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* Copyright 2017 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrSemaphore_DEFINED
#define GrSemaphore_DEFINED
#include "SkRefCnt.h"
class GrBackendSemaphore;
class GrGpu;
class GrSemaphore : public SkRefCnt {
// This function should only be used in the case of exporting and importing a GrSemaphore object
// from one GrContext to another. When exporting, the GrSemaphore should be set to a null GrGpu,
// and when importing it should be set to the GrGpu of the current context. Once exported, a
// GrSemaphore should not be used with its old context.
void resetGpu(const GrGpu* gpu) { fGpu = gpu; }
// The derived class will init the GrBackendSemaphore. This is used when flushing with signal
// semaphores so we can set the clients GrBackendSemaphore object after we've created the
// internal semaphore.
virtual void setBackendSemaphore(GrBackendSemaphore*) const = 0;
explicit GrSemaphore(const GrGpu* gpu) : fGpu(gpu) {}
friend class GrGpu; // setBackendSemaphore
friend class GrRenderTargetContext; // setBackendSemaphore
friend class GrResourceProvider; // resetGpu
const GrGpu* fGpu;