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* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrDistanceFieldTextContext_DEFINED
#define GrDistanceFieldTextContext_DEFINED
#include "GrTextContext.h"
class GrGeometryProcessor;
class GrTextStrike;
* This class implements GrTextContext using distance field fonts
class GrDistanceFieldTextContext : public GrTextContext {
static GrDistanceFieldTextContext* Create(GrContext*, const SkDeviceProperties&, bool enable);
virtual ~GrDistanceFieldTextContext();
enum {
kMinRequestedGlyphs = 1,
kDefaultRequestedGlyphs = 64,
kMinRequestedVerts = kMinRequestedGlyphs * 4,
kDefaultRequestedVerts = kDefaultRequestedGlyphs * 4,
GrTextStrike* fStrike;
SkScalar fTextRatio;
bool fUseLCDText;
bool fEnableDFRendering;
SkAutoTUnref<GrGeometryProcessor> fCachedGeometryProcessor;
// Used to check whether fCachedEffect is still valid.
uint32_t fEffectTextureUniqueID;
SkColor fEffectColor;
uint32_t fEffectFlags;
GrTexture* fGammaTexture;
void* fVertices;
int fCurrVertex;
int fAllocVertexCount;
int fTotalVertexCount;
GrTexture* fCurrTexture;
SkRect fVertexBounds;
SkMatrix fViewMatrix;
GrDistanceFieldTextContext(GrContext*, const SkDeviceProperties&, bool enable);
bool canDraw(const SkPaint& paint, const SkMatrix& viewMatrix) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual void onDrawText(const GrPaint&, const SkPaint&, const SkMatrix& viewMatrix,
const char text[], size_t byteLength,
SkScalar x, SkScalar y) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual void onDrawPosText(const GrPaint&, const SkPaint&, const SkMatrix& viewMatrix,
const char text[], size_t byteLength,
const SkScalar pos[], int scalarsPerPosition,
const SkPoint& offset) SK_OVERRIDE;
void init(const GrPaint&, const SkPaint&);
bool appendGlyph(GrGlyph::PackedID, SkScalar left, SkScalar top, GrFontScaler*);
bool uploadGlyph(GrGlyph*, GrFontScaler*);
void setupCoverageEffect(const SkColor& filteredColor);
void flush(); // automatically called by destructor
void finish();