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* Copyright 2014 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrFlushToGpuDrawTarget_DEFINED
#define GrFlushToGpuDrawTarget_DEFINED
#include "GrDrawTarget.h"
class GrIndexBufferAllocPool;
class GrVertexBufferAllocPool;
class GrGpu;
* Base class for draw targets that accumulate index and vertex data in buffers for deferred.
* When draw target clients reserve geometry this subclass will place that geometry into
* preallocated vertex/index buffers in the order the requests are made (assuming the requests fit
* in the preallocated buffers).
class GrFlushToGpuDrawTarget : public GrClipTarget {
GrFlushToGpuDrawTarget(GrGpu*, GrVertexBufferAllocPool*,GrIndexBufferAllocPool*);
~GrFlushToGpuDrawTarget() SK_OVERRIDE;
* Empties the draw buffer of any queued up draws. This must not be called while inside an
* unbalanced pushGeometrySource().
void reset();
* This plays any queued up draws to its GrGpu target. It also resets this object (i.e. flushing
* is destructive). This buffer must not have an active reserved vertex or index source. Any
* reserved geometry on the target will be finalized because it's geometry source will be pushed
* before flushing and popped afterwards.
void flush();
bool geometryHints(size_t vertexStride, int* vertexCount, int* indexCount) const SK_OVERRIDE;
GrGpu* getGpu() { return fGpu; }
const GrGpu* getGpu() const{ return fGpu; }
enum {
kGeoPoolStatePreAllocCnt = 4,
struct GeometryPoolState {
const GrVertexBuffer* fPoolVertexBuffer;
int fPoolStartVertex;
const GrIndexBuffer* fPoolIndexBuffer;
int fPoolStartIndex;
// caller may conservatively over reserve vertices / indices.
// we release unused space back to allocator if possible
// can only do this if there isn't an intervening pushGeometrySource()
size_t fUsedPoolVertexBytes;
size_t fUsedPoolIndexBytes;
typedef SkSTArray<kGeoPoolStatePreAllocCnt, GeometryPoolState> GeoPoolStateStack;
virtual void onReset() = 0;
virtual void onFlush() = 0;
void setDrawBuffers(DrawInfo*, size_t stride) SK_OVERRIDE;
bool onReserveVertexSpace(size_t vertexSize, int vertexCount, void** vertices) SK_OVERRIDE;
bool onReserveIndexSpace(int indexCount, void** indices) SK_OVERRIDE;
void releaseReservedVertexSpace() SK_OVERRIDE;
void releaseReservedIndexSpace() SK_OVERRIDE;
void geometrySourceWillPush() SK_OVERRIDE;
void geometrySourceWillPop(const GeometrySrcState& restoredState) SK_OVERRIDE;
void willReserveVertexAndIndexSpace(int vertexCount,
size_t vertexStride,
int indexCount) SK_OVERRIDE;
bool onCanCopySurface(const GrSurface* dst,
const GrSurface* src,
const SkIRect& srcRect,
const SkIPoint& dstPoint) SK_OVERRIDE;
bool onInitCopySurfaceDstDesc(const GrSurface* src, GrSurfaceDesc* desc) SK_OVERRIDE;
GeoPoolStateStack fGeoPoolStateStack;
SkAutoTUnref<GrGpu> fGpu;
GrVertexBufferAllocPool* fVertexPool;
GrIndexBufferAllocPool* fIndexPool;
bool fFlushing;
typedef GrClipTarget INHERITED;