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* Copyright 2014 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkLayerInfo_DEFINED
#define SkLayerInfo_DEFINED
#include "SkPicture.h"
#include "SkTArray.h"
// This class stores information about the saveLayer/restore pairs found
// within an SkPicture. It is used by Ganesh to perform layer hoisting.
class SkLayerInfo : public SkPicture::AccelData {
// Information about a given saveLayer/restore block in an SkPicture
class BlockInfo {
BlockInfo() : fPicture(NULL), fPaint(NULL), fKey(NULL), fKeySize(0) {}
~BlockInfo() { SkSafeUnref(fPicture); SkDELETE(fPaint); SkDELETE_ARRAY(fKey); }
// The picture owning the layer. If the owning picture is the top-most
// one (i.e., the picture for which this SkLayerInfo was created) then
// this pointer is NULL. If it is a nested picture then the pointer
// is non-NULL and owns a ref on the picture.
const SkPicture* fPicture;
// The device space bounds of this layer.
SkRect fBounds;
// If not-empty, the optional bounds parameter passed in to the saveLayer
// call.
SkRect fSrcBounds;
// The pre-matrix begins as the identity and accumulates the transforms
// of the containing SkPictures (if any). This matrix state has to be
// part of the initial matrix during replay so that it will be
// preserved across setMatrix calls.
SkMatrix fPreMat;
// The matrix state (in the leaf picture) in which this layer's draws
// must occur. It will/can be overridden by setMatrix calls in the
// layer itself. It does not include the translation needed to map the
// layer's top-left point to the origin (which must be part of the
// initial matrix).
SkMatrix fLocalMat;
// The paint to use on restore. Can be NULL since it is optional.
const SkPaint* fPaint;
// The index of this saveLayer in the picture.
size_t fSaveLayerOpID;
// The index of the matching restore in the picture.
size_t fRestoreOpID;
// True if this saveLayer has at least one other saveLayer nested within it.
// False otherwise.
bool fHasNestedLayers;
// True if this saveLayer is nested within another. False otherwise.
bool fIsNested;
// The variable length key for this saveLayer block. It stores the
// thread of drawPicture and saveLayer operation indices that lead to this
// saveLayer (including its own op index). The BlockInfo owns this memory.
unsigned* fKey;
int fKeySize; // # of ints
SkLayerInfo(Key key) : INHERITED(key) { }
BlockInfo& addBlock() { return fBlocks.push_back(); }
int numBlocks() const { return fBlocks.count(); }
const BlockInfo& block(int index) const {
SkASSERT(index < fBlocks.count());
return fBlocks[index];
// We may, in the future, need to pass in the GPUDevice in order to
// incorporate the clip and matrix state into the key
static SkPicture::AccelData::Key ComputeKey();
SkTArray<BlockInfo, true> fBlocks;
typedef SkPicture::AccelData INHERITED;
#endif // SkLayerInfo_DEFINED