) const;
bool operator!=(const GrStencilSettings& that) const { return !(*this == that); }
bool operator==(const GrStencilSettings&) const;
struct Face : public GrTStencilFaceSettings<GrStencilTest, GrStencilOp> {
void reset(const GrUserStencilSettings::Face&, bool useStencilClip, int numStencilBits);
void setDisabled();
const Face& front() const { SkASSERT(!this->isDisabled()); return fFront; }
const Face& back() const { SkASSERT(this->isTwoSided()); return fBack; }
* Given a thing to draw into the stencil clip, a fill type, and a set op
* this function determines:
* 1. Whether the thing can be draw directly to the stencil clip or
* needs to be drawn to the client portion of the stencil first.
* 2. How many passes are needed.
* 3. What those passes are.
* @param op the set op to combine this element with the existing clip
* @param canBeDirect can the caller draw this element directly (without using stencil)?
* @param invertedFill is this path inverted
* @param drawDirectToClip out: true if caller should draw the element directly, false if it
* should draw it into the user stencil bits first.
* @return a null-terminated array of settings for stencil passes.
* If drawDirectToClip is false, the caller must first draw the element into the user
* stencil bits, and then cover the clip area with multiple passes using the returned
* stencil settings.
* If drawDirectToClip is true, the returned array will only have one pass and the
* caller should use those stencil settings while drawing the element directly.
static GrUserStencilSettings const* const* GetClipPasses(SkRegion::Op op,
bool canBeDirect,
bool invertedFill,
bool* drawDirectToClip);
/** Gets the user stencil settings to directly set the clip bit. */
static const GrUserStencilSettings* SetClipBitSettings(bool setToInside);
// Internal flag for backends to optionally mark their tracked stencil state as invalid.
enum { kInvalid_PrivateFlag = (kLast_StencilFlag << 1) };
uint32_t fFlags;
Face fFront;
Face fBack;