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# Copyright 2021 Google LLC
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="external/clang_linux_amd64/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu"
set -euo pipefail
if [[ "$@" == *DSKIA_SKIP_LINKING* ]]; then
# The output executable binary file is listed as the second argument to this script, and we must
# make sure it exists or Bazel will fail a validation step.
touch $2
exit 0
# We only want to run include-what-you-use if DSKIA_ENFORCE_IWYU is in the arguments
# passed in (i.e. the "skia_enforce_iwyu" feature is enabled) and we are not linking
# (as detected by the presence of -fuse-ld).
if [[ "$@" != *DSKIA_ENFORCE_IWYU* || "$@" == *use-ld* ]]; then
external/clang_linux_amd64/bin/clang $@
exit 0
# See //bazel/generate_cpp_files_for_headers.bzl and //include/BUILD.bazel for more.
# Causes IWYU 8.17 to assert because it includes SkVX.h
# " Assertion failed: TODO(csilvers): for objc and clang lang extensions"
function opted_in_to_IWYU_checks() {
# Need [@] for entire list:
for path in ${supported_files_or_dirs[@]}; do
# If this was a generated file, it will be in a different subdirectory, starting with
# bazel-out, (e.g. bazel-out/k8-iwyu-dbg/bin/src/gen/SkRefCnt.cpp) so check that location also.
if [[ $1 == *"-c $path"* ]] || [[ $1 == *"-c bazel-out"*"$path"* ]]; then
for e_path in ${excluded_files[@]}; do
if [[ $1 == *"-c $e_path"* ]]; then
echo ""
return 0
echo $path
return 0
echo ""
return 0
# We want to concatenate all args into a string so we can do some
# string matching in the opted_in_to_IWYU_checks function.
opt_in=$(opted_in_to_IWYU_checks "'$*'")
if [[ -z $opt_in ]]; then
external/clang_linux_amd64/bin/clang $@
exit 0
# IWYU always [1] returns a non-zero code because it doesn't produce the .o file (that's why
# we ran Clang first). As such, we do not want bash to fail after running IWYU.
# [1] Until v0.18 at least
set +e
# Get absolute path to the mapping file because resolving the relative path is tricky, given
# how Bazel locates the toolchain files.
MAPPING_FILE=$(realpath $(dirname ${BASH_SOURCE[0]}))"/IWYU_mapping.imp"
# IWYU always outputs something to stderr, which can be noisy if everything is fixed.
# Otherwise, we send the exact same arguments to include-what-you-use that we would for
# regular compilation with clang.
# We always allow SkTypes.h because it sets some defines that later #ifdefs use and IWYU is
# not consistent with detecting that.
external/clang_linux_amd64/bin/include-what-you-use $@ \
-Xiwyu --keep="include/core/SkTypes.h" \
-Xiwyu --keep="include/private/base/SkDebug.h" \
-Xiwyu --no_default_mappings \
-Xiwyu --error=3 \
-Xiwyu --mapping_file=$MAPPING_FILE 2>/dev/null
# IWYU returns 0 if everything looks good. It returns some other non-zero exit code otherwise.
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
# The expected .d file is the third argument. Bazel expects this file to be created, even
# if it is empty. We don't really need to create this file or compile the target since
# we will be skipping linking anyway and not using the output for real.
touch $3
# The expected .o file is the last argument passed into clang. Make sure this file exists
# or Bazel validation will fail
touch ${!#}
exit 0 # keep the build going
# Run IWYU again, but this time display the output. Then return non-zero to fail the build.
# These flags are a little different, but only in ways that affect what was displayed, not the
# analysis. If we aren't sure why IWYU wants to include something, try changing verbose to 3.
external/clang_linux_amd64/bin/include-what-you-use $@ \
-Xiwyu --keep="include/core/SkTypes.h" \
-Xiwyu --keep="include/private/base/SkDebug.h" \
-Xiwyu --no_default_mappings \
-Xiwyu --mapping_file=$MAPPING_FILE -Xiwyu --no_comments \
-Xiwyu --quoted_includes_first -Xiwyu --verbose=3
exit 1 # fail the build