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* Copyright 2012 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef PictureBenchmark_DEFINED
#define PictureBenchmark_DEFINED
#include "PictureRenderer.h"
#include "PictureResultsWriter.h"
#include "SkTypes.h"
#include "TimerData.h"
class SkPicture;
class Timer;
namespace sk_tools {
class PictureBenchmark {
* Draw the provided SkPicture fRepeats times while collecting timing data, and log the output
* via fWriter.
void run(SkPicture* pict, bool useMultiPictureDraw);
void setRepeats(int repeats) {
fRepeats = repeats;
* If true, tells run to log separate timing data for each individual tile. Each tile will be
* drawn fRepeats times. Requires the PictureRenderer set by setRenderer to be a
* TiledPictureRenderer.
void setTimeIndividualTiles(bool indiv) { fTimeIndividualTiles = indiv; }
bool timeIndividualTiles() const { return fTimeIndividualTiles; }
void setPurgeDecodedTex(bool purgeDecodedTex) { fPurgeDecodedTex = purgeDecodedTex; }
bool purgeDecodedText() const { return fPurgeDecodedTex; }
PictureRenderer* setRenderer(PictureRenderer*);
PictureRenderer* renderer() { return fRenderer; }
void setTimerResultType(TimerData::Result resultType) { fTimerResult = resultType; }
void setTimersToShow(bool wall, bool truncatedWall, bool cpu, bool truncatedCpu, bool gpu);
void setWriter(PictureResultsWriter* writer) { fWriter = writer; }
int fRepeats;
PictureRenderer* fRenderer;
TimerData::Result fTimerResult;
uint32_t fTimerTypes; // bitfield of TimerData::TimerFlags values
bool fTimeIndividualTiles;
bool fPurgeDecodedTex;
PictureResultsWriter* fWriter;
Timer* setupTimer(bool useGLTimer = true);
#endif // PictureBenchmark_DEFINED