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#ifndef Sk4x_DEFINED
#define Sk4x_DEFINED
#include "SkTypes.h"
#define SK4X_PREAMBLE 1
#include "Sk4x_sse.h"
#include "Sk4x_portable.h"
template <typename T> class Sk4x;
typedef Sk4x<float> Sk4f;
typedef Sk4x<int32_t> Sk4i;
// Some Sk4x methods are implemented only for Sk4f or Sk4i.
// They might be unavailable, really slow, or just a bad idea.
// Talk to mtklein if you find yourself unable to link and
// really need one of those methods.
template <typename T> class Sk4x {
Sk4x(); // Uninitialized; use Sk4x(0,0,0,0) for zero.
Sk4x(T, T, T, T);
Sk4x(const Sk4x&);
Sk4x& operator=(const Sk4x&);
static Sk4x Load (const T[4]);
static Sk4x LoadAligned(const T[4]);
void store (T[4]) const;
void storeAligned(T[4]) const;
template <typename Dst> Dst reinterpret() const;
template <typename Dst> Dst cast() const;
bool allTrue() const;
bool anyTrue() const;
Sk4x bitNot() const;
Sk4x bitAnd(const Sk4x&) const;
Sk4x bitOr(const Sk4x&) const;
// TODO: Sk4x bitAndNot(const Sk4x&) const; is efficient in SSE.
Sk4x add(const Sk4x&) const;
Sk4x subtract(const Sk4x&) const;
Sk4x multiply(const Sk4x&) const;
Sk4x divide(const Sk4x&) const;
Sk4i equal(const Sk4x&) const;
Sk4i notEqual(const Sk4x&) const;
Sk4i lessThan(const Sk4x&) const;
Sk4i greaterThan(const Sk4x&) const;
Sk4i lessThanEqual(const Sk4x&) const;
Sk4i greaterThanEqual(const Sk4x&) const;
static Sk4x Min(const Sk4x& a, const Sk4x& b);
static Sk4x Max(const Sk4x& a, const Sk4x& b);
// Swizzles follow OpenCL xyzw convention.
Sk4x zwxy() const;
// When there's a second argument, it's abcd.
static Sk4x XYAB(const Sk4x& xyzw, const Sk4x& abcd);
static Sk4x ZWCD(const Sk4x& xyzw, const Sk4x& abcd);
// TODO: these are particularly efficient in SSE. Useful? Also efficient in NEON?
// static Sk4x XAYB(const Sk4x& xyzw, const Sk4x& abcd);
// static Sk4x ZCWD(const Sk4x& xyzw, const Sk4x& abcd);
// It's handy to have Sk4f and Sk4i be mutual friends.
template <typename S> friend class Sk4x;
#define SK4X_PRIVATE 1
#include "Sk4x_sse.h"
#include "Sk4x_portable.h"
#include "Sk4x_sse.h"
#include "Sk4x_portable.h"