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* Copyright 2014 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkLocalMatrixShader_DEFINED
#define SkLocalMatrixShader_DEFINED
#include "SkShader.h"
#include "SkReadBuffer.h"
#include "SkWriteBuffer.h"
class SkLocalMatrixShader : public SkShader {
SkLocalMatrixShader(SkShader* proxy, const SkMatrix& localMatrix)
: INHERITED(&localMatrix)
, fProxyShader(SkRef(proxy))
size_t contextSize() const SK_OVERRIDE {
return fProxyShader->contextSize();
virtual BitmapType asABitmap(SkBitmap* bitmap, SkMatrix* matrix,
TileMode* mode) const SK_OVERRIDE {
return fProxyShader->asABitmap(bitmap, matrix, mode);
GradientType asAGradient(GradientInfo* info) const SK_OVERRIDE {
return fProxyShader->asAGradient(info);
virtual bool asFragmentProcessor(GrContext* context, const SkPaint& paint,
const SkMatrix& viewM, const SkMatrix* localMatrix,
GrColor* grColor, GrFragmentProcessor** fp) const SK_OVERRIDE {
SkMatrix tmp = this->getLocalMatrix();
if (localMatrix) {
return fProxyShader->asFragmentProcessor(context, paint, viewM, &tmp, grColor, fp);
virtual bool asFragmentProcessor(GrContext*, const SkPaint&, const SkMatrix&,
const SkMatrix*, GrColor*,
GrFragmentProcessor**) const SK_OVERRIDE {
SkDEBUGFAIL("Should not call in GPU-less build");
return false;
SkShader* refAsALocalMatrixShader(SkMatrix* localMatrix) const SK_OVERRIDE {
if (localMatrix) {
*localMatrix = this->getLocalMatrix();
return SkRef(fProxyShader.get());
void flatten(SkWriteBuffer&) const SK_OVERRIDE;
Context* onCreateContext(const ContextRec&, void*) const SK_OVERRIDE;
SkAutoTUnref<SkShader> fProxyShader;
typedef SkShader INHERITED;