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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef Viewer_DEFINED
#define Viewer_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkColorSpace.h"
#include "include/core/SkData.h"
#include "include/core/SkFont.h"
#include "include/gpu/GrContextOptions.h"
#include "include/private/base/SkTArray.h"
#include "include/private/gpu/ganesh/GrTypesPriv.h"
#include "modules/skcms/skcms.h"
#include "src/core/SkScan.h"
#include "src/sksl/ir/SkSLProgram.h"
#include "tools/gpu/MemoryCache.h"
#include "tools/sk_app/Application.h"
#include "tools/sk_app/CommandSet.h"
#include "tools/sk_app/Window.h"
#include "tools/viewer/AnimTimer.h"
#include "tools/viewer/ImGuiLayer.h"
#include "tools/viewer/StatsLayer.h"
#include "tools/viewer/TouchGesture.h"
#include "tools/window/DisplayParams.h"
#include <cstdint>
#include <atomic>
#include <functional>
#include <string>
class SkImage;
class SkSurface;
class Slide;
namespace skui {
enum class InputState;
enum class Key;
enum class ModifierKey;
} // namespace skui
class Viewer : public sk_app::Application, sk_app::Window::Layer {
Viewer(int argc, char** argv, void* platformData);
~Viewer() override;
void onIdle() override;
void onBackendCreated() override;
void onPaint(SkSurface*) override;
void onResize(int width, int height) override;
bool onTouch(intptr_t owner, skui::InputState state, float x, float y) override;
bool onMouse(int x, int y, skui::InputState state, skui::ModifierKey modifiers) override;
bool onMouseWheel(float delta, int x, int y, skui::ModifierKey) override;
void onUIStateChanged(const SkString& stateName, const SkString& stateValue) override;
bool onKey(skui::Key key, skui::InputState state, skui::ModifierKey modifiers) override;
bool onChar(SkUnichar c, skui::ModifierKey modifiers) override;
bool onPinch(skui::InputState state, float scale, float x, float y) override;
bool onFling(skui::InputState state) override;
static GrContextOptions::ShaderErrorHandler* ShaderErrorHandler();
struct SkFontFields {
bool overridesSomething() const {
return fTypeface ||
fSize ||
fScaleX ||
fSkewX ||
fHinting ||
fEdging ||
fSubpixel ||
fForceAutoHinting ||
fEmbeddedBitmaps ||
fLinearMetrics ||
fEmbolden ||
bool fTypeface = false;
bool fSize = false;
SkScalar fSizeRange[2] = { 0, 20 };
bool fScaleX = false;
bool fSkewX = false;
bool fHinting = false;
bool fEdging = false;
bool fSubpixel = false;
bool fForceAutoHinting = false;
bool fEmbeddedBitmaps = false;
bool fLinearMetrics = false;
bool fEmbolden = false;
bool fBaselineSnap = false;
struct SkPaintFields {
bool overridesSomething() const {
return fPathEffect ||
fShader ||
fMaskFilter ||
fColorFilter ||
fImageFilter ||
fColor ||
fStrokeWidth ||
fMiterLimit ||
fBlendMode ||
fAntiAlias ||
fDither ||
fForceRuntimeBlend ||
fCapType ||
fJoinType ||
bool fPathEffect = false;
bool fShader = false;
bool fMaskFilter = false;
bool fColorFilter = false;
bool fImageFilter = false;
bool fColor = false;
bool fStrokeWidth = false;
bool fMiterLimit = false;
bool fBlendMode = false;
bool fAntiAlias = false;
bool fDither = false;
bool fForceRuntimeBlend = false;
enum class AntiAliasState {
} fAntiAliasState = AntiAliasState::Alias;
const bool fOriginalSkUseAnalyticAA = gSkUseAnalyticAA;
const bool fOriginalSkForceAnalyticAA = gSkForceAnalyticAA;
bool fCapType = false;
