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#ifndef SkVarAlloc_DEFINED
#define SkVarAlloc_DEFINED
#include "SkTypes.h"
class SkVarAlloc : SkNoncopyable {
// Smallest block we'll allocate is 2**N bytes.
explicit SkVarAlloc(size_t minLgSize);
// Returns contiguous bytes aligned at least for pointers. You may pass SK_MALLOC_THROW, etc.
char* alloc(size_t bytes, unsigned sk_malloc_flags) {
bytes = SkAlignPtr(bytes);
if (bytes > fRemaining) {
this->makeSpace(bytes, sk_malloc_flags);
SkASSERT(bytes <= fRemaining);
char* ptr = fByte;
fByte += bytes;
fRemaining = SkToU32(fRemaining - bytes);
return ptr;
// Returns our best estimate of the number of bytes we've allocated.
// (We intentionally do not track this precisely to save space.)
size_t approxBytesAllocated() const;
void makeSpace(size_t bytes, unsigned flags);
char* fByte;
unsigned fRemaining;
unsigned fLgSize;
struct Block;
Block* fBlock;
SK_COMPILE_ASSERT(sizeof(SkVarAlloc) <= 24, SkVarAllocSize);