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/*#pragma settings NoInline*/
// Verify that all the basic ES2 types are supported as FP helper function arguments.
bool takes_float (float f1, float2 f2, float3 f3, float4 f4) { return true; }
bool takes_float_matrix(float2x2 m2, float3x3 m3, float4x4 m4) { return true; }
bool takes_half (half h1, half2 h2, half3 h3, half4 h4) { return true; }
bool takes_half_matrix (half2x2 m2, half3x3 m3, half4x4 m4) { return true; }
bool takes_bool (bool b, bool2 b2, bool3 b3, bool4 b4) { return true; }
bool takes_int (int i, int2 i2, int3 i3, int4 i4) { return true; }
half4 main() {
return takes_float(float(1), float2(2), float3(3), float4(4)) &&
takes_float_matrix(float2x2(2), float3x3(3), float4x4(4)) &&
takes_half(half(1), half2(2), half3(3), half4(4)) &&
takes_half_matrix(half2x2(2), half3x3(3), half4x4(4)) &&
takes_bool(true, bool2(true), bool3(true), bool4(true)) &&
takes_int(1, int2(2), int3(3), int4(4))
? half4(1) : half4(0);