bool fJoinType = false;
bool fStyle = false;
struct SkSurfacePropsFields {
bool fFlags = false;
bool fPixelGeometry = false;
struct DisplayFields {
bool fColorType = false;
bool fColorSpace = false;
bool fMSAASampleCount = false;
bool fGrContextOptions = false;
SkSurfacePropsFields fSurfaceProps;
bool fDisableVsync = false;
enum class ColorMode {
kLegacy, // 8888, no color management
kColorManaged8888, // 8888 with color management
kColorManagedF16, // F16 with color management
kColorManagedF16Norm, // Normalized F16 with color management
void initSlides();
void updateTitle();
void setBackend(sk_app::Window::BackendType);
void setColorMode(ColorMode);
int startupSlide() const;
void setCurrentSlide(int);
void setupCurrentSlide();
SkISize currentSlideSize() const;
void listNames() const;
void dumpShadersToResources();
void updateUIState();
void drawSlide(SkSurface* surface);
void drawImGui();
void changeZoomLevel(float delta);
void preTouchMatrixChanged();
SkMatrix computePreTouchMatrix();
SkMatrix computePerspectiveMatrix();
SkMatrix computeMatrix();
SkPoint mapEvent(float x, float y);
sk_app::Window* fWindow;
StatsLayer fStatsLayer;
StatsLayer::Timer fPaintTimer;
StatsLayer::Timer fFlushTimer;
StatsLayer::Timer fAnimateTimer;
AnimTimer fAnimTimer;
skia_private::TArray<sk_sp<Slide>> fSlides;
int fCurrentSlide;
bool fRefresh; // whether to continuously refresh for measuring render time
bool fSaveToSKP;
bool fShowSlideDimensions;
ImGuiLayer fImGuiLayer;
SkPaint fImGuiGamutPaint;
bool fShowImGuiDebugWindow;
bool fShowSlidePicker;
bool fShowImGuiTestWindow;
bool fShowHistogramWindow;
bool fShowZoomWindow;
bool fZoomWindowFixed;
SkPoint fZoomWindowLocation;
sk_sp<SkImage> fLastImage;
bool fZoomUI;
sk_app::Window::BackendType fBackendType;
// Color properties for slide rendering
ColorMode fColorMode;
SkColorSpacePrimaries fColorSpacePrimaries;
skcms_TransferFunction fColorSpaceTransferFn;
// transform data
bool fApplyBackingScale;
SkScalar fZoomLevel;
SkScalar fRotation;
SkVector fOffset;
sk_app::CommandSet fCommands;
enum class GestureDevice {
TouchGesture fGesture;
GestureDevice fGestureDevice;
// identity unless the window initially scales the content to fit the screen.
SkMatrix fDefaultMatrix;
bool fTiled;
bool fDrawTileBoundaries;
SkSize fTileScale;
bool fDrawViaSerialize = false;
enum PerspectiveMode {
PerspectiveMode fPerspectiveMode;
SkPoint fPerspectivePoints[4];
skia_private::TArray<std::function<void()>> fDeferredActions;
// fPaint contains override values, fPaintOverrides controls if overrides are applied.
SkPaint fPaint;
SkPaintFields fPaintOverrides;
// fFont contains override values, fFontOverrides controls if overrides are applied.
SkFont fFont;
SkFontFields fFontOverrides;
// fDisplay contains default values (fWindow.fRequestedDisplayParams contains the overrides),
// fDisplayOverrides controls if overrides are applied.
skwindow::DisplayParams fDisplay;
DisplayFields fDisplayOverrides;
struct CachedShader {
bool fHovered = false;
sk_sp<const SkData> fKey;
SkString fKeyString;
SkString fKeyDescription;
SkFourByteTag fShaderType;
std::string fShader[kGrShaderTypeCount];
SkSL::Program::Interface fInterfaces[kGrShaderTypeCount];
sk_gpu_test::MemoryCache fPersistentCache;
skia_private::TArray<CachedShader> fCachedShaders;
enum ShaderOptLevel : int {
ShaderOptLevel fOptLevel = kShaderOptLevel_Source;