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"""This module defines the android_benchmark_test macro."""
load("//tools/testrunners/common/android:android_test.bzl", "android_test")
load("//tools/testrunners/common/surface_manager:surface_configs.bzl", "SURFACE_CONFIGS")
def android_benchmark_test(surface_config, extra_args = [], flags = {}, **kwargs):
"""Defines an Android benchmark test.
This macro is just a wrapper around the android_test macro with the necessary defaults for
Android benchmark tests. See the android_test macro documentation for details.
surface_config: The surface config under which the benchmarks should run.
extra_args: See the android_test macro documentation.
flags: See the android_test macro documentation.
**kwargs: Any arguments to pass to the underlying android_test macro instance.
if surface_config not in SURFACE_CONFIGS:
fail("Unknown surface_config: " + surface_config)
# The test runner needs the PNG encoder to save PNG images to the output directory.
if "include_encoder" not in flags:
# We use the union ("|") operator instead of foo[bar] = baz because the latter yields
# "Error: trying to mutate a frozen dict value".
flags = flags | {"include_encoder": []}
if "png_encode_codec" not in flags["include_encoder"]:
test_runner_if_required_condition_is_satisfied = "//tools/testrunners/benchmark:testrunner",
test_runner_if_required_condition_is_not_satisfied = "//tools/testrunners/common:noop_testrunner",
extra_args = extra_args + [
# This environment variable is set by the adb_test_runner.go program.
benchmark = True,
flags = flags,
save_output_files = True, # Save any produced PNG and JSON files as undeclared outputs